Beyond the curtain





Documentation of a disturbing detective process of working members of

based on the BOOK OF URANTIA and the former work of ABUNDANTHOPE


Table of contents

  • The lighthouse keepers dream, Poem by CM
  • Heads up
  • Signatures
    • Introduction by CM
    • Intoduction by Eve
  • Gratitude
  • Approaching the topic
    • Christ Michaels Way to drive his universe
    • Collection of questions
  • Adam of Urantia
  • Introduction
  • Excerpt from a full plate session
  • Esu Immanuel Kumara, Sananda
  • Short comments
  • Sanat Kumara
  • Monjoronson
  • Machiventa Melchisedek
  • Eternal Father / Papa Source

Part 1

  • The situation at the beginning of the revealing process
  • Spelling the beans to CM
  • Looking for a job in a cartooniverse
  • How sovereign is sovereign?
  • Spelling the beans to the councils
  • Talking to BigS the first time
  • CM: I have pressed the button
  • Last minute break-off
  • Stirring the pot at the forum and the results
  • EsKay Testing, testing, one two three
  • What have I learned during the time the forum was closed
  • Siraya flowertalking

Part 2

  • Review of developments
  • CM: The meaning of self-bestowa (published piece)
  • Who allowed 3,5 billion robotics to mess around with this planet and humanity?
  • Server attacks (making AH loose the complete forum including backup and history)
  • To S333 The planet of tears
  • CM sitting a while with me (You raise me up)

Part 3

  • A vote of mistrust against the German team
  • November initiation and intrigues on 8star
  • CMs first answering of special questions
  • Putting on my armour
  • Review to February 2013 OFFICIAL INDICTION BY EVE

Peters part

  • Explanation by Eve
  • 94 new theses


Final remark by Eve

Remember when it rained


Sometimes you need to change the algebraic signs to get a full picture

There is no coincidence. If you were led here to read this material, take this as a chance to gain a wider horizon and to make up your mind.

But be aware that it’s your very own decision to read or not to read.

Seek to rest in balance and peace while reading and make sure

that you are aligned with Christ Michael.

To help you to become calm and balanced we recommend you to listen to this piano song


And please take this poem by CM to your heart.


The lighthouse keeper’s dream Poem by CM, Summer 2012

Will you share with me the lighthouse keeper’s dream as a guardian of the circling beam travelling through the darkness… will you share with me the giant view across the sea while we send out the signals for a save passage? Home is where the heart is and is your heart with me? I’m going to send these beams eternally.

Will you share with me sunsets of fluent gold will you share with me stories of truth to be told Will you share with me my dream to be a human lighthouse in a world that represents the dream of God to manifest a paradise … matter divine… then go ahead and lift yourselves to home to where the heart is…and is your heart with me? I’m going to send these beams eternally.



We strongly recommend you to







These workouts have been done in cooperation of CELESTIAL VIPs and AGONDONTERS incarnate on the planet of URANTIA.

We thank you in advance for reading carefully and taking these revealings into serious consideration



Creator Son and Sovereign of this local universe, descendant from Paradise

Avonal from Paradise and close assistant of Christ Michael, head of the courts of Nebadon, descendant from Paradise

son of the order of Melchisedek teacher sons, descendant from Christ Michael,
Planetary Prince, spiritual level of the planet of URANTIA

Mighty messenger and former ascending son from Nebadon Planetary Prince, material level of the planet of URANTIA

Solar Logos of the local system head of the Kumara-Clan

High Priest of Telos and member of the Planetary Council of Urantia





incarnate on Urantia, members of the




Currently there is just a handful of people, perhaps a few more, who have found correct answers to questions asked many times by all readers who became witnesses of announcements finally not taking place.

These people have succeeded to do their homework, they allowed to let themselves be guided to the right sources making them able to draw adequate conclusions.

As above so below, and as below, so above.

There are some things which need to be revealed by YOU to be confirmed by US. Arriving at the results presented here I must point out that we did not simply tell the writers about the facts. We let them do the calculous and when they came back to us with the results – we stocked up on this foundation.

To publish these things now is no process which might result in receiving flower bouquets. Every participant incarnate is aware about the fact that it’s more a shit-job than anything else, that no honour can be expected in general, but rather fingerpointing and blaming and finally ruining any leftover of reputation.


The results presented are evidence that it is
even for agondonters – to look behind the scenes –
even on a formerly quarantined planet of matter –
even in density.

They are
that my creation is a workable creation in honour to the Eternal Father.








I cannot truely state that it’s a pleasure for me doing this hot job.

But in full commitment to the will of the Eternal Father and Christ Michael Aton as creator of our universe I have no other choice than doing so.

All of us involved ones have had hard times moving through red alert bullshit-detector regions of sorts, and of course were at first doubting ourselves in respect of perhaps having been taken over by dark forces.

We have found out things independently from each other just to realize at the end that our results match in a stunning way.

We have even experienced a similar scenario on our planetary plane – which seemed to be like a „mirror effect“ from what’s going on in the universal spheres. As far as I’m involved I’m revealing some of my private journal excerpts, which I have been taking over a longer period of time.

Now it seems reasonable that any solution to this scenario above is connected with our planetary affairs and perhaps it’s even so that sustainable solutions affecting thoroughly any core involvement of the process – MUST start down here – at a place in the peripherals of the 7th Superuniverse of Orvonton, – so that they will see their victory when hitting the very origin of the mess. Integrity is of essential importance.

This seems to be about all or nothing.

I confidentially vote for ALL,

as I believe in love,

I believe in the victory of truth and light

and I believe and have faith

in our dear creator son

Christ Michael.





We share our gratitude to every person
being supportive to us,
to everybody troubling us,
to the Celestial VIPs offering us incredible amounts of protection
The uncomfortable times we had to live through recently
finally enabled us to uncover something big.

Without the experience of this havoc
it would have been very unlikely for us
to reach this goal of making a clear image
from myriads of particles.


At first we recommend you to read again „Christ Michaels Way to drive his universe“, which was my very first published piece with CM, starting my „career at AH“ as a channel.



CM through Eve
8th October 2008


In the evening then CM checked in shortly and asked for a chat. I promised him but then I was very tired and assured him I would be ready the next morning.

E: CM, here I am, as promised!

CM: I’m very pleased, Eve. Quite some time has passed since we had our last chat. Well, Esu tried to give me the kisses on your behalf but I wanted to collect them myself (grinning)

E: …and you are not wearing your sunglasses!

CM: No, not right now. It’s my gift for you to allow you a look into my eyes.

E: Your mighty presence is shining in them so brightly!

CM: Come on, let me hug you. My presence is not regarded as that mighty by some of my colleagues and councils of the big universe. See, it’s not that they would not love me, they really do and respect and honour me. But to a certain degree I am in their view some kind of exotic. Your perception is correct, my high risk allowance in my universe and my very unconventional ways of handling situations and stepping into them seems to them that like and from time to time they simply shake their heads. I always try to be “among” you, dear ones. When I am your father I am not the kind of father on a far distant throne, I’m the kind of father going on excursions with his kids, to the soccer ground, etc. I whish to be touchable for you. Right now there are some among my kids that rebel a lot against their father – with the intention to test whether they can dominate him. Well, they won’t come through with this. Wherever they go, there is no way to avoid passing and meeting me.

E: CM, why are you so extraordinarily different from other creator sons?

CM: This is a question you must ask the Eternal Creator (smiles)

E: Do you think he himself might wonder what went wrong when creating you?

