Christ Michael Aton From the VIP's



Just more “good old Trump luck”?

CM through Eve
12th November 2016 and 9th December 2016

CM, here I am, at your service, following your call.

Welcome, Eve, so we can start rightaway.
This update is called “Message to the world”, and it will contain a message to the German nation.

Just a few days ago, on 8th November 2016, a monumental event has taken place, which has – so far – pretty much split the world. You, the Americans, elected a new president. This election was a bit different than the ones before, right? I said “monumental event”, indeed, as this is exactly what it was.

What I mean by “monumental” is the fact, that a sufficient quantity of people came out of their rocking chairs to vote for a person who openly turned against something much worse than the corrupt establishment – this was an election against the ANTI-CHRIST in person, my opposition, so to say.

You folks, you have no idea about how hard the dark ones tried to steal the election, or how hard the activists of the light worked to overcome these efforts. But we told Eve the week previous to the election that Trump was likely to make it, and she doubted our word and denied to write about our statement in her newsletter.

The victory was glorious, but overshadowed by the assassinations of some very brave whistleblowers / members oft he truth movement, literally last minute. Well, finally nobody has truely expected that the collective of the Anti-Christ would NOT fight like hell amidst their death throes.

(I had to interrupt here, as it was late and I was getting too tired to go on properly. My next occasion was on 9th December only….)

CM, I’m sorry that I had to break ….I just could not handle it any more, was too tired. Would you like to go on?

Certainly, Eve. Don’t worry, you just do it the way you can, I’m aware of the circumstances under which you work.

We are now a few weeks after the election and there still is a big “howling and gnashing of teeth”, combined with further desperate activities to prevent Trump. These will, besides, not work, in the same way as the stealing of the election did not work. How silly to arrange these recountings of votes …. it seems, it got worse for the Anti-Christ people. (There were tons of preproduced votes for HC, whiche were exposed and then vaporized by our staff even before the election, and I tell you, there were many other nasty plans. Besides, just to menion it – INSIDE JOBS – and in no way done by Russia)

Now, for those who still were not yet able to make a reset to their manipulated brains and therefore still mourn for Hellarys presidency:

You are literally mourning for the rulership of the Anti-Christ in person. Hillary Clinton and entourage are responsible for a holocaust of sorts, and surprise, it’s both “HC”.  How suiting. No matter how often these subjects might claim “PIZZAGATE” & Co was “fake news”, they are not going to successfully hold up the process of revelation of their crimes against humanity. How dirty and ugly this tip of the iceberg might seem to you – it still will get worse.

So, is it THAT what you wanted?

The bad news is that the Anti-Christ entourage has not yet given up, they are now trying to build and hold their last fortress in Europe – or should I say – Merkel-Europe, producer of “real fake news”,  causing as much damage, telling as many lies as possible.

But the European AC-fortress is crumbling, too, and we are not likely to support any big terror event which was designed to distract from the revelations. Neither in Europe, nor in USA. And yes, there was a bullshit-plan involving a FAKE MH-370 ….. “Not to support” means “to allow” – the soil of this planet has been drenched with the blood of the innocent for far too long already, there is no reason to allow more, as now the time has come for a public “HEAVE AWAY, ANTI-CHRIST, from this planet”.

There has been a monumental introduction of change to this world, as finally the population is standing up against their overlords and perverted rulers. (Slowly but steadily we go…!)

Beyond the great attacking, throwing dirt and lies against Trump by the slaves of Mr. Soros, the “Antifa” etc., you must realize that as long as Donald Trump is aligned with the divine masterplan, he is under protection of the celestial forces, he and his family, as we also have supported building him up to the position which might enable him to become the label for real change.

Eve has posted the PJ-connection to his facebook account and it might be helpful if some others in the knowing did the same, to make him realize that there is a celestial guidance. We are not happy about what Trump said in regard of Iran, hopefully this will change. Perhaps he can find other ways to occupy the military forces.


Ok, Europe needs to get rid of the criminal EU-apparatus. The countries must seek to get rid of their criminal governments. You have had your model-role in the US as your master plan. It is just not enough to simply hope that Donald would come over to fix the mess on your behalf.

And, to encourage you: There is still my “ace in the sleeve”. There is so much beyond your perception, dear folks. There is so much hints in your literature. Many small teams have completed their bits and pieces to a “ready-to-go-part” and now is the time to connect all of these ready-to-go-parts for a giant tool of change, comprising the whole planet.  The wonders of this sphere are far more than you would dream. In result of the single completions the morphic field has receied a phenominal push into the right direction. I know that a lot of you guys know the story “The Lord of the rings”. It tells that the final battle is won by the “King to be”, activating the legendary “Army of the dead”, hidden inside a mountain, equipped with supernatural weapons/tools.

Message to the German Nation

You the German nation have to be aware about your special role and heritage. This has nothing to do with any kind of national egoism or a national idea of superiority, it’s just history, nothing more and nothing less, although the dark overlords have been branding you with not so nice expressions, for being patriots etc.

