Always reducing the distance


7th May 2012

/CM, now, … or should I call you Tarzan?/

Oh, I always told everybody that I have many names, so, theoretically one of them could be Tarzan … a bit incognito, as Christ T. Michael of Nebadon …

/That reminds me somehow of “Captain James T. Kirk … of starship enterprise …”/

I KNEW that would inspire you! At least I’m not the first one whom you titled Tarzan!

/I KNEW you listened to my skype chat with Johan! …/

Who would have ever believed what you were able to make out of my mind movie I sent to Johan …!

/That would not have been too hard to imagine … normally. “A tall and handsome young man carries a good looking woman upon his arms … was it long blonde hair, besides? – and into a river, and he opens her crown chakra and floods her with more divine love, so that she ‘d be able to stand upon her own feet and walk …” CM, I’m sooo sorry, but this idea just made me go hahaha, ROFL, it was sooo absolutely sweet that I simply HAD to adress Johan with Tarzan … and he of course corrected me and said that guy was of course not himself, but YOU, CM … and then you geve me that joke in that tapas restaurant last week, … when I was just enjoying my mushrooms with garlic and you linked in asking for “how about communication”. … When I said “You sovereign, me servant” … and you promtply countered: “Me Tarzan, you Jane”/

I was glad you did not die from your laughter in combination with half way chewed mushrooms as you had to laugh so hard!

/Indeed this was hard to explain to my husband, who of course had no idea about why I was laughing so hard!/

Now, Janeve, or should I say Eve J. Kumara … how about a bit of communication?

/Well, allright … you have announced something while I was cleaning the horse stable … I hope that you, Esu, Machiventa and Siraya have were meanwhile able to make a decision about who of you VIPs is going to be the speaker, as you announced I would be told when I was going to take the pen into my hand to take your dictation!/

We agreed to have this piece signed by all of us, but I, as the Tarzan – ehm … sovereign of this universe – will speak.

/You mean, you, as the Lord of the Jungle of Nebadon?/

Yes, if you’d agree to take the words onto paper instead of banana leafs and later into the computer, so that they will be heard especially in the last corners of darkness, where the lowriders dwell who are so much resistant to the unviersal law of the light. Ok, let’s go ahead.

(that’s another piece … posted not here – the content was serious, a bit dangerous, too, so I forwarded it just to Candace and left it up to her decision to find the right time to put it up.)

That topic from the front site again reminded me of a piece on meditation, I guess I never published it, it was just on the forum.

15th October 2011


Eve: Now, Esu & CM, this was a real smart trick you used to make D. less attractive to me!

Esu: Eve, good morning, this is Esu. I want to point out that we did not use tricks to get D. on the meditation track. It’s simply the case that D. is exhausted to his bones and urgently needs a break.

Eve: But why does he then state on facebook – generally speaking – that he would not any more recommend to look at the real deal – …

Esu: It’s just that he thinks that what’s good for him would also be good for others. Eve, you are still upset!

Eve: oh, YES I AM, I’m even furious! I just fear I cannot put it in words.

CM: Now, Eve, that might be comfortable for us involved, grin. I see, you are still working on the topic of meditation?

Eve: You can see that easily! Oh, how I LOVED what Mohammed said about New Age …

CM: But he was not talking about meditation in special, right?

Eve: Nope, but you must admit that in the eyes of the dark New Age makers only these ones are good lightworkers, who spend all their time on the meditation place. Similar like that phrase going “only a dead indian is a good indian” … While they sit and don’t move they cannot tell others about the crimes done by the dark. And now a big revealer like D. is heading for this paralysed meditating new age corner to be lost for all the rest of working staff. Literally going to be “lost in meditation”. Or should I say “lost in deep space”?

CM: Eve, … aren’t you a bit too radical in your view?

Eve: Call it as you may, but I think that YOU should be more radical in your action against the dark ones still behaving like a pest! I tell you, you will NOT tame me like you did with Kibo … yeah … a prayer site … this is what you like!

CM: (grinning) well, I’m still full of mercy … I will not send you to the planet of the void … for having said that …

Esu: Oh, you thought about that?

CM: I will maybe send you to the planet of meditation, where nothing moves!