CM: (laughs loudly) No, surely not. Of course, I am a part of him, too, so I would say that this is due to the creativity and evolution of the whole creation. If you have an identical concept as a basis for universes, these will in spite of this develop differently within a certain scale. It’s fascinating to observe what happens within the given frame, but the limits can clearly be recognized as they were set. Maybe I am a factor giving evolution a leap forward, as a model and showcase for all. This is the fabrics I see as my personal identity and this is also the fabrics you are made of. This is the reason for the fact that you are here with me as team members and transformers. Very conservative team members would tend to hold back things. I need challengers and pioneers to operate in the scheme that seems to be adequate for me. Some councils charge me to be too risky. You charge, councils charge. This is natural, as it’s a basis for meeting decisions and to make up ones mind. There is a difference between charging and judging. It’s like that: They see me moving the frame sides to a wider picture and some of them feel uncomfortable. They are somehow holding the hand in front of the eyes and say: Ok, for heavens sake, this is Christ Michael again. Well, good luck then.
Then there are observers who would never do something like that themselves, but they are interested – like you in TV shows you love to watch – and they are placing themselves in the first row to see what happens. They comment. Well, Christ Michael is always good for an exciting show.
And some of them – well, a few – are starting to ask themselves whether they carry some hidden CM factors inside. (Smiles) Just a few, dear.

E: CM, you were once talking about souls incarnate with the potential to once become creators of universes, too. This is unusual.

CM: Indeed. Remember, I am the explorer of a new way to go. The output of my universe is meant to be extraordinary and diamond like, strong with love, reliable and unbreakable. This is the pride I have in my concept of creation and my focus. My fellows and assistants in this project must fit into this concept. I do not have any conservative assistants. Every single of you is enthusiastic about this expedition.

E: CM, you are a beautiful and brilliant mind. When do you think your mission will have been successful?

CM: When I step in front of the Eternal Father of All That Is, presenting all the shining diamond souls, telling him: Beloved father of mine, this is what Nebadonia and me have created in gratitude, grace and love to delight you and to honour your presence as the Eternal Father and Prime Creator. But, see, I cannot do this without the precious pearls of my team!

E: CM, have you always been such a pioneer?

CM: Well, let’s say I was created with the potential to be one. It was my decision to explore this potential and this made me become who I Am. See, when you are reaching out to create a universe you have received education and information from teachers who are some kind of conservative. Then it’s your own turn to start and to collect experience. Every moving thing tends to start in a slow mode. I started in a conservative way, but quickly discovered that the usual manners did not match my inner marker. I have been developing new skills and handling tools and many watchers were astonished about when my creation turned out to be more risky straight from the beginning. The difference between “could” and “will do ” was quite clear to me. This universe of Nebadon was the only one I had, so I had to meet a decision. It was a “will-do” decision and the reason why a team collected around me that was fascinated from the first universal “minute of creation” on. You went with me all along the way, I can’t put in words how many sessions we had considering existing potentials. You have been in the mud for me so many times – and out of your purest love and dedication for me you said: CM, we will manage this for you. This has been so touching to my heart that I decided to go into the “mud” myself beyond of the usual measure. All of you – of my dear ground crew – have a “hands-on” mentality and I LOVE THAT. I can’t tell you how much I love that. I love that so much that I want to demonstrate that I am AMONG you with my “sleeves” up at work. It’s a new way to demonstrate unity and this is seen in all the universes. I can do that without generating further problems elsewhere in Nebadon, as Gabriel of Salvington and all the rest are performing a brilliant backup for myself. All experience we have collected so far has acknowledged to me that I made the right choice by deciding the way I did. Explorers always face doubters, but this is a natural way, even in universes. I cannot express with words the love that dwells among me and all of you, the longer the road has been that we walked together, the more mighty love grows. It’s love beyond any measure and even though there is sadness because of the rebels. I Am always seeking to gift you with opportunities to develop your skills and potentials. I don’t mind if you are sending me protest emails out of your mind stating you were fed up and “where the hell” I remain. I AM HERE, folks, and it’s quite a road to go. This is the time where you must decide, or you will be made a decision. Make known to your fellows that this is the time to either make a new 5D-contract for “renting” my beloved seed planet Urantia for the next cycle or to simply move out to another home in this universe where contracts for 3D renting are still available. And the ones signing the new contract will REDO the planet, as you would redo an apartment that has suffered from a long living in there. I will show you how to redo this planet and afterwards we’ll have a big party and celebration. Folks, I Am your Chief of redoing and I don’t care whether some councils laugh at me saying: Have you ever seen a creator son with a brush in his hand.

I love adventures. Many of you do, too. You attend rally’s down there. I attend the correcting time for Urantia. There are many gifts and surprises waiting for you along the way, for all my faithful ones that hold the line, who keep the light shining amidst the mud and who do this with a trusting heart to manifest the Golden Age out of their love for their cosmic parents, for their fellows on the road and for the Eternal Creator of all that is. May I ask you to share this with the public and I’m now going back to my work of redoing my seed planet back into light and love. Thank you and Namasté, dear one. I Am Christ Michael of Nebadon. .

If you want to read more about CM being an innovative creator son,

you can refer to

This was Monjoronson through Daniel Raphael.

Also very inspiring is the advertisement by Greenpeace


CM is the guy proclaiming „They have got e-mail!“

Now you should have a certain idea about CM being special and not everybody being enthusiastic about.

After having read the material of AbundantHope as well as the Book of Urantia several questions arose. We share them here:


  • 1- How can it happen that CM casts out sonship to one of his sons, – Adam – just because of a broken contract on an Experiment of a material quarantined world – the success of which was doubted by so many – anyway ….
  • 2 – How can it happen that a monument was forced upon CM on his return from his 7th self-bestowal? Knowing him a bit, one can easily assume that he would have disliked this kind of his person’s „glorification“
  • Go ponder about
    2a) How does that monument look like?
    2b) What kind of emotion does it radiate?
  • 3 – How sovereign is sovereign? How can it happen that nearly all of Christ Michaels plans have experienced such a big extent of delay and defect of manifestation, even unexplained to the public?
  • 4 – How can it be that – according to a piece by Kibo (on Lucifer, dated Dec. 2012) CM is told to have surrendered his decision-making to higher levels of administration – in order to avoid himself being subject to more „provocation“ of mercy in regard of the dark ones?
  • 5 – May it be that the Lucifer-rebellion was way different than described in the Book of Urantia – and may it be that it was a giant act of corruption just blaming Lucifer?
  • 6 – May it be that certain universal forces would appreciate to see CMs project of Nebadon going „south“?
  • 7 – May it be that also „hierarchies“ are being measured and have to present results, aiming at presenting themselves to be „successful“ and that CM might appear to them as a problem in this respect?
  • 8 – As above so below – even in the Great Universe NOT ALL THAT GLITTERS IS GOLD …. possibly the Great Universe is not yet fully the place of „love, peace and harmony“… as some universal forces try to make us believe.
  • 9 – Could it be possible that perhaps one of the Master Spirits identifies himself as identical with God, and jovially enjoys being adored as the Eternal Father himself?
  • 10 – Could it be possible that this rebellion was just blamed upon Lucifer – because he criticized this Master Spirit, hinting him that he is NOT really identical with the Eternal Father?
  • 11 – Could it be possible that perhaps a complete order of CM-sons was infiltrated by this Master Spirit, so that Christ Michaels word was finally of lower weight to them?
  • 12 – Could it be that this enormous fake of history connected to a certain German era and a big worldwide fake of facts is just a mirror of a bigger fake of facts on universal level, including elimination and incorrect replacements of archives?
  • 13 – Could it be possible that even the URANTIA-Book was considerably „adapted“ in this respect?




High Priest of Telos and member of the planetary council.


REMARK by Eve: It has never been revealed before, – although I have been in the knowing for some years already – that Adama of Telos is identical with „Adam of Urantia“. I had a private session with him back on 13th August 2010 to work out my memories from my last Lemurian incarnation, and when we were just about to say good-bye I followed an impulse and asked him about. These private pieces were never published and I never told anybody about it. It seems, that now the time has come to reveal this, too.

Excerpt from „the full plate session part I“

We hugged and started to get back to the entrance…..there we stood a little while, connected more deeply than ever before. Following an impulse I whispered: „ Adama, are you the planetary Adam who came with Eve in the garden of Eden?“

Adama nodded: „Yes“

„So you are in the planetary council?“ Adama nodded another yes.