Your genetic history goes back to Adam and Eve, not referring to the Bible but to the revelation of the book of URANTIA. For more than one century the dark forces in power have tried to “prevent and eliminate Germany”, just research on tags like “Morgenthau-plan, Hotoon-plan, Kalergi-plan” and there is a common denominator with the efforts to prevent Trump, – Eve has already mentionned it in her newsletter – Trump has German roots, as his grandfather was German. We did not support him for the reason just to raise any figure of light, the reason was that he carried the potential of his heritage and will therefore be capable to fulfill the meaning of his first name, if he succeeds to remain on track. Of course he is thinking and feeling as an American citizen, but he cannot deny his roots in spite of this.

There must be an official correction of the public falsehoods taught about the history of Germany and there must be a confrontation of the responsible liars with true history. And sovereignity must be given back to the Germans, period.

As we are talking about fearing the Germans in certain circles, Eve and her team have experienced exactly the opposition resulting from that fear.

In order to implement the changes inevitable for the German nation there is support imminent to reveal out of the shadows. Well. Some of you have heard about an activation of a mountain in the core of Europe, more exactly, at the border between Austria and Germany. Some of you have heard about a time anomaly connected to it, about a hidden force inside, about superior tools the force has at hand, ready to go, to act from hidden bases, ready to protect what I call a sanctuary.  Eve, I would appreciate if you added some further details at the end of the message.

Then, there is cryptic statements in the net around a secret base in Antarctica, and some of you have already heard about “nations from Inner Earth”. Everything will reveal at the right time.

Truely, this is a message of hope to the German nation, and in addition, it’s a message of hope to the world, as all of this is not about suppressing the world, but freeing it from the citizenship of the “beast”.

The peaking has started, it’s not yet over and done, but all is set up and working. There will be no mercy or any deals for those involved into things like Pizzagate. The cleansing will be thorough and contain exactly zero compromise.  Your chance to change was held open long enough – now that’s it.

This winter solstice will be very special. We suggest that you keep your ees open to observe what’s going on.

There have been blue shining clouds over  Antarctica [admin: see satellite-picture at the top]. Where could they result from? Sightings of ships increase – now, where do they come from? The leader of New Zealand, Mr. Key, has resigned. Why did he do that? Were there any roumors on the “arrival of a fleet”?

Signs of hope add up, lies expose. Do your homework, folks! A new era is  about to break through:


heading for a new beginning

this is  just
…. not another christmas message ….

Many of you are whitnessing things going to an end, be it jobs, relationships or different occupations. All of this is the natural emptying of the “bucket”, so that it can be refilled again upon the next higher level, after you So many of you have planted their apple trees and how lovely will be the blossoms of the new era opening up.

So many hidden wonders of this planet will be popping up for you to see, what a prospect!

Even while the nasty things are not yet all out and gone, there remains plenty of hope and good to enjoy the christed time of the winter solstice and celebration of the “birth of Immanuel” back then in 7 b.Chr.  – while dwelling in God and with God dwelling in you ….

blessings to you and my world beloved, may you be strong enough for the revelations and feel rewarded by the wonders to come.

Signed by Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon
sovereign of this local universe


PS. by Eve

After CM has kindly asked me to give further details on that spectacular mountain, I will add it now, try to keep it short!

The “Untersberg”

The “Untersberg” at the border between Germay and Austria

The “Untersberg” at the border between Germay and Austria

Christ Michael is speaking of the “UNTERSBERG” most probably, also called “Midnight mountain”.
Untersberg – Wikipedia

The Untersberg is a massif of the Berchtesgaden Alps, a prominent northern spur that straddles the border between Berchtesgaden, Germany and Salzburg, Austria.

The characteristics of this mountain is mainly anomaly of time. Several people have even disappeard while hiking on the mountain, or temporarily drifted away into another time, just to show up again later.

Reports say, that time inside the caves of the mountain passes 300 times more slow than outside, in “our reality”.
There is a well known austrian autor named Wolfgang Stadler, writing his books under the pseudonyme “Stan Wolf”, who has a personal strong involvenment into all things connected to the mountain and he has been researching this mountain for years now. He has experienced the time anomaly himself, and not only this – he has also reported about time journeys into the past and even meeting the secret people force living inside the mountain.

He, together with a female friend, have obviously been the persons doing a ceremonial activation of the mountain’s power, which is now connecting with the grids leading to other “sacred” mountains on the planet, which are for example “Adams Peak” or “Mount Shasta”.

This activation is reported to push the morphic field supportive to implementing the new era.
Although Stadlers books are declared to be novelistic they report about his real experiences, also with dimensional gateways and mystic history.

The Untersberg is connected also with the pyramids of Gizeh / Egypt.
As a result from his reports, Stadler has moved into the focus of intelligence who desperately are keen on gathering knowledge to prevent what is set up to come.