Eve: Thank you, CM, you may be sure that after my arrival there a lot may move!

CM: Oh, you might get a nice, silent place and an old guru to teach you levitating …

Eve: I’d come crashing down right away and at least THIS would move something … it might even cause a quake there! I got another joke for you: How do you differ who is meditating and who’s just hibernating?

Esu: Come on, tell us!

Eve: Now, just wait until spring, then the hibernating ones will move again!

CM: Oh my, nothing has improved so far …

Eve: How will I know – when I’m in meditation – that I’m not dead?

Esu: (suggestive) You could meditate about your breath!

Eve: Well, if this is the only way …

CM: How can we help you to overcome your allergic reactions?

Esu: Perhaps it’s just the word causing you trouble … as it is – for you – connected with so many patterns …

CM: Right … we must find another description …

Esu: How about “watching divine TV”?

Eve: Now, THAT’s a good comparison … When all of us become paralysed while glued in front of the divine channel – besides – are you advertising cosmic carreers there – all these happy campers in front the divine TV could very quickly move … while the dark ones blow the planet right below their butts … including the meditation cushings … (CM and Esu laughing) … these guys are nothing else but the refugees from a world in trouble … who want to be rescued into the realms of bliss … not that I would not like or understand this … but if you are doing this all the time … you are nothing else but a fundamentalist, and fundamentalism and radical views have never been a benefit for anyone. They could as well invest their time in educating themselves, e.g.  into reading the Pjs!

CM:Ok, this suggestion did not work … Again, aren’t you a bit radical yourself?

Eve: I’m not generally speaking against meditation. I’m meditating myself, regularly. I’m just allergic against exaggeration. How many times have I had to cut off a chat because the person who was my chat partner said: Oh, I gotta leave now for my evening meditation …he could as well have said: … oh, I gotta leave, I have a date with the dentist! (CM and Esu laughing again loudly)

CM: Did you just say, you are meditating yourself?

Eve: Yes, I did, but I see a need to transform the inactive method of meditation – should we call it “freeze up method”- into something more suitable in these times of evolution! It’s a method which allows to be active on one track and run a background track at the same time … to the divine … I call it the permanent online connection – with the divine …

CM:(grinning) I think I might have heard about this … from my side I call it the “permanent online connection with my creation”. Yes, Eve, I agree, this is the king size solution and you handle that pretty well. You can enjoy the cosmic TV simultaneously with your every day’s work. But this works only if you have reached a certain level of development before …

Eve: So, you’d prefer telling the people about the stone age cave meditation method, trying to transform a cold stone into a hot stone by sitting on it long enough? In the morning, at noon and in the evening … if you are practising that hard enough the stone will not cool down in the meantime and in the end the stone will crack open to release a chick from the divine TV channel?

CM (bursting with laughter) your metaphores are really extraordinary … I must say! It has been quite a while until I saw you under full steam!

Eve: Come on, CM, how did you ignite Jupiter? Don’t tell me you were sitting around it a lil bit, meditating … and suddenly … wosh … Jupiter turned into a sun?

Esu: (laughing) Well, this would have been worth a try!

CM: Who tells you that it was not so? Perhaps all the big ships around the sun are just placebos for those who need to see something …

Eve: This would have been a mighty investment – just for covering the power of meditation … Finally, it’s always the own experience – the individual show on the personal divine TV channel – which educates – … but let’s say the people get a working instruction there – how do you then get them away from their cushions? Where will be room for messianic projects with a group meditation in the morning, at noon and in the evening, etc. etc.? Many people feel drawn to participate in all of this … and in between they have hardly time to prepare a meal or to follow their duties.

Esu: Well, it was not meant this way … I see it more the other way… the more opportunities you offer for meditation, the greater is the chance to join – for those who have a real filled time table.

Eve: that’s true, but it also puts people under pressure … e.g. when a housewhife wants to participate in the noon meditation – as she feels perhaps expecially drawn to this group … but her family / husband expect to have lunch prepared … so she will have to spend this time in the kitchen instead of sitting in her meditation corner. And she might not feel nice about her hungry husband preventing her to meditate.

Esu: Well, that’s interesting to hear!

Eve: I got another joke for you.

CM: Come on, let us hear!