„In the garden of Eden“ I went on, „was I there, too, incarnate?“

„Yes, Eve. You have been a direct daughter of Eve and me.“

He smiled at me and still with tears in his eyes commented: „I see your plate is overloaden now. Time for you to return and chew. And I will go back to the well for another little while to play the bamboo-flute. If you hear a sound like this it’s me, being online with you. Don’t worry about me, Eve. I’m ok, I’m going back to be the high priest of Telos, the Ra Mu, the flute player, your Dad, and Aylans granny for another chance. Thanks for being yourself, Eve, and thanks so much for giving me the chance to lean on you, for getting Raphael in, for being my comfort in these overwhelming hours. You will always have a home in my arms!“

I returned to my surface existence and am still and completely stunned, in this standing wave of mighty energy. And HOURS had passed. It was nearly noon. What a journey!

Sakuhachi meditation




May 2013

(If you are not in the knowing about the history of Adam and Eve, pls. Look up the according script in the book of Urantia, you can read it online on )

I’m meeting Adama in the lounge of the ship ATLAS. (This is one of the ships the inner earth people were evacuated to, due to the risk of approaching earth changes and the magnetic pole reversal) I’ve been here before. Adama wears his simple white T-Shirt, like mostly on his meetings with me. His hair surrounds his face like a halo. His open smile in his look out of big blue eyes couples with an irresistible and loving smile on his lips. „Sweety“, he welcomes me with warm joy in his voice. „Daddy!“

We hug each other. Then he lays his arm around my shoulders, leading me to an oversized Big Sofa where we take a seat.

„New topic“, I start. „In Germany we now have a car called „Adam“.

Adama laughs. „And every female driver feels like Eve?“

„You mean, driving Adam in his ruin?“

„Giving him a direction, perhaps.“

„ Would you mind taking direction into times of Adam and Eve?“

„Oh my, Sweety! You want memories to become alive again?“

„If you don’t mind.“

Adama takes a deep breath and leans himself back, stretching his body.

„These were challenging times…“ Adama sighs. „Look into my eyes and imagine how I looked back then. You refer to me as Adam.“

I see him even taller than now, every part divine. Not hard to understand how people felt driven to adore him on the basis of his majesty. I also have a flash back to when his body started to age, to be bowed with sorrow – nearing the end of his incarnation.

I remember Eden…. this paradise on the planetary peninsula reaching into the east of the mediterranean sea…. I remember my Dad, my Mom…. my brothers and sisters… the big gardens … in sunnier days …. and I’m curious about what Adam will tell on remembering these ancient days… sitting on the shore of the NOW and having a seat in the planetary council of this planet.

„Can you imagine, Eve, how a descending son forgets about his origin? Memories just vanish. Fade out,… you know. Success was slow. Or as you would say, eternity can get really long. I have always had broad shoulders, but this was more than just „shit happens“.

Your adored and beloved wife tells you that she is pregnant from a man beyond Eden,

you get aware that the working contract was broken,

and when roumors spread, your people – in whom you had set so much hopes – just go and slaughter a complete village, just because of the fact that Eve’s lover was living there – men, women and children.

I was becoming bitterly aware that brothers from a parallel sonship of our father CM would not let there be any room to us for mercy after a broken contract – and that my wife would be regarded as a fallen sinner by them, meaning probably separation of her and me. I had to overcome myself and commit the same „sin“, so that I’d appear „guilty“, too, so that we might share our fate.

Then we left Eden, which felt like leaving our home, and not only OUR home, we knew that we had taken home away from our kids, and grand kids…. forcing them to leave for another territory that still had to be cultivated by hard work, so that we could save our lifes and still be of any use to our creator, instead of becoming pulled into a war by relatives of the murdered inhabitants of the village near Eden, who had already reached out to attack us for reasons of revenge.

Finally the sky darkened from the ships of the returning Melchisedek trustees. Eve and me had already made up our mind about the consequences of our failure, but what they announced was more terrible than what we had imagined to foresee.

At first we were told about the loss of our sonship. I could hardly trust my ears. Which loving father and creator of a universe would ever cast out his son and daughter? I was asking this question to the Ms, … They seemed to have faces of stone when they answered me: „It has been decreed like that from the upper hierarchy of Orvonton, Lord Siraya.“

At least, Eve and me knew that our beloved father had not pushed us away from his heart.

But then, the next terrible step came … tearing families apart. (He bows his head into his hand) You and Adamson still had very young kids. I saw terror striking on your heart, beloved Evora, and on Adamson, who loved you so dearly. Now – no mother with a loving heart will leave her kids, and so you joined the group leaving with the craft of the Ms – for returning to Jerusem. When the Ms finally left, everything was a battlefield of chaos, tears and broken hearts. They had come down like hawks of a far away spiritual upperclass hierarchy and when they left, everything was a greater mess than before.

I had always told my big family that love, mercy and forgiveness are guaranteed by our heavenly father – and now they stood in front of Eve and me, asking with tears in their eyes:


And all I could answer to them was:


Don’t ask me, Eve, where I took the power from to go on and build a second garden. To go on leading the clan. It was terrible, too, seeing Eve’s son Cain – whose father Cano had been Eve’s „lover“ and who now lay dead – murdering his brother Abel…maybe this was a test if I would push him away from me … but I did not.

Eve, and every little bit of encouraging success was so slow. How many nights did I occupy my mind with questioning how my beloved heavenly father Christ Michael – not sovereign by this time – was in pain about knowing what the Ms had told us. And I thought… MY … it’s JUST A CONTRACT …. A contract on a quarantined world of matter … so WHAT! On one hand it’s true: Rules shall serve the development of mankind, but if exceptions cannot be made and man becomes a slave to the rules, rejecting the attorney of love…. WHOM DOES IT TRUELY SERVE?!

Absence of mercy and love, Eve, are forming a downward spiral away from the creator. Looking into the faces of the Ms I was able to maintain my contenance, but inside I was crying, as I saw things derailing and going totally wrong. At least I still had my beloved mate Eve, but it tortured my heart to see the remnants of all these families where wives and children had been „forced“ to leave, out of „free will“, of course.

Christ Michael once appeared in a dream to me, telling me that he’d still regard me as his beloved son, and that finally Eve and me would receive our sonship back.

I then had another adamic mission with Eve in Lemuria, and thanks to CM were allowed to have you as our daughter again.

Since I felt the absence of love with the Ms, I’m even more prepared to make love a living ingredient to everything. Yes, CM has gifted us again with the status „Descending sons“ – as he is now sovereign and a lot is moving.

I love you, Eve, for your dedication and discernment, … for your courage and righteousness. Hope that someday the Ms will be able to see these valuable virtues, too.“

Part 2

„I feel that this sequence of events left deep trauma in many,“ I comment. „Including myself, as I was a witness.“

Adama nods seriously. „Yes, Eve. This is certainly so. Many of us remaining down here were not able to recover for a very long time.

Truely, the Ms had returned even earlier and I had asked them for advice, just to find them rejective and cold as ice and lacking any empathy. The ship meeting us on the road to the second garden was a seraph transport and when we saw Gabriel of Salvington announcing the consequences we were very much aware of the fact that everything was cemented without the slightest chance to discuss. I still remember my eyes glued to Gabriel announcing the facts and I felt somehow that he was not happy to do this. Of course, nobody seemed to be happy at all, but I sensed that he was following some kind of dictation leaving him no choice. Of course had we heard of the consequences even before starting our mission, and looking back on what happened – in full knowing that none of us ever had intended to break the contract intentionally – I found that there had been indeed room for a mercyful interpretation in regard of the consequences. But this remained a thought and was never spoken out officially, – up to this day here when I’m now telling you about. We willingly bowed and did not try in any way to defend ourselves. We were lucky indeed not being declared guilty of joining a rebellion, which would have been ridiculous indeed, but still thinkable. What kept us going was trust in the fact that our beloved creator Christ Michael might know about the big mourning in our hearts.“

„And how about casting out your sonship? There was stated it was some kind of automatism resulting from your failure.“

