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Esu Jmmanuel "Qmara" (Drawing by Eve)

Esu through Eve, 9th April 2020

Eve, this is Esu. I wish to shortly comment the global situation.  Thank you for taking time to write that down.

Ahead I have to say, I’m in a bit of an uneasy mood, relating to still observing so many doubters, while having the survey about all going on down in the rabbit hole is truely heartbreaking.

Folks, those who read here will have a clue of what all of this ongoing stuff is about, but you still need to be prepared to hear about the real deal hiding behind what you call „Corona“ or „COV-19“.

What you are going to witness is the most giant cover-up of your planet’s history, a shock-and-awe movement which this globe has never seen before in complete history: compared with that your 911 will look as peanuts.

An ordinary mind of a standard citizen anywhere on earth will not be able to imagine the huge plan which has been orchestrated over years, which had to be adapted uncountable times, until it reached it’s scheduled timeline of fulfillment. What is going to be turned out for everybody  to see is the pure horror which has been living below your feet and beyond your awareness, despite of hints and small cover ups which „they“ told you were „single cases“.

Ones of you who have read „Satan’s Drummers“ (PJ 09) might have the best preparation, for what’s to come, and also those who read „Tranceformation of America“ by Cathy O’Brian and Mark Phillips – as you had the courage to dive deeply into a most uncomfortable subject. It’s a fact that the garment of love also consists of courage as an ingredient of importance, and this courage will pay now as best preparation. We have told you, dark will come to light, and this is exactly what happens. But who does it and who’s being freed and who’s being held responsible for being so full of pure evil that every star nation watching feels like having to vomit in a row.

How about your missing children, how about your daughters who have disappeared and were never seen again, as they ended up in breeding stations for „baby-material“ going unspoken for in the public?  How about all the young boys ending up in unspeakable torture for the amusement of the few demonic subjects ruling your world? How about the uncertainty of not knowing what has happened to your own child taken away from you by „institutions of the state“ and having to live with that? No more, I say, NO MORE!

How about all of you ignorant happy campers still thinking against the President of America? Are the children of your world of ANY WORTH TO YOU?

You have not used your eyes to see, so you will soon have to use them to cry.

What kind of civilization must that be, where the youngest and most innocent and helpless beings are being kidnapped, tortured, sucked out and consumed  for satanic ritual cults and rejuvenation purposes of the most evil creatures this sun has ever seen?  (YOU LET THEM IN!)   – Where a long row of murdered truthers has accumulated, where fear, terror and masks have succeeded to hold all of that away from the public eye? For decades, even centuries, even millenea?!

How was it ever possible to go this far?

And then again: It’s one thing to have heard about, but it’s another thing to really see. And you WILL SEE. As, you the people are in some way co-responsible.

How any of you participated in that recent „mass-meditation“ on 5th April, so that all of you should soon dwell in the fluffy land of a new timeline? While others, brave men and women all over the globe went UNDERGROUND TO FREE THOSE YOU EVEN HAD NO IDEA THEY MERELY EXISTED!

I promise you, you already HAVE A NEW TIME LINE, otherwise this planet would long have been blown in fire and ashes.  A new time-line was just possible by new decisions of enough men, letting follow DEEDS upon their thoughts.  But you will not get away with your „CLEAN HANDS OF IGNORANCE“, NOT BEFORE THE LAST ONE OF YOU HAS TRUELY UNDERSTOOD, HOW THE DERAILING OF A WHOLE PLANETARY CIVILIZATION HAPPENED.

Even me – I need to take a deep breath, centering myself, when I see what comes out from down the rabbit hole. Of course there’s also a reason to rejoice about all working out as scheduled, about the fact THAT these things come to light, but the pain remains while you need to see the creatures of diabolic mindset, the psychos, liars, child- and drug-traffickers of the world, still wearing the masks of politicians and celebrities, living a double life and speaking with double tongues of falsehood.

My tool-box will offer you comfort and means to get along with your new education, and finally stop blaming Donald Trump or Putin for the most ridiculous things and for anything which would not match with what you like.

I am personally and strongly involved in what’s taking place. The plan is so huge and complicated, no single man could have done such a planning within a toxic apparatus of „government“. Something that huge can just be done with GOD BACKING YOU.

Those of you talking about a new golden age: Would you seriously think you can build this new age of gold upon the dead bodys, pain of torture and sick minds?! First the ground has to be cleaned and prepared and all of you have to take a close look upon whom your society has really crucified and what their further plans were.

The evil ones will have no place to run or to hide.

I ask those of you who are in the knowing already, to be the lighthouses for their shocked fellows. Men like Trump – besides the only politician who asks people to pray – prepare the return of Christ, just like JOHN THE BAPTIST did back then.

The action is global, remember,
we can talk about the message of ascension going along with the EASTER HOLIDAY.

Need to go back to work, beloveds. Blessings and courage to you.

Eve: EEEESUUU, I still have a question.

Esu: Okay, go ahead.

Eve: These poor rescued children, can they ever be healed, so that they might face a near to acceptable/normal life, how about?!

Esu: I agree to say another word to this reasonable question.  By the means you have as „standard means“ upon your planet, known to the public, no. No way. BUT, there is more available from „beyond the bushes“.  Plus, YOU NEVER WALK ALONE.  Help is at hand, with very advanced technologies, so that no child or tortured individual will have to live with the horrific memories. Remark: pharmaceutical drugs from your global players  have exactly zero to do with that.

HYPNOSIS is the main ingredient which will be very useful, plus contact with pets, cats, dogs, horses can be very healing. When a victim will then have reached a point of entering a steady upward spiral, engagement in helping others might open up a new sense of life.  We are offering our assistance in all of that.

Fielding by certain frequencies will also work nicely.

In regard of those whose bodies are too badly hurt and destroyed, so that passing away cannot be hindered, there will be means of taking care of the souls carrying these experiences.

All in all,
I am telling you that all antichristed plans
have become obsolete. As I said:
Paycheck time.

Behold my words seriously. The tide has turned!

Salu and Mitakuye-oyasin.

Attentive readers recognize the connection and can clearly answer the question in the title of this message from CM:

Who is Q

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