Eve: A funeral. Coffin is still open, candles burning, people standing around the coffin saying good-bye to the dead one.  Suddenly, the dead one sits up in the coffin and says: Could’t you idiots see that I was just MEDITATING?

(CM and Esu laughing out loudly)

CM: You could make a book with cartoon jokes on meditation … as you have done with your hunters cartoons!

Eve: to deliver you evidence material for deciding I oughta go to the planet of the void?

CM: … you mean the planet of meditation?

Esu: … Where nothing moves?

Eve: You’d be missing me badly, I assume.

CM: Oh, YES, we would …

Eve: … Could you really afford changing my working place?

CM: Not really … but how about if you start telling the people about how you handle it, … I mean that little thing regarding meditation?

Esu: As you said, you are meditating, too, but not sitting in the corner?

Eve: My public image is not strong enough to have a good and generally accepted model role! I’d prefer that YOU tell the people how you do it!’ All the people want to be like their beloved Sananda … so maybe this works …

Esu: Thank you for the flowers.

Eve. Now, come on, how do you and Nada meditate?

Esu: Well, we are using the cosmic W-LAN. This means we have our surf-stick activated all the time, our cosmic TV channel always runs in the background … so we are online all the time! This makes us independant from any firm dates … or let’s say, we are – by some kind of automatism – present anyway, at all your group meditations.

Eve: How about the occurrance of interruptions?

Esu: The cosmic server is hardly ever down … never ever. So if there’s an interruption it’s mostly caused by our own and personal software, which might need an update from now to then …

Eve: Now, how can it be explained that I’m ranting so much about these many dates for meditation? Does my software need another update?

CM: It’s the other way round … Eve … your software already had an update, but you did not realize that many others are still occupied with downloading this update, it’s not yet installed with them. The installation of this cosmic software will encourage the permanet online connection. This will make all of you independant from special ISDN-dates … you will go via DSL and super broadband beyond, be able to simultaneously meditate while doing your everyday jobs … a most effective method in a time when your time at hand gets shorter … to work with that, to become aware of it, is mostly a question of training … it’s like learning how to type on a keyboard without looking at it … pretty soon your fingers will hit the corecct keys without having to look at them. If you get up in the morning, think and remember to ask us for supporting the development of your online connection … and to make it aware to you, if there’s a bug occurring, making you slip out and escape from it.

Esu: Isn’t that great to see how an opportunity of teaching has just developed from your ranting about stone age meditation?

Eve: yes, I must admit this. And of course, I have had my personal development, too … starting this day when I placed a buddha statue in my front garden, telling everybody that he was meditating on my behalf … I think I once posted a photo of it, calling it “Buddha phones home”. Later I placed another Buddha in the backside garden, so that the Buddha in the front garden would have a backup by the other one, just in case he’d need a break … Well, the one in the backside garden was meditating even harder, he literally lost his head, so to say, he “meditated his head off”. But that’s a good sign, I think, as meditation resides in and originates from the heart.

CM. Eve. It seems you are a hard-liner regarding meditation. First you are ranting about too many meditation groups and now you are telling us that you employ two Buddhas who are doing shiftmeditation for you day and night?

Eve: I could as well put up a third one for you, if you needed a backup … I’d place him upon a big cheese and place sunglasses in his face, too, to reduce detraction …

CM: Now, that’s what I call a support! And now, I think, we have to leave, as we are heading for our next meditation date … aren’t we already a bit late, Esu?

Esu: Well, yes … I think we gotta hurry up a bit, now. Johan was calling us already.

Eve: I KNEW it! At least you move while gettig there!

CM: Thanks for the laughter and the smiles, Eve … even your ranting cannot prevent humor to occur …at least we seem to have made this serious topic a bit more comfortable to you? Hopefully?

Eve: Well, yes … pretty ok … and thanks for this “online meditation”!

CM/Esu: Welcome!

All about saving butts

Esu / Eve

Esu, I want to check in, after a while, I’m trying to be back to the cosmic line.

But I see you are too tired to take more now … let’s go on tomorrow … and don’t work too long on your mails! I hug you dearly, Esu.

5th July 2011

Now, Esu, I’m back here again!