„I thought to know the process very well, as we were life bringer sons – the only order of CM’s sonships being gifted with the process of creation – while all other orders of sons were of administrative sorts, or teachers, like the Ms. In our Jerusem experiences before we had studied the process of creation into detail and were pretty much aware of how our material bodys were fed by the energetic strings. Interruption of this process influencing the material body was not a kind of automatism resulting from an interpretative failure, but something triggered by mixing the pure divine energy with a different sort of energy from planetary mates like Cano or Laotta. But this would just have influenced our incarnation, not our sonship in general. Before we had been permanent citizens of Jerusem – as direct sons of the creator – and this was lost, or declared lost – we were moved into a different „stream“ so to say, – downgraded – to change our status from descending sons to ascending sons. As far as I know – this has remained the only case ever happening like that in this local universe, and later many universal personalities secretly signalized to Eve and me that they charged this downgrading and change of status as something very hard and inadequate and especially as nothing our creator would ever have decreed out of a need felt by his heart. The fact that he was not yet sovereign was the only explanation matching a decision which he had to sign, but which seemed to be „forced“ upon him. In the universe nothing ever is a oneway street. The UB states that the loss of the sonship by breaking the contract was an automatism and inevitable, and this is best suited to be „bought“ by people whose inner eyes are not yet fully open and heavy from a long sleep. But to a discerning reader it must seem strange, especially when finding that even the person Lucifer – indicted to be the originator of a terrible rebellion – was never cast out in regard of his sonship.

You know, Eve, down on Urantia there are questions which must not be asked and as below, so above. When Eve and me lost our sonship due to an unintentional failure which we deeply regretted – how can it then happen that the so called leader of a rebellion can remain in his sonship …. the answer would either be inconsequence by the upper spiritual hierarchy – or otherwise a secret which is kept very carefully…. which could be something like a big hidden complot against CM and Lucifer trying to reveal it, while the strings of the rebellion might even have been pulled by infiltrated higher forces, blaming Lucifer for it, behind the back of his father – using a mask of mercy and taking advantage from letting Lucifer keep his sonship – so that everybody would know about the fact, that a very innovative Michael Son had resulted to have such a „rotton“ son, an image which would even more downgrade the Father of Nebadon himself.“

„Adama, this is more than spooky, and if intrigues of this big sorts have been injected into the foundings of Nebadon there is no other way than to get that up to the surface. This rotton fish will continue to stink, more and more, until its’ mean odour can be smelled on every energetic hallway of this local universe. I declare I will not stop until truth has been proclaimed – real truth – not faked one supported by deleted archives etc. And I apply to Papa Source to support us in cleansing and clearing up things … perhaps it would do good to Siraya changing his sonship into an ascending stream, starting again on worlds of matter.“

“Pay attention, take care, Eve“, Adama warns me. „This seems to be David fighting Goliath. But your flag is clean and your intention is pure, and David succeeded finally. Big S would tell you that it’s not worth risking everything for protecting „a meaningless creation at the wild west peripherals of the Great Universe“, but as I know you, you’d counter to him that love to your father CM is thicker than blood.“

„Yes, Daddy, I think so. Thank you for sharing your thoughts so openly.“

„Do with it what you think is right. Don’t expect too much, but indeed, sometimes wonders do happen.“

„Ok, I think now I understand what it means to be „East of Eden“.

„The goal is to make this planet an Eden all over, and then continue to make „Nebadon an Eden of the Universe“.

„Yes, Adama, I have been one with the Eternal Father and I will not cease to serve his will to make love and light triumphant and superior over any intent of mean destruction.“

We hug and for a glimpse of a moment it seems that we are back in Eden – in the golden rays of the morning sun caressing the branches of the tree of life growing in the yard of the TEMPLE OF THE ETERNAL FATHER.



it seems everything is cracking and fragmenting right under my hands…. it seems the beacon of light coming from our lighthouses is about to shine upon a sea of ruins, on battle fields … pretty much like shown in „Lord of the Rings“ … the black gate opened and we are just a few standing against the pest polluting the planet… our Minas Tirith is under attack, more than ever… how will we ever return home after the battle… otherwise than frustrated, dirty and full of scars. …


I felt driven to contact



THE OMEGA RING (you can look up the symbol on the painting I did of Adama, on The story how I received the symbol is told there. Eve) 7th Feb. 2011

Adama: Eve, my girl… equal what you do or say… the call of a mighty messenger will not remain unheard. We are aware that it’s still you and the ground crew fighting the battle down there, holding up their swords of light, amidst the earth quakes nobody wants to read reports about, amidst the dark and dirty hands trying to set marks on everything which is of the light… this is literally a ring battle, and your comparison is not too far away… back in the days of Adam and Eve there was indeed a ring symbolizing universal forces… but not of the dark, it was of the light. This ring was brought by the Melchisedek trustees and handed to me as the representative of God on the Planet, when they left him alone. This ring was symbolizing his right to actively support and do the will of the creator. You will remember the symbol „ALOAH“ explained to you, telling you it was a symbol for the fusion of Alpha & Omega , male and female, CM and Nebadonia, everything of their divine creation is somehow Aloah, ALPHA LIGHT OMEGA brought into humanity. Adam and Eve down here were symbolizing the fusion of the divine male and female, alpha with omega. This symbol is carved into this ring. The ring was passed on as the heritage of Adam and held high as a symbol for divinity by his heirs. Caligastia and the dark ones tried to capture it since they knew about it’s existence, their idea was to program and bow the symbol under their power. The signs of A&O have been greatly misused by the churches and also in satanic rituals. The ring itself was kept safely for a long time, but just recently fell to a clan of the reptoides in power. They cannot bow it though, as the ring is of the light and will always be, so it will literally turn against anybody trying to misuse it. Eve, this is no coincidence that you saw the symbol in your meditation. You have seen the ring by yourself back in the ancient times, you saw it on my hand. I was the son trustee of the divine. You have fought a brave part over the millenea, and you will have your share of reward. It’s documented that the symbol was received by you, beloved, and at the end of all things the king returns and the ring goes back where it belongs I recommend you to read your transcription and to observe what comes by. You were – as I told you – a direct daughter of Eve and me, even our first born daughter who became the mate of Adamson, our first born son. The ring has of course always caught your attention. It’s a seal ring documenting the signature of a divine representative. The Lemurian priests and priestesses are still having it on their insignias. The ring itself is a symbol in matter and there it will stay. … this is impressive, how there is always something more to be revealed. I still remember how touched I was on the movie „return of the king“… It solved triggers. Blessed be your hand leading the sword of light, cutting the darkness in bits and pieces. Blessed be your brave heart, Eve, for going out there and doing your work under the banner of Alpha and Omega,… ..I’m sorry about all the ones turning away from you, because they denied to hear the truth. People do not want to see the scenes of battles… They wish that good old Adam might come with a lot of new age sweets, telling them how to make it away from these planetary battlefields. …But the place to ascend to is right here on the battlefields, it’s beyond the garments woven through dark strings, it starts shining through when you demask and out the dark matrix. Many so called ascension tools do fix the practitioners into some gluey spider nets of not so light agents, so that the road may get free for the dark ones. Your sword of light is cutting the spider nets of new age lies, but you are presented as the destroyer of illusions, truely, but for them it’s the destruction of personal truth, and they hate you for doing this. Folks should pay the greatest attention and caution especially on those speaking with halos on their tongues. I can see your heart, Eve, and there is so much love in it. You are such a joy to me, I need to tell you, I need to tell you. Thank you so much for being your authentic part in the melded Alpha & Omega. Now, Adam. It’s documented that Adam/Eve’s first daughter left Adamson and preferred to return to Edentia with the kids. How could that happen? I was really shocked on finding out. …. but allow me one last question… how did you deal with seeing me leaving with the kids? Oh, that was terrible, I thought it was also partly my fault, as I had failed to read the signs and recognize them in time. I also saw how you indicted your mom for her failure, which caused to you the making of the decision to leave your husband for the sake of your kids. Oh, Adam…. what shall I say… it’s a story of nearly 50.000 years… And not only for you…. smile. Thank you sooo much, for updating me… In fact, you did it yourself. I was just assisting you.



