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Michelangelo: Creation of Adam
Michelangelo: Creation of Adam

by Eve Kumara

2nd Feb. 2016

Looking at planet earth aka URANTIA mankind seems to have lost their connection to GOD in general, globally. Moving the view away to look from a wider distance one could say, it’s constantly getting worse although it even looks like it could not get more worse. How have been greed and evil able to take over the globe to such an extent, while the creator himself, CHRIST MICHAEL ATON OF NEBADON, has bestowaled his presence to this planet to bring His message of love and peace personally?

It would not be true to claim nobody had been interested in higher ground teachings. Nevertheless the teachings have not reached the desired results. So, what has been wrong with them?

Secret Orders, Leaders and followers

We first have to take a look at the people living here. Roughly, two groups of them…. those who lead and those who follow. To practise leadership certain skills are necessary which should ideally match the basic virtues this universe was founded on, but this is not the case as some serious infiltration has been practised. Driven by the idea to gain control and to make use of the masses, the leadership people chose to form secret orders to „teach the mysteries of metaphysics“ to a small selection of persons fulfilling certain attributes.

Up to the later past these orders have indeed been closed and topsecret, but this has changed recently. So we know that all existing orders unite their tracks to one big, by the 33rd grade of initiation. At this time the disciple is led to believe that MAN IS GOD, without any need to justify his deeds in front of a higher authority.


While the orders claim to serve mankind the situation of the global population has hardly improved over the centuries/millenea. … there are people starving, wars heated on, furthermore the genetic codes have been changed on many items, big bro is watching all of us. And the seekers among the masses were mostly glued to either highly manipulated religions or otherwise distorted teachings of the so called New Age movement.

False teachings

The New Age „spiritual teachings“ comprise two main theses which are absolutely toxic to evolution. One says that „ALL IS ONE“. The other says that „GOD NEEDED EVIL TO EXIST, FOR A BALANCE“, and as a result from this the KARMA system is being explained.

Let’s have a look at „all is one“: Not that simple, this statement is just valid at the seat of the Eternal Father/Paradise Island as well as in the Central Universe of Havona, having reached the „days of light and life“. At all other places this statement will fail. For there are dark elements who chose to turn away from their father, genetically manipulated material body’s unable to carry a soul. A soul carrier can never be one with a biological robotic.

Now: God needs evil?! This statement is nothing else than a justification and legitimation for evil. He would need it as as hard as you would need a serious disease. „Be tolerant to evil, for it’s a needed counterbalance to the good.“ Sounds truely  like: God needs it. When evil gets justified that way there never will be a chance to stop it. Because according to this statement, good would stop also and all would perish. Actually, this statement is pretty sick. I guess it’s one of the teachings orders like the „freemansions“ sell. Of course it’ fitting into their attitudes perfectly.

GOOD AND BAD ARE ONE?! Never ever. Evil has developed out of making free decisions which did not fully match the will of the Eternal Father („Who cares“) Allowing that to go on and develop can hardly have happened out of a need, rather than from an eperimental mood in order to see how far this would go and which results would be reached.

Good has been there BEFORE evil occurred, and would anybody honestly claim that evil was an original facette of the Prime Creator? Maybe some would go so far, but the fact that the Central Universe – closer to Paradise Trinity than the „Super Universes“ – has reached the status of „light and life“ stands agains that claim.


The main goal of every sort of creation has always been that creation should be eternally fixed in the GLORY OF PAPA SOURCE, fully subject to HIS LIGHT.

Before we can effectively start to change circumstances in this direction all over we first have to become aware about the false teachings. You must sharpen your senses of discernment and make distance to these „New Age“ teachings, trying to sell you flower beds and pink skies. Evolution cannot manifest without questioning things and changing the off-track matters by hard work.

Returning to the problem of setting one self equal to God, we must recognize that this can happen only out of an attitude of self-empowering, resulting from lack or absence of humility.

All these people who are members to secret orders of this world regard theselves as superior to the rest of the global population. They claim it was their goal to „protect human rights“ but also to save the planet from overpopulation, as humanity was too uneducated. Their scheduled agenda for a reduction of the population is touchable and can be read by everybody, just look for the tag „Georgia Guide Stones“ in the net. THIS IS WHERE SECRET ORDERS TAKE HUMANITY.

Now, take the teachings of CHRIST in comparison and ponder, if „Jesus“ aka Immanuel would ever have signed such a concept. Attending this planet – more than 2000 years ago – people wanted to see him upon the „Throne of David“. We all know that he did not consider this as an option. Can anyone imagine Immanuel joining a secret order as a member?!

He was truely the friend of humanity, speaking out of the great love HE has for HIS creation. He wa talking to the people in the manner of a true friend and mentor, rejecting to be made the occupant of any higher position of power. None of a truely loving celestial would ever strive to reduce humanity in an artificial way, by triggered warfare, triggered weather patterns, triggered diseases and triggered teachings.

A breaking up of Secret Orders has already started, things are coming to the surface, this is the good news. This is clearly being supported by our creator, because before we can effectively start changing everything to get better there first must be detailed education about how things have been led to derail, about lies, conspiracies, betrayal and intentional making of chaos.


This planet was concepted to be a seed planet of the creator, that means, it was destined to carry myriads of different life forms and creations, including humans of different genetics. Unfortunately the dark overlords (collective of the Anti-Christ) have started to spoil the divine genetics to a serious level, by encouraging also the melding of different genetics, which means a disaster to the original thought of creation.

This site was created to support the original idea of creation divine, including information about te terrible things done to it.

Education comes first, so go and educate yourselves to become effective hands on behalf of Christ Michael who encouraged you to be here in these important times of change. Make your direct contact to HIM, through your very heart, beyond the churches and manipulative religious institutions. Connected to HIM you are becoming truely empowered, but while supporting HIM, never forget to wrap yourselves into the fabrics of humility.

Let the light take ground here!

So be it.

Signed: Eve Kumara