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CM through Eve  |  27th August 2020

Esu or CM, may I call you out for an update?

Eve, this is CM. Thanks for calling. I know you had never thought to see times like this. Again, there is a plan behind and years ago already – I asked all of you not to worry, not to be afraid. I’m aware about the difficulty not to shake in your  boots while looking at the abyss. But again, you need to wing yourselves up like it was described, like an eagle, and do it like „day 7th“  (although this description in your Bible is metaphorical)  –  „The Lord looked unto his creation and considered it to be fine.“ Just like you describe it in your – by the way – very appreciated mind movie.

The face of the antichrist is now visible everywhere you look and we love to see that more and more people are not willing to „take it“ any more.

CM, can I join with a few questions?

Sure, go ahead.

Ok. will it come to forced mass vaccines?

No, there will also be no exodus of global population by a suchlike thing. The top criminals like Gates have been dealt with. What you see is a global online game going on. It’s for people to wake up.

…. but all that crazy stuff with forcing kids into wearing a face mask?

Every parent must be clear about where to stand. In favor or against the own child. Decision time. Now the personal comfort zone has been targeted. There are means to prevent damage to the kids. Mainly it’s about outing of who stands where. Who steps out of the narcissistic global game and who goes on playing. Self classification, so to say. Testing of who can stay and go forth and who has to attend another school (planet). We appreciate big numbers of people on the streets standing up against evil. But let me point out that there has to take place careful examination about the „where“ and „what“, as splitting forces are in full action.

So, would you recommend to attend the mass demo in Berlin on 29th August 2020 (which the regime is meanwhile trying to restrict)

What do you think is likely to change more: to have more impact, millions protesting against a regime of evil, or millions staying at home?

Now, that was a clear statement. CM, how about the big event in „hot“ autumn, which is apparently not Corona?

I think you have seen the buffet of dark choice and you pretty much know what is a big NoNo. In the past it was like: preparations producing a flop.  Spooky preparations are likely to reveal the agenda. Yes, there is a nuclear false flag planned in Germany which was already outed. Calculous done.  It’s the same with that Covid stuff. „They“ might leave nothing untried. Esu has already recommended to read again the PJ describing the attac on the crystal and the home of Dharma, which shows just a small fragment of our possibilities.

Fine. Now, how about a peace contract for Germany and a „regime change““

You have already figured that out earlier. The only people having the godgiven right to decide about how a peace contract is worded and who is to sign, are the Germans. Not the brainwashed „leftover“ Germans from the admin construct. I’m talking about those from the „New Germany“, as leaders of the negotiations. (E: Should you have no idea what „New Germany“ is about, please check out PJ 13 and research hashtag Antarctica, inner earth, New Berlin, Untersberg, lost German submarines etc.)

They are doing that backstage, while others are still discussing about an emperor. They have a concept and are in line with Trump and Putin. They have – with clear minds – set up a new structure of government for the reset point of the surface of Germany and will make sure that the right people will get in influencial positions. The new structure can be raised over night, so to say, and to the majority it will look like normal Germans from the surface taking over, who were simply kept on some hidden reserve bench. Besides, new history books for your schools have already been printed.

Wow. When can this be expected?

Depends on the matching of further factors. Like the US election and the return of JFK Jr.  And of course, the demonstration forces of the German nation in the heart of Europe.

With Russia, US and New Germany aligned, this would make a good weight against evil, I think.

Yes, you bet.

And what to do with China?

China has to burst free from the communist party. There, too, will be cleaning out by an „iron broom“. What is now taking place is the big house cleaning.

Can you comment on the following options of the dark:  Yellowstone, alien invasion, asteroid.

(CM yawning)  We have discussed all of this ad nauseam. But, as there are many new readers, here again: Yellowstone erruption: They tried to trigger that with a nuke.  Big NoNo. Yellowstone is instable anyway, due to earth changes. If it goes up or not is left to Mother Earth. In case of an erruption there would be evacuation needed, by fleet. The same is valid for the supervolcano in the mediterranean sea, with the smaller landbound volcanoes like Vesuv, Stromboli and Ätna. If they try to trigger these by Haarp – well – I would not recommend this to anybody.

Alien invasion by bluebeam (laughs) – could be finally ridiculous for them,if somebody inserted the wrong movie in the projector (laughs again). (Eve:  That would be real big cinema, seeing Joe Biden crossing the sky on a gang car or Merkel chewing on her finger nails.)  And the asteroid: Tiring to my bones.  Any of such a thing would be redirected into space, so it is merely about making a mess with any evil weapon, but – hey – they are going down the drain.  It’s over for them. So, please practise your 7th day celebration for a glorious future to come. You bet, as long as you are on the planet, you will never forget 2020, not because of what has happened yet, but because of what is yet to come. It’s still about enjoying the show and remaining or becoming again, what you truely are: Lighthouses standig firm in the storm and sending out your beacons of light, no matter what surrounds you.