(and the return of the king (dom of heaven) as well)
27th Feb. 2013 CM through Eve

….. a so far unpublished excerpt from the piece SKYFALL Let me furthermore tell you that Adam is just sitting at my side, with tears in his eyes. I just told him that he and his consort will receive their sonship back to make up for the mess caused to them back then by intervention of an order which was not in agreement with me. We have brought the Omega Ring back into our ownership and I handed it out to Adam who was once the wearer of the ring. I have decided that HE will be it’s keeper once more, as long as he’s in service to this planet.

II. ESU IMMANUEL KUMARA, Sananda and Planetary Prince of Urantia, material level

AN INTRIGUE OF INCREDIBLE SIZE Esu commenting, excerpt from a longer private piece
May, 2013

….We had not expected that this mission might become as complicated as it is now. Universe – at least the peripherals – are still some kind of „wild west“ in the Great Universe, and the „wild card“ CM has integrated in the frames of his creation has turned out to be tricky, not to say challenging. Nothing suited for beginners. More than a few will be disappointed when they end their incarnation and return to their cosmic state of being, finding out that the matrix of divine glory they were told about does not out as half as promising as they had imagined. It’s hard work, either on the side of matter as well as on the etheric realms. As you have discovered the intrigue of incredible size up to the highest ranks of the superuniverse, the situation might seem to you quite hopeless. You are asking how this could ever go that far. And I tell you – as above, so below, and vice versa.

Descending sons who are lacking experience on worlds of matter have a missing link by that and fence sitting has become a deadly trap in many cases. There are universal forces trying to sell you that you just have to be „good people“ following the rules they tell you – and you should be rewarded for that. Reducing you to be blind followers never putting anything in question because the origin is some universal Big Wig. That’s exactly what your planetary NWO folks want you to do and be. But CM wants to have souls with discernment, real evolution…. as evolution is not propelled by followers, it’s creative pioneers doing that.

Even in the universal ranks there are those who are rejective to new ways and who’d be pleased to have their attitude undermined by CMs concept failing and Nebadon going south. Incredible to you? Yes, quite a bit. But that’s the way it is. Worms of meanness have even entered places you’d never have expected them to enter – they cover themselves by nearly perfect masks of holiness and the sweetest words. As below, so above, and vice versa.

You who believe in the divine, you will live to see you who start to remember will be home you who have stood strong in the name of the Father will be the pillars of the New World to come.


III. SANAT KUMARA Head of the Kumara-Clan and Solar Logos

29th May 2013

Eve, good morning dear daughter.This is Sanat Kumara speaking. Let’s spare phrases of politeness and go straight to the topic. I want to confirm what you finally understood yesterday… after the movie „into darkness“.

It’s our big hope to make the forces withdraw when the story starts to be told. It was superior to „save“ L as the most important witness and this is the main pressure factor.

(we will not reveal HOW this was done and WHO did it, just take note of it that this was done. E.)

Currently he’s writing down documentation, replacements for the archives which were deleted by the corruptive forces. He will still need a bit of time, but you do, too, until you have brought everything into a form. An e-book would be fine as well, beyond availability on regular internet pages.

As you called it yesterday – a real shit job – I must confirm, too, yes it is. Nebadon was made a place where shit is hitting the fan.

You asked: If Lucifer is NOT the originator of the matrix of massacres causing star wars and apocalypse … who is it THEN?

And I tell you: It’s beings of artificial intelligence which were indeed encouraged by the wider frames of CM’s universe, but Christ Michael – as a careful observer of his own creation – had his hands on it right away for correction – and he was literally hindered to do this – by higher ranks who wanted to encourage shit, in order to blame an extremely innovative Michael Son who had not bowed under their advice before starting his universe.

Lucifer was one of his most capable sons and a very smart one, and he smelled pretty soon what meal was about to be in the pot against his father. So he made a proclamation, – on the sea of glass – which was even reported in the UB, but it was not about doubting GOD, it was about doubting the higher ranks of universal administration – who had pretty much made use of a habit of presenting themselves as identical with the Eternal Father, – which is NOT the case.

But this habit had been impressive to many who were receptive for it, and so it was possible to capture nearly a complete order of sons under a „management“ of phrases and fence sitting non-activity, while backstage triggers were pushed to build a matrix for spreading evil by artificial intelligence and lies which were set up so tricky that they even would infiltrate soul carriers and universal citizens.

Lucifer was the one they blamed everything to – and he was stunned about seeing the spider net being woven around him in no time, and his father hardly being able to help him. So they pulled him at the court, blaming him of all these false indictions, and he would always insist on speaking out his truth against the upper hirarchy.

There was so much faked evidence that he was ridiculed all over, and it was regretted officially that he denied to come „home“. He was pissed that much that he asked to be taken out of creation,

(That strongly reminds me to Martin Luther, who was put under pressure to revoke, by threatening his life, and he would not do it, and when he came out alive from that, he translated the Bible so that everybody would be able to read it. E.)

and everybody was told officially that this was so and had happened, but backstage he was not granted his request. (Papa Source literally saved him by decreeing this, E.) He was kept waiting until CM had reached his sovereignity and then entrapped inside this „monument of Nebadon“ which CM found waiting for him when he returned from his last self bestowal on this planet. He was trapped in it in a way you’d call a torture and the monument expressed this torture like „living“. For quite some time nobody had an idea about the identity of the monument, but it was horrifying to watch and certainly not „honoring“ CM. The official version said that it was about the torture of CM put to the cross by his own creation, but it was more keeping a wound open and putting „salt“ into it, than bowing the head in awe about the great love and mercy this Michael son had proved to have for his creation.

Eve, Christ Michael is convinced to save his creation, he will not bow under evil. It’s true, none of you who now have discovered the truth really were in joy to become incarnate and bestowal yourselves straight on a planet which was a mess, but when CM explained his plan to you, you agreed to do this job.

It might sound paradox, but knowing the truth you seemed to be more safe being incarnate than remaining „UP“. CM returned to this planet in 1954 and now look how soon your incarnations were „triggered“! While you grew up and were still asleep, CM tried several other things to make a difference, but all his plans were crossed by intrigues, mainly from „own“ rows, and truely the worst weapon against him was the encouraging of what you call „New Age Movement“, supported especially by the order of Melchisedeks. It has paralyzed myriads of capable starseeds into corners of inactivity, while they had done better studying the PJ’s. CM said:


So you bestowaled yourselves to this planet and it’s humanity, with the goal to find out all about it, again, in a zone of density and lies, in order to become a living proof for the possibility to overcome the dark net even as „agondonters“. Now you have to set up what you found out, you have to write it down and document it and then we are going to chase it all at once through every universal communication channel available.

Best case the hirarchies will withdraw and leave Nebadon to CM as it should be, worst case they will keep on fighting for this construct and CM will need to have an open confrontation with them, which might result in quarantining the complete local universe. What cannot be cut off is the connection between CM and his parents in Paradise, so the false players might have to fear consequences from there, which makes us hope for the better outcome. Now you might know why Paradise Island is a high security tract, it’s needed.

This is all for the moment. I leave you now, so that you can go on with your valuable work. You may use that publicly if you wish to. Kumaras are no anonymous cowards and time is here to speak out. Salu, this is Sanat, aka Grandfather.




Avonal from Paradise
13th June 2013
through Eve

Monjoronson, you know I still wanted to ask you a question….

Hello Eve! Yes, I’m aware of that and we have already linked our minds a few times. As I remember you wanted to know about my supervision of the Book of Urantia.

Indeed. You told, you had the supervision and now we know about quite some things… which seem to be presented in a manipulated way or to have been left out. I suppose when you came from Paradise to assist CM’s project, CM had properly informed you to be his trustee. Bt if I see things correctly, the official opinion in Nebadon was dictated differently by the higher Lords. How did you deal with the compromise you obviously had to perform about the contents of the UB?

