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21st Jan. 2014
Adama and Lucifer through Eve

A few days later I gotta come back again to the problems of this world.

„Daddy, the Pacific Ocean seems to be breaking down. And these so called „Experts“ still fake not to know why. I’m allergic against the word „experts“. Any idiot on this sphere can be called an expert, as long as he owns and uses a bought title, a copied exam work and a good connection to establishment and perversion.

The same or similar experts perhaps, who have arranged building nuclear plants upon the Califorian fault lines or on Japanese earth quake ground. What a questionable pleasure to all the cosmic „guests“ sitting in the first row of Cms place, watching one of the hardest snuff videos in Cosmos. This seems to be some of the „peaking“ you mentionned, Adama, but unfortunately it has still taken a turn around mainstream news. Somehow I feel reminded to the last days of Atlantis. Demise is closer than it ever was and still everybodys eyes are „wide shut“ (what a coincidence, I just typed „wide shit“), enjoying the Vanilla Sky in a brainwashed mode. (This referres to the movies „eyes wide shut“ and „Vanilla sky“)

Isn’t it ridiculous how everybody is talking about the poor polar bears sitting on melting poles, the climate warming up, while the ground of the oceans is paved with dead sea life signalizing Exitus to the ecosystem of the Pacific (spreading from there to the worldwide oceans), covering a sunken continent already. And to have a topper – a cherry upon the portion of cream – some new age „controllers“ still suggest that there’s a messias president to the States doing „more lightwork now“ (referring to a piece of SaLuSa published lately), openly. Now, that’s a show. And we – who are sitting straight in it’s center – get words like: „observe, experience, training…. really astonishing. Is this how Papa Source has meant creation to be? What’s happening here is just spitting and shitting against him. Glory Hallelujah.

Eve, this is Adama. I got a special guest for you here who wishes to comment.

Ok, go ahead.

(Lucifer appears on my mind screen)

Eve, my dear, it’s a joy to meet you.

The joy is on my side, too, and I hope things are going well with you, working on your territory again.

I’m working 24 hour shifts, so to say. And I’m travelling a lot. It’s my goal to visit every single planet of my system in person, offering individual contact to anybody in need to have answers to questions. I’ll come to Urantia as well, in a not too far away future.

Now, Lucifer, don’t wait too long, as things are not improving here, at least, so it seems.

I can well feel and see your concern, Eve. I see your wish to give a bit of hope to the plantary people but you don’t know where to take it from (Lucifers eyes seem to radiate a soothing calmness) This planet seems to be in a similar situation like I have been… entrapped with all hope seemingly gone. Not knowing where you will be taken to, looking for hope desconsolately but hardly finding any. Nearly starving in need for more information while being told „details cannot be revealed currently“, so uncompromisingly left to the goodwill and mercy of the ones trusted with making decisions on behalf of the true Divine, writing history in Nebadon.

My Father beloved, Christ Michael of Nebadon, has given to you the promise of hope and this shall be your stronghold amidst the storm. I’m standing in for that as his direct son. I have seen incredible tyranny all around me and I have seen darkness which never seemed to end – and all I had was that one light inside me, connecting me to my Father CM and Papa Source.

Finally, after this couraged being had the heart to find out and rescue me the light flashed into a brightness of incredible glance as an evidence that nothing ever is impossible, as long as you keep light and hope up. I’m pleased to say that my father and I have had many special sessions on the topic of this lovely and tortured seed planet.

Straight forward, a great loss of life forms has already happened and more is inevitable. After the earth changes good seed will be rare. I would not exclude to see another project similar to a modern Eden with a few stay behinds being supported by the nations of the Inner Earth as a model role. When I come to visit this planet we will certainly discuss this topic and I’m going to bring a gift with me as a sign of gratitude to the few committed ones who had the heart to tap into the darkest darkness for supporting divine justice.

You make me curious, Lucifer. Any hint?

Well, (he smiles, works fine) let’s say, I’m going to plant an Apple Tree here.

(I’m stunned). An Apple Tree?

This means, I’m going to bring a symbol of hope, even if it’s not an Apple Tree in a botanical sense.

What is it then?

(he pauses, while his eyes get even more wide and seem to speak a poem)

I’m going to bring a new TREE OF LIFE, as the one that used to grow here in the former yard of the Papa Source temple. We are going to plant it in an area of which we believe will remain protected and so, after the earth changes, training and peaking of events this may become a place where the first temple of Morontia may become manifest.

Remember, Eve,

when the hour seems to be the darkest,

when all hope seems to be gone,

take heart and plant an Apple Tree.

I needed to say this, dear, some soothing words for those of you who cannot turn their eyes off from the cruelty of this planet and whose hearts are about to break.

My „Case“ is evidence for darkness to be exposed finally and overcome, and I beg you to remember that, until you receive your invitation to the plantary official visit.