Fine, CM, thanks for now.

And keep watching your skies, day and night.
Salu, and back to work.

I bolded some parts of the transmission and ask you to do your homework.  Right now, things are culminating, and we strongly need to put our weight upon the right side, as it is about all or nothing. Even if CM tells us, they are done. The game is not yet finished.

I want to add some words in respect of the – yet historical – protest planned in Berlin, on 29th August 2020 –   no lesser than Robert Kennedy Jr will also be present in Berlin on this weekend. Will he join and step into the footsteps of John F. Kennedy, former President of America, who said the famous words: ICH BIN EIN BERLINER?!

Let me shortly comment the planned second 9/11 event in Germany.

Many of you are likely aware how „The Simpsons“ always predicted strange events, even the (fake) pandemia of Corona. There is a netflix series named „Dark“,  and in season 3 they describe an attack upon a nuclear power plant in Germany.  The date and time named is all double of 911, so they termed it on September 22nd,  and timed it 8.30 instead of 4.15. The location might turn out as one of the still working power plants (Many have been closed meanwhile) Brokdorf in northern Germany, near Hamburg.  In the series there are more hints –  like  the possibility of an accident (plane crash), 5 days for evacuation, or a car with the sign „WIN-DS-68“  The sign hints on a stormflood hitting Hamburg to increase the chaos, but as well on   the Deep State (DS) planning to win (WIN). The numerology of 68 breaks down on 14 and again on 5, which is the 5 days for evacuation after the desaster, so far, this is the content ofthe series’ episode.

So, now the following strange things happening in Germany for real.

On September 10th 2020, there has been announced  a „warning day“ – testing of ABC warningsystems –  connected with training for fire fighters and troops for desaster protection. In several regions of Germany they distribute iodine pills (which is known to „protect“ against radioactive radiation, – well, I would not take any, as, who knows what „they“ put inside of those) – and espcially in the region of Stade (near Hamburg) „they“ distributed a brochure informing people about what to do in case of a nuclear catastrophe. A whistleblower has revealed that the cost of printing this brochure was about 44.000 Euro, which is much for a regional community.  Actually, too much for a „nothing planned“.

Please be also aware, that the dark media would be able to let all of this just take place on the TV-screens, they might shut down energy, phone and internet in northern Germany, so that nobody would be able to report (that all was fine). Many events radiated via TV are merely movies produced much earlier, some are chosen for the daily news, if they fit into the agenda.

So, do not be afraid of any radiation of maybe a „second Fukushima“ –  and think twice before you take any pills.  Symptoms could be produced via frequency, 5G or else. People are much more likely to die from their fear than from real influence.   But, – I’m quite optimistic that all of this might not take place any more.  Anyway, if you live in that region, it might be a good idea to be absent.

“The inner world”

For people who are able to read German literature, I strongly recommend a book named „Die innere Welt“ (The inner world), author is Jan van Helsing, it’s one of his earlier books, declared as phantasy, otherwise it would have been censored for long. It’s much about the New Germany and steady backstage contacts between them and the White Hats.

I further have to tell about what a friend experienced in her local supermarket, where she went late, after work. On the parking ground she met another friend living in the same village as her, and she told her about an incident with a guy from Turkey who had bough the house next to her. That guy had built – simply over night – a wall, so that she was not able to use her driveway any more. She had to access her property now from the a small path on the backside. She tried to get her right at the local court, and the local newspaper even new before that she would not win the case. Then the guy sold the house to another man from Turkey, and this one now told her, he would tear down the wall again, if she would tear down her barn. She rejected and received letters stating, she was a racist and „N“.  My friend recommended her not to step back a single bit and told her, all of this would soon come to an end.  Later on, in the supermarket, she was contacted by an unknown man, telling her, he had heard her words and he wanted to tell her as follows: Two of his friends are members of the German army (Bundeswehr) and the army – as well as the German police – had vacation restrictions for the complete month of September. So, obviously, something bigger is being expected. He also knew another guy working in the food sector, supermarket, and said, all of the employees there are already starting to store resources at home.  Another source told them, big supermarkets like „EDEKA“ plan to signal to  their employees 1 week ahead of the „lockdown“

(not necessarily because of Corona), which was about to last at minimum for 4 weeks.

There is much going on, folks.
If you will like it or not will depend on how brainwashed you are. Anyway, try to think out of the box.  There is so much more than you might ever have heard of.  These people have been accepted by the nations of the Inner Earth, they are friendly and peaceful, and they have nothing in common with all the brainwashing around a certain work commencing with „N“. They are aligned with the creator under the aim of uplifting this world and it’s nations out of the pitfalls of the Antichristed community.

So, take heart, dear ones and be of good cheer.

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