To answer that, Eve, let me go back to the time when CM accepted my application, rejecting some of the other Avonals who seemed to be the preference of the councils. Besides, even after CM gaining sovereignty these councils remained at Nebadon, the UB states that CM asked them to stay as he had been so enthusiastic about them, but in fact he just could not get rid of them as they seemed to be deaf to his polite suggestions to leave – and every stronger advice would have harmed kindness. At least, CM had the choice to accept me, and we had quite some time of very personal briefing. At first I could hardly believe what I heard, but attending the first conclave with the councils I quickly grasped that CM was completely right and that the cart seemed to be stuck in the mud quite deeply. I chose to set up my pokerface and make diplomacy my upper goal – which also meant that in some cases I had no other choice than to accept screwed material to the UB – or to agree that certain things were to be left out. There will have to be corrections of course, certainly. And I was NOT comfortable with how it went, it was a real tightrope walk. However, I was always aligned with CM and we took our private notes on that.

We had hoped for success of the teaching mission, but I have to admit that it was corrupted, too…. very soon. You remember the effort to found „Melchisedek schools“ on this planet? Do I need to say more? So, I have completely withdrawn from that project. I had intended to look for a trusted and clear channel with AH, but as you experienced there is hardly any clear channel left there, although they use my name pretty often in comparison to the past…. writing a style by which they think to be matching my way to speak, so far it has come. Now, not to paint all in black, there’s light at the horizon and I’m convinced we’ll be successful finally.

As CM told you there can be no other foundation than truth. It’s no crime to fail, but not to admit it or intentionally going on a false way weighs heavy. We have collected some material, and this…. material will be put upon the table now, for open confrontation after your folks on this planet have made it into „knowing“.

You know, Eve, when evolution goes on and forward, reglementations have to be adapted, too, and experiences with ancient stuff cannot necessarily be valid for innovation. CM’s innovative framework taken as a basis for his creation would have needed dynamic handling instead of an outmoded laissez-faire attitude which the councils advised, …. high risk was involved. Anti-authoritarian style at raising kids has not proved to be successful in general. Rules must serve creation – absence of rules or harsh appliance of old model rules against brand new concepts of creation will lead to loss of creation and into self-destruction. You and me seem to have understood this. The council members seemed to have difficulties on that, or they intentionally chose not to understand.

May I pass on to Machiventa?

Yes of course. Thank you for the new aspects you gave me!




planetary prince of Urantia, spiritual level


13th june 2013
through Eve

Hi Eve, this is Machiventa speaking. Somehow my place seems to be very much sitting between the chairs. Yes, but I don’t mind. It seems, after having taken over this job I needed a bit of time to see what’s going on – all starts with observing – and I regret having to compare the situation in universe a little bit with the „cancer research“ – as it is nothing which would truely support healing. Backstage it’s an intentional killing machine – and officially truth and evidence are being „professionally ignored“.

From time to time, educated and couraged scientists become incarnate – to bring humanity forward, e.g. Tesla with his great invention on the energy problem. And as well your Dr. Hamer, who has done a real big break through on the issue of understanding how the body works melded with the soul. Now, Tesla was corrupted and Dr. Hamer was made an outlaw, starting in his country of birth all over the world, and ridiculed by the official medicine lobby – fearing for loss of power and influence.

Now take these examples and try if you can see parallels to what you have just been presented in regard of the universe.

There’s a lobby.

A lobby has interests.

CM is not a part of the lobby which has sold out ethics and moral.

The lobby is in fear about a real „cure“ of the problem, as it would out their hidden agenda. Understanding what happened to Tesla and Hamer better enables you to understand the big picture and the often recited „as above so below“ and vice versa. What happens on this planet is some kind of miniature-cosmos. Starting to clear things at one level will necessarily have an effect to the other levels. At the beginning of this level truth must be put on the table, come what may.

Now that you have succeeded to find out and do this, things will likely move on in the right direction. We are pleased about that, you know, skeletons in the closet are a downer to sustainability. I’m joining your wishes for a good outcome of all.



through Eve,
13th June 2013


Now, Papa Source, …. what do you comment or „recommend“?

Dear Eve, this is Papa Source. It seems, quite a lot has happend since you sent me this mind mail suggesting I should trust in my son’s – in Christ Michael Atons – abilities and not merge into his affairs… do you see me smile?

Oh yes, I do.

Indeed, I have always trusted in his abilities to handle his project, even though he was hindered and held up. When it was told I’d interfere, this was what I’d call manipulation. He has always had my support, but never was subject to my reglemention. I have not come from Paradise to sit in the first row, trying to screw his creation a bit. There were exactly two times when he asked me for support, help and interference. One was that tragic night before his crucifixion to come, when he was asking me if he needed to drink this cup and I told him that he did not have to do it. The other occasion it was about his son Lucifer who had voted to be taken out of creation and Christ Michael was in such desconsolation about – as the hierarchies at the courts were likely to fulfill Lucifers choice. I decreed that this must not be done, and at least they followed this order. If I have a wish – I can have wishes and see what develops from them without manifesting them myself – I’d wish for the presentation of truth around Nebadon affairs and everything related to it – and I’d wish that CM succeeds to solve this matter by his own genious and power. I hope to finally comment: Well done, my son.

There is proof already that this innovative concept will brilliantly work, provided he’s not hindered in handling all his way. I’m impressed by the quality of love he succeeds to make the core of his concept. I’m also impressed by some jewels which are offspring from his creation, making me agree that it was worth taking the risk of CM’s universal frame.

This universe will not pull others down as it was „spread by universal experts“ – this will not happen if Michael Aton finally succeeds living his sovereignity. He can be sure about receiving my support whenever he is asking for it.

Oh, Eve, I wanted to add, I have never had a vacation resting on Divinington watching TV and eating chips, just wanted to hint on that. (I once had a fun piece about that) But this was a real funny suggestion! Never forget, you are under my umbrella and never forget that supporting Christ Michael means as well „supporting Paradise Trinity“…. and allow me a special comment to finish:

NEBADON IS THE TOPPER OF MY CELESTIAL „CHARTS“. Nobody shall evermore try to harm it… and don’t forget, – all of you – it IS and ALWAYS HAS BEEN POWERED BY PAPA SOURCE.

Sweeeeet! Thank you so much. I hope, your seal will be respected by everybody!

Now, Eve, CM is here, too, and together do we also put our seal upon this document. And do you know what? Have you ever written a letter, adding a „PS to it, a Post Scriptum“?

Oh, yes, I have. I often do this.

Then I reveal to you, smile, that „POST SCRIPTUM“ is just a cover, because the origin of the letters PS is










May 2013

The fabulous and colourful world of agondonters

At the very beginning let me raise a question: What do we know?

And to answer it right away: Nothing!

After we now have cleared the most important thing to leave it behind us, we may now blatantly explore into the kingdom of further questions, propositions and suppositions.

However, one further thing may still be pointed out. This report is written to the inhabitants of earth/Urantia, to the inhabitants of Nebadon, to the inhabitants of this Superuniverse No. 7 as well as for notification of Havona and Paradise – and it may be regarded as the result of many years of searching, learning and growing, reaching it’s peak at the beginning of 2013 – with very intense research leading to insight, to comparisons, to asking about things with the VIPs… driven by sensing something, following the energy, we were led to views and supposals up to firm insight. Part-wise this was so heavy to stand, these things we were hardly able to speak out, as they were really breathtaking.

It’s no game which is being played here! Our Christ Michael Aton has walked this planet – experiencing crucifixion on his own body – and therefore exploring to the fullest what it means to be incarnate as a human being on a material world.

Let’s grant much space to phantasy – designing an image of possibilities which seems to be confusing, fascinating as well as disturbing at the same time. So far, life within the illusionary matrix of this planet has anyway succeeded to top every exotic speculation to a considerable degree.
Most readers of this report will already know the expression „Agondonter“. A short explanation to all others: We are living on this planet in absolute density of matter, in addition this planet has been „quarantined“ for long ages – which means it was cut off from the universal streams of light and life. We don’t have such things like evidence about God and the celestial affairs. All we can do is BELIEVE. This status is being called the status of Agondonters.

