1. Respect of all life is the first will of God.
2. As in heaven so on earth.
3. What is above, is also below.
4. What is not below, also cannot be above.
Wanderer of Eternity, know this on your journey:
5. You change your bodies, still your soul stays.
6. As in heaven so on earth.
7. As you walk through the valley of darkness, your soul is as bright as on the golden throne of divinity.
8. As you walk through ambrosial gardens, your thoughts are as dark as on the deadly battlefield of horror.
9. But as you fulfill the divine will in love, you fulfill it equally in the light as in the dark.
10. The Kingdom of Heaven demands action.
11. Always and everywhere.
12. As above so below.
13. Yours is the obligation to act and you alone bare the responsibility for your actions.
14. Every action stands for itself and your action speaks for or against you.
Wanderer of Eternity, forget this not on your journey:
15. You change your names, but your name remains.
16. Be your name highly praised in the kingdom of heaven, in glory and honour, your action stands for itself.
17. Be your name entirely forgotten on earth, immersed in dishonour and disgrace, your action stands for itself.
18. If your action is in God’s will, it has a positive effect on all that is.
19. If your action neglects God’s will, it has a negative effect on all that is.
20. As in heaven so on earth.
21. Man alone wears his body.
22. The body is his house.
23. He who harms the body, harms God who resides in all life.
24. He who allows or orders a body to be harmed, harms God.
25. He who disdains a body, disdains God.
26. He who creates a body to torment it, torments God.
27. He who constrains a soul into a body against its will, constrains God into it as well.
28. He who parades a body and flaunts it, parades God and flaunts Him.
29. However, he who wounds a body to manipulate others, disgraces God and deprives Him of His will.
30. The soul is immortal, but the body suffers pain.
31. A being carrying a body is therefore not poorer of spiritual value and status, but richer in physical experience.
32. Such a being may appear unimportant at the moment, however, he devoted himself to his God and to himself, as did you, Wanderer of Eternity, and there is nothing to be done higher than this.
33. In heaven as on earth.
34. There are many kinds of bodies and there are many kinds of pain.
35. To an extent, physical pain is a benevolent messenger.
36. In its manner, it is part of the divine biological nature.
37. However, pain is not made for perpetuity, the flesh of the body becomes too easily a victim of it, when pain is only pain the physical experience loses its meaning.
38. Then the pain transits into the soul.
Forget this not, Wanderer of Eternity, when you come to earth:
39. If you would come from highest birth descending, you still would be human.
40. If you would ascend out of evolutionary sources, you still would be human.
41. Mankind is the creation of God.
Forget this not, Wanderer of Eternity:
42. Mankind is no plaything of the Gods.
43. Mankind is a free and independent expression of divine being.
44. He who inflicts iniquity to it, inflicts iniquity to God who lives in all life.
45. He who betrays it and disentitles it of its rights, betrays and bereaves God, he who deceives it, deceives God.
46. He who assumes power over it or authorizes others to do so, assumes power over God the Almighty.
47. There is no base for punishment.
48. As in heaven so on earth.
Know this, Wanderer of Eternity on your journey:
49. What has never been, is over.
50. It has been seen.
51. On earth as in heaven.
52. Nothing is as it was before, and before was nought.
You read it here, Wanderer of Eternity:
53. It came to pass.
54. You are free from now on if you step through this gate and take off the coat of all lies, as truth is the garden of God where His will flourishes to preserve His creation.
55. As in heaven so on earth.
56. God resides in all life, also in the life of nature.
57. God lives in the wind and the fire, in the water and the earth.
58. God lives in the blue of the sky, the green of the plant kingdom and the grey and brown of the minerals and rocks.
He lives in the light of the sun and in the shadow of the night, in the roaring rage of the sea and the tranquility of solitude.
59. He who applies his hand to manipulate the elements of nature, applies his hand on God and manipulates Him.
60. He who participates actively, permits or authorizes to cloud the sky, clouds God.
61. He who suppresses or withholds relieving knowledge and technical solutions concerning the better handling of the elements of nature, suppresses God and withholds the perfection of His creation.
62. He who disregards the elements of nature, who disrespectfully abuses or uses them for personal, political and economical enrichment or approves such, disregards God and names Him cheap.
Know this, Wanderer of Eternity on your journey:
63. You will encounter many masters and many will you serve, yet your higher service is for God alone.
64. God is the calm in eternal movement.
65. You are in movement, Wanderer of Eternity, while you did not return into His bosom forever.
66. As in heaven so on earth.
67. Everything that lives is in development and with that in movement.
68. Nothing is forever but God alone.
Know this, Wanderer of Eternity:
69. You are like God, but you are not Him.
70. And were you of the highest title by birth, there will always be One superior to you.
71. And had you earned the highest title by ascension, there will always be One superior to you.
72. And arrogate you the highest title forcibly and fraudulently, there will always be One superior to you.
73. Find your place, Wanderer of Eternity, in the never ending river of eternal being.
74. In heaven as on earth.
75. Nothing old can last forever, nothing new can be prevented.
76. The old and the new are mutually dependent in their contrariety. Old and new are one and the same and God lives in both.
77. He who impedes, avoids or misrecognizes the new, impedes, avoids or misrecognizes God.
78. He who plays the new against the old or the old against the new, plays God against God.
79. The new does not disrespect the old, it rather builds upon its proud life.
80. No more is the old unfavourable towards the new, as it sees its proud lifework honourably continued.
81. The new alone can create the new, yet the new can only be created from the old.
82. He who adheres to the old to create the new, inhibits the new from emerging and therefore remains with the old.
Know, Wanderer of Eternity:
83. This gate leads both ways. Wherever you come from is the old, but when you step beneath the arch you step into the unknown.
84. God alone knows the unknown. You, Wanderer of Eternity, must yet experience it.
85. Now that you step through this gate with an open heart, courage and knowledge about the grand work, you walk with God in the light.
86. Now that you step through this gate with your heart closed, in fear and ignorance, you walk with God but you walk in darkness.
87. God is always with you, wandering friend, but you alone decide the direction.
88. He who is indifferent to such decision, is indifferent God.
89. He who influences others to do this step one way or another, messes with the development of the soul and tries to influence God.
Know this, Wanderer of Eternity on your journey:
90. When you encounter a host of beings, you encounter God alone.
91. As in heaven so on earth.
92. In small as in large.
93. It is finished.
94. Journey well now in God’s name, God’s light of truth and of peace.

(Excerpt from BEYOND)