Eve, you look much more awake than last night …

I must admit, I AM much more awake. So you still discuss the “raffle” with Johan? (grin)

Well, he discusses the raffle with me. (grin).

Ok, bro.

Ooops, Eve, that’s new!

I thought I might try it after you suggested that I might have called you “bro” at least 6 times maybe (see Johans piece on the raffle, part 3) … though I never called you that way before …

Ha, you got me, Eve. I see, I must be more careful when communicating (smile), Of course, this was just a comparison.

Well, ok, just drop me a note if you need any participation of me to save your butt.

I don’t believe that you might need to save my butt?

Actually, yours and CM’s …

Why that?

Haven’t you guys drawn many lots already from the cosmic raffles.. for all to see … the Jupiter lot, the announcement lot, … the …

My goodness, EVE, you strike me! Now, this is what I call a freaky comparison! What an enterprise would THAT just be, if we were drawing from the raffle on these occasions … to decide which tool is best suited … Raffles are always about winning and loosing, right? CM does not intend to have loosers among his faithful ones, … the only still to be loosers will be the ones still believing they should disregard the advice of their creator, adding their fake lots to the big raffle pot, … to infiltrate our truth systematically with desinformation. So to say, in CMs raffle, – just assumed he had one – there is to be just winners and the losses are added regularly by the … . EVE!! You have again fallen asleep! Am I boring you that much?

Sorry, no idea how that could happen … it was just coming over me …

Should I grant you a raffle with a sleeping retreat for 3 days and nights?


Nice try. I said, the blanks  are added regularly by the bad kids. Who likes to pull a blank raffle, a “non-win”?

Yeah, Esu, I get it … a few winning the raffle and the rest loosing it or not getting the opportunity to win … would not feel fine.

Exactly, Eve. Remember all the website new age raffles down there – declaring all as winning guaranteed, ascension guaranteed, but in the end the blanks are faked to be winnings, as the website makers are posting any shit they can find, just to carry the “freedom of press and information halo”, so, raffles are about winning and loosing, you see, there must be a new concept. AH should be a part of that.

But the dark ones will still be loosers, at least for the present moment …

Yeah, but just as they choose to throw their winning option lots to the waste. Now, for the sake of motivation, we have a private reward fund, from which very dedicated ones can be rewarded without much public show and attention, which would make others – who still have a way to go – feel like loosers.

You are talking about mind movies?

Suchlike things … energetic banquets near the Taj Mahal, – an afternoon delight at the Phoenix lounge … or a snow hiking trip in the mountains of Colorado, … or to the Pleiades, …

Ehem, Esu, I see, and don’t forget the very inspiring ones like “Esu @ Obi” in the motor saws department, building market, or the christmas market …

Yep, here we go. All possible with a permanent online connection … No need even to interrupt daily meetings and duties, train multitasking … good training!

May I conclude that you might try multitasking by manifesting your raffle top prizes and winnings synchroneously?

Did I perhaps tell you already that CM’s project is NO raffles?

I’d be saving your butt anyway.

/(Esu drying the imagined sweat from his forehead)/What a sake and blessing to know about that! This is what I call true friendship and reliability. Truely, this is what it’s all about … regarding commitment!

Well said, Esu. We are all committed to each other. You’d save Johans butt, I’d save yours, and CM is finally saving the butt of this planet and of the entire universe of Nebadon.

And in the end, Eve, we present the big “Who is who of saving butts …”

Well, there might be listed quite a few butt heroes …

Probably less than you assume, but still a few …

… while others will receive their awards while leaving butt prints in the sand of the planet of the Void … behind them … heading for home …

While the planetary material butt prince is blessing Urantia with his presence …

… and trying hard to lift this civilization out of the raffles age … Eve, one more thing.. may I come back to your offer to save my butt and post this to Johan on my behalf? (grinning)

Ah, here we go! He might come back to you again anyway.. but this might manifest another opportunity for a further Johan Wayne movie … in case you have more tarantulas at hand who would urgently like to meet Johan … or further cooperative insects …

Ok, I’ll start now thinking that over, grin. I’m going on now, with my 24hours dayshift – enjoy yours, too, and if you meet butt prints, somewhere, remember that they also might result from me taking a short break … see you!