Any life form beyond reachable and visible space is merely a hypothesis to us, and as well a frequently asked question. Libraries are filled with Science Fiction literature of sorts. Besides – some of it is quite recommendable to read – and worth pondering about. Furthermore: Some contents seem to be really close to the illusion of reality surrounding us.

But let’s put aside again Star Wars and Perry Rhodan. Let’s have a look at the illusion we are living in. Why the expression „illusion“? This is due to the fact that we – which means our earthly development of learning and growing – are considerably being manipulated and influenced by rules and directives according to our living space and religion. Do this, perform that – this is so and that is different – even history of humanity on earth has been completely distorted, written by those who gained victory and power.
Still untouched is the fact that we are not able to view into different dimensions or parallel worlds to have a look at further interesting things.

Let’s focus on what is possible to us by our own gifts and limits. By mind and pondering, by sensing and feeling, but also by various possibilities offered to us by communicating with the spiritual world.

All in all we are being influenced by our complete surrounding. It is naked, nearly blind and helpless that we come into this world. We grow and learn. Starting up to speak and walk – passing education by school, home, society, religions of any kind, by media and our environment.

Always we try to match certain demands and goals. Mankind is becoming considerably adapted in order to function as a part of the according society.

Works pretty well with the bulk of people. …..
exactly in the way it was scheduled by those really believing

It’s not all bad, you know. At least not at the first sight. It seems to create a seemingly safe surrounding for everybody – but only by having a closer look clarity reveals that it’s a dead end not really leading to evolutionary development.

Now, let’s quit the path of given structures and models, to leave for a cheeky journey of lateral thinking against the tide, where we allow ourselves to PUT SIMPLY EVERYTHING IN QUESTION, to ponder in a way not aligned and spitefully. Perhaps this path will enable us to pester truth.

Anyone in need of a basic lesson in officially advised history of humanity and evolution as well as on the topic of religion should now go and get it. But please, the correct way! And not to forget the prophets of the recent past, the Book of Urantia, the Phoenix-Journals and even the lullaby cuddling of the New Age Dept. You will need a minimum of according general education.

To those who are still in fear and chose to prefer anchored and cuddling in the given nest of guidelines we strongly recommend to put this script aside for exchange against a more suitable one.

In the following material there will be no more red line. This is not prose. Now questions are to be risen. It’s up to you to find answers. To find out what’s truth and what is not – ask your heart about and be supportive to it.

The red line, the image, logics as well as the connections must be discovered personally and individually by every reader.


Now, Christ Michael would like to return to this planet. Certainly, subject to best possible intentions and goals. This is the planet of his last self-bestowal, which enabled him to gain sovereignity over his creation, the universe of Nebadon.

Scheduled time of his return in glory was in the fifties of last century. At least, this is what is written about it. To everybody involved the recent years of approaching expectation around this event will be kept glued into memory…. as a steady source of announcements and „really final“ orders in a row, permanently chasing many „on the run“.

However – nothing manifested. During a considerable period of nearly 60 years…..!?

What’s the point of that? What is this whole issue for?

During the recent years it proved to be quite unhealthy to ask these questions to Candace on AH, as asking promptly resulted in personally becoming professionally filleted and disposed of. All was about to shut up and avoid questions.
As a reason for things not manifesting as announced various „fancy“ points were presented, e.g. „Humanity not being ready yet“, „more do still have to wake up“, „harvesting souls“, „more time needed“, „tickling the internet cables at the stock exchanges“,…“not having meditated hard enough“…. – part-wise repeating in a row.

( meanwhile every careful reader having read this material carefully will know – even from „between the lines“ – how this incapacitation of the free will has meanwhile moved into AH, but this is not the main topic today)

Well, 60 years come out to be a long time on this earthly sphere…. this period nearly comprises twice the lifetime of Jesus back then, 2000 years ago. So much might have happened during this time …. but did not manifest. Have these guys „upstairs“ forgotten how a planet can also be influenced, prepared and changed even in separation?

Well, ideally this should be excluded.

So, why has there been such a long time without any reasonable explanation?

How often was stasis announced to begin? How many dramatic earth changes were announced to happen? Three dark days? Dimming the sun? Jupiter out? Waves to come in….

It was proclaimed that „ENOUGH IS ENOUGH“. Game over, that’s it. Or did they perhaps just forget to adapt the frame of nanoseconds into earthly time?


Or may it be that there are way different facts causing this dilemma?

How sovereign is a sovereign? What’s the blocker to somebody who is supposed to rule over his creation?

May it be that even „up there“ we are facing „different ideas“?

May it be that even „up there“ different interests are being followed?

If yes – which ones? And by whom? Sure, there might be obstructionists at one point or another…. but 60 years without agreement? Who would be interested in endlessly prolonging this show here, or to even make it „go south“? Who might aim at that and why? Somehow there are even aspects about somebody in CM’s own organization not allowing questions to be raised a bit louder.

Sabotage to the project? Who would benefit from that? And why?

For showing CM up? Why? Does he perhaps reject certain issues?

Now, who or what is being prevented and why? Provided that CM and his staff are absolutely loyal to the will of Eternal Father – who is it then working against ?


Change of the scene.

Jesus in the desert … You know this, don’t you?
Recited from the Bible, King James version,

Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me. (Version of 1611)

Does anybody ever have pondered beyond the official directives given by church in respect of this strange part of the New Testament? Something does not seem to fit here! Who is this „devil“, believing to have the power to take Jesus with him and offer him all glory of this planet?

Isn’t this ANYWAY owned by the Son of God as the creator of this universe? Or isn’t this so? Can it be that a different entity is meant by the expression „devil“? Who would be in the position to offer something like that to the creator of Nebadon and Sovereign to be?

Going on „drilling“ into this topic the question arises if this came up to be a documented effort of real corruption coming from spheres beyond earth. CM is being offered earth as a planet full of splendor, expecting him to leave the rest of this universe to somebody else, perhaps?

However, CM does clarify very precisely that ALL IS ABOUT THE WILL OF THE ETERNAL FATHER. WOW. Now, if CM’s goal is to match the will of the Eternal Father in this range of creation and bring this universe into the light, what is it then the goal of the others? And who are these others?

Let’s have a look on another story.

Adam and Eve. What kind of synonym upon this earth. Most know about the story of Adam and Eve, being aware what it stands for: First couple of humans, apple, the snake, fall into sin, garden of paradise, etc.

However, the foundation of this story should be taken from the Book of Urantia. (please go and read there first, if you have no idea about it.)

Dramatic things happen around Eve’s personal add-on to the project resulting in breaking her contract with Cano, a man from beyond the garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were contracted for a program of race improvement and ordered to keep themselves and their children separate from the planetary people, which is the reason why they dwelled inside the garden of Eden. You may charge the dramatic happenings as regrettable and tragical or you may not, however, the resulting consequences are quite spooky.

Hords of Melchisedek trustees fulfill an order, tearing the whole tribe apart, even taking a considerable part of it away from earth. Finally, even the sonship as descendants of Christ Michael is being casted out from Adam and Eve!?

Can that be considered as adequate to the situation? Has anybody heard that sonship was casted out from Lucifer who was indicted to be the creator of a big rebellion against his father? No. But Adam and Eve are forced to change from descending sons into the stream of ascending sons?!

At this point, let me raise the question again: WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? WHAT KIND OF AGENDA IS BEING FOLLOWED AND BY WHOM?

Now, here is another participant in the drama.

Fully and deeply integrated in the every day use of our language – even known to every child – is the word DEVIL. But doing some research through available material you may gain the impression that so many meanings, names and interpretations are merging in this word, that it might well be regarded as an intentional keeping up of a status of lacking clarity.

Putting aside all others, having a look at LUCIFER himself. What do we know about him? Seemingly, nearly everything and still nothing. He was a shining and brilliant son of Christ Michael, from an order of administrative forces working with the created planets and systems. He was successfully administrating the big planet system of Satania. And most suddenly he is being blamed to be the creator of a rebellion. It’s reported that he was indicted at the courts of the superuniverse of Orvonton and sentenced. We were told that he was later taken out of creation – the expression says „uncreated“ – fulfilling his own demand.

