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Esu on the White Hats

The long wait for the sword of justice

Follow-Up to the recent  German letter of appeal

Esu / Eve 23rd June 2023

Esu, I suppose you guessed I would call in.

Good morning Eve, pretty much so. Before you start I would like you to know that I completely get your point. I wish things had turned out to be more smooth in development.

Well, Esu, when we made „Beyond“ – this is now 10 years ago – and honestly I thought this had been simply IT and we were done.  How long would you guys still have been watchers to the „show“ well knowing that some of your cards are not playing out as they should. What exactly has to happen until you DO the vital action for letting this planet survive? I’m sorry, but I have to confront you. When do rules outmode themselves? I recently read a book naming the expression „brules“ for „Bullshit rules.“ The rules have been presented to us ongoing, in transmissions, PJ’s etc. Where have they brought us? Nearly everything you ever announced turned out to never happen and make you and CM look like liars. How many people have been activated to wake up to teachings and go down the drain again just because you have not been able to be in control of your time line. You have been burning ground crew, over decades, and dare to tell us that it was because of obtaining souls like diamonds.

One day of this year I was becoming aware about these mysterious „WHITE HATS“ being our hope, while they are  forcing us to watch them kicking the can down the street – endlessly. Somehow they think this makes a super show in a manner of just enjoy the show and make sure you have enough popcorn. You know what? The logic conclusion is that we are now vomiting the popcorn as this „super movie“ has become the greatest snuff-performance ever. You are burning the ground crew. Will you now go on pointing with fingers and teaching us that this was the reality we created for ourselves?

When CM has problems with maintaining and defending his sovereignity against hords of big wigs coming uninvited from the Great Universe into the Wild West of Nebadon just to make his mission a saturday night show in cosmic entertainment – why the heck don’t you tell us that BEYOND isn’t over and we have to go another round? Instead, you let again everything slip over the point of adequate action. I told you my opinion. It’s merely about taking out certain people from the „game“, getting media under control. (1 night needed and done with your possibilities) and start the TV disclosure. Will you tell me you did not know the 10% of rotten White Hats? We are talking about high treason! Coming to the core: They are not in control. If they were though, there is exactly two conclusions:

  • 1st. The are cold players for the wrong master
  • 2nd They are liars.

We as ground crew, and I dare to speak for al of them, are fed up with obtaining false information being called „5d chess“. We are fed up with serving as front food becoming consumed while WH allow to kill real people, burn live stock and ruin the planet. Don’t even dare to argument with the well-being of the planet!

Esu: I know, Eve, that currently to you we are merely poker faces doing future faking. Who would truely be able to get the complicated back structure and forces trying their best to spoil the „show“.  Not everybody is enthusiastic about Christ awareness. As above so below is still valid. Beyond the Central Universe of Havona the 7 superuniverses are far from the days of light and life. They form a giant playground for all sorts of experiences.  I doen’t take much else than to „allow“. There’s always a rule justifying anything.

So, on your planet you just have one rule to overwrite these rules which is Martial Law, following the emergency state. And of course there’s the adequate thing in the universe. A part of Martial Law is fake information, this is one reason why your Telegram channels are flooded with such stuff. I already told you to be aware of the fact that a great part of this takes place on screens only. You live in the age of clones, holograms and look alikes. Even if you are in a situation yourself you cannot truely tell if there’s a hologram involved.  (Eve: just remember the „holodeck“ on Startrek, Enterprise, where picard could even take a ride on a material horse)

Still shit hits the fan, but CM would not be CM, if he wasn’t about to play some genious jokers. And this is the NDA’s we have signed, and nobody will know until it happens. The rotten eggs are marked on our screens. What is important to us is that you have found out about things going wrong. You know, Christ awareness is not common everywhere. There are people who believe that the common laws like „hermetic teachings of cause and effect“ could not be deviated but where does the word „anomaly“ come from? From exceptions to the rules.

Eve: Esu, I just leared that the White Hats were created by Eisenhower who was a hater, especially of Germans, How come that the WH have developed into „saviours of the world“?

Esu: They had cosmic support. Everything going into the right direction has cosmic support. Of course we were not amused by Eisenhower rejecting offered Pleiadean plans to to solve all earth problems like diseases etc. and he was already under surveillance. Our next move was then to have Kennedy installed.

Eve: But after Eisenhower had shown his devil’s skills on his management of „Rheinwiesenlager“ in 1945, how could you ever give him such opportunities?

Esu: Our goal is to support development and offer opportunities. He failed, however, so we thought the WH might still become something useful.

Eve: And you jumped on this wagon.

Esu: Yes.

Eve: And decades later you find out that 10% of them have duped your plans. And Martial Law will be the answer? Will you take the 10% out? And when?

Esu: Immy on beginning of Martial Law. The rules will change from now to then and set them checkmate.

Eve: I just wanted to say, Esu, time is out. What can we do as ground crew?

Esu: Not to loose trust in a happy ending.

Eve: When there’s a happy ending on the planet, what will that mean for the universe?

Esu: Shock and awe.

Eve: Well, good luck then. Please contact me if there’s news, even if not for the public.

Esu: Promised, Eve.

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