The basis of our world view

is (with a view exeptions) the Urantia Book (UB). How this should be understood is explained by Christ Michael (CM) regarding fundamentalism in the article “Please think out of the box“.

An important connecting link between the Urantia Book and our work in the service for Christ Michael are the Phoenix Journals (PJ).

The Phoenix Journals have been initiated in 1984 to about 1998 by none other than Christ Michael under the name Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, commander of the spaceship Phoenix.


The following video is a virtual journey through the universe with great pictures of Gary Tonge, inspired by the Urantia Book (UB).

This film was created by Gary Tonge at the UB Conference in July 2010, accompanied by music of Claude Debussy.

Journey Through the Universe – Urantia Book from Gary Tonge on Vimeo.