But why has he not been casted out from his sonship to CM? Wouldn’t that have been just logical, having a look upon the story of Adam and Eve? Or does it perhaps better match to secret agendas of somebody unknown if Lucifer as „creator of the rebellion“ has to be seen as a direct son of CM?

This would right away mean „Shame to CM“! Does a shape of intention start to show up from this assumption? Wouldn’t a rebellion be the perfect fit in order to put some really big spokes into CM’s wheel?

May it be that this brilliant and shining son named Lucifer had discovered some really interesting things going on in the superuniverse which were not fully matching the will of the Eternal Father and may it be that he had openly made it a public topic? May it be that he was nicked right away? And going on pondering into this direction, even more uncomfortable questions arise.

But these questions seem to have a common denominator. Is there intent behind all the delays we have been facing?

What seems to be for sure is that it’s not the intention of Christ Michael and the Eternal Father. But whose intention might it be then? And why? What’s the goal of those failing to apply full correctness in this?


Ok, let’s go on.

It was more than just one time that CM promised that „enough is enough“. The results? Nothing happening again. Who is doing sabotage to the sovereign and his system?

Seemingly, powerful entities seem to have their hands involved. Certainly, many beings participate to support their own profile and career. Certainly, even beings from the own rows.

And maybe even a complete order of sons of CM.

If this is possible? Sure! And how it is. Just read this transmission by Esu through Jess, from the year 2009.

Esu’s Biography

Esu through Jess Anthony, 12th April 2009

The Lyra system was being attacked by forces arguing against the concept of connection with Christ Michael. His wish to explore all aspects of choice and logical connection led to the rise of a part of his creation choosing to say he did not create them. They were free to choose the path they wished, and their decision led ultimately to galactic wars between what has come to be called the light and the dark. Those rejecting a connection with Christ Michael turned their back on the light of his continued guidance and insight and convinced themselves they were able to create anything they needed without his assistance or approval. Believing they were totally separate, they began to take over other worlds to persuade groups of inhabitants to follow their way of thinking.

This reached a climax in Lyra as part of that solar system was blown up. The survivors were forced to re-establish their existence on other planets. Some went to the Sirian system, others went to the Pleiades. There were waves of refugees and immigrants.


Let me explain more clearly what was going on with the star systems. The Lyra system I speak of was organized primarily around the star you call Vega. The other stars making up what you call the constellation Lyra were of lesser significance in coordinating the flows of energy we worked with. The name Sanat Kumara was attached to the leader of this family grouping after the fact. This is primarily a name given by various writers and commentators on Earth. As is the case with most spiritual guides that work with you here, he connects with a name that designates him for practicality sake. This terminology focuses the energy he is providing in a way that has impact with the inhabitants in this particular dimension who expect his name to be Sanat Kumara. Energy is fluid and moves the way it is channeled.

The wars caused one of the inhabited planets to be destroyed. This abrupt removal caused a serious imbalance in the system that was coordinating the energy interaction within the Vega system. The other planets became increasingly unsuited to the type of existence we had developed. Some felt the environment in the system around Sirius was more suited to their energy manifestation; others felt the template developing within the Pleiades star system was more suited to their purpose. The waves of refugees caused a transformation in both evolving civilizations. Each system adapted elements of what those fleeing Lyra brought with them.

It is difficult to detach yourself from your Earth conceptions, but the settlers, to use that term, were more accurately thought of as higher dimensional beings that were using a physical shell to be able to experience a different paradigm of energy interactions. They were separate but connected. The purity of their energy makeup was inevitably fused with the different manifestations on the two new systems. This merging had different results with different groups. The Sirians became more structured and focused on regimented systems. The Pleiadians absorbed the influence more passively and used it more internally for self-evolvement.

Read more :

Have you ever read this piece? Doesn’t this sound really alerting to you when you read it?

Turmoil and rejection in full openness and awarely? …. so, no chimera with „as above so below“ and vice versa.

Time to say good-bye to the belief that „up there“ in universe everything is nice and perfect. If you like to have it as it is in paradise, you need to move on to the central universe of Havona and Paradise island, to see the holy trinity – just here you can find what some faking forces are telling you about this local universe and the super universes.

The outer peripherals and worlds are still facing anarchy, corruption and not so nice being together. And some high ranking forces involved in administrating these outer worlds might enjoy to see this status to be kept still, playing around with light and life, regarding themselves as identical with the Eternal Father – while they have come to be untracked from the given path, cementing their needs for power backstage in mean ways – which means even brutally, cruel and recklessly.

They seek to keep rulership and have lost the will of the Eternal Father from their view. It is most likely not the greatest good of all and the highest benefit which they aim at …. being interested more in matching their own goals and benefit.

So, creator sons like ours, Christ Michael Aton, seem to be a problem to them. Having his Eternal Fathers ok and being in alignment with him for his very special sort of creation they cannot openly work against him. In this case the job might be done by „well-meaning“ consulting service and endless debates. As it is not recommendable to directly go against CM, every opportunity is being taken to harm his creation – and should it even be by not allowing to interfere.

What a welcome strategy to make use of any occasion offering for torpedoing Christ Michaels „nonsense“-plans at celestial conclaves and harming them by hidden sabotage. Professionally presenting it on the universal channels finally leads to CM being everybody’s laughingstock.

Maybe a similar strategy was also applied to the case of this son of CM we have been referring to already. Lucifer might have revealed backstage affairs and intended to make a public topic out of it. So intelligent forces turned things around to make use of him against CM. If it happened like this one could certainly call it a false flag attack of sorts.

The drama developed quickly and successfully and still today it’s carefully being nurtured to remain a frightening monster to everybody. How well this fits into „their“ concept.

And this concept foresees that a genious like CM shall never succeed bringing his „outer rim“ universe into light and life! For this reason all this wrangling around upon this planet down here is of such a big model role, they simply cannot allow things getting forward. The idea of loosing their power is not amusing to these forces – in case we may succeed reaching this goal.

It’s high time for these beings including their various servants to finally LIFT UP THEIR EYES AND LOOK UP TO THE ETERNAL FATHER IN HUMILITY!

Harm caused by them is kind of immense. And it will take incredible quantum’s of time and energy to „REDO“ everything so that it will match again to the greatest good of all.

Guilt and atonement

Let’s have a look at an example showing how tricky directions have been given allthrough eons of time. Guilt and atonement are certainly known to everybody down here. But hardly anybody is aware of the fact that guilt does not exist. This is a mind-made construct in order to improve control over others.

A few thoughts on that topic.

Guilt and inevitably attached atonement might have removed and replaced universal law of cause and effect.

Essentially a cause is just a cause. In absence of judgement it’s neither bad nor good – remaining merely a cause which was created. Looking neutrally at the cause it cannot be guilt, it’s just a reason for resulting effects.

An effect may be very welcome or even not appreciated as well. Independent from this sooner or later it becomes visible and enables learning and understanding if this effect supports the greatest good of all.
This is the way how evolution develops from cause and effect – by permanent learning and thereby creating steady improvement and understanding of responsibility. Nearly comparable with „try and error“ – metaphorically expressed: just without a wagging finger or corset.

If it now comes to replacing the original model of cause and effect by „guilt and atonement“, universal law becomes removed completely and gets instrumentalized in a different way – to match certain purposes.

Guilt always scans a cause in a way of judging and with a tendency.

Guilt is subject to criminalizing automatically and therefore radiates in a manipulating and directing way, even before a real cause can result from it.

By adding atonement, the useful concept of cause and effect is being transformed into a construct of guilt and atonement. Existence of guilt does prevent causes even in advance, while by atonement effect is being raped of possibilities of learning and growing.

So it happens that evolutionary law is being transformed into a possibility of conduction.

Now, this new tool allows any form of politics and manipulation, it even develops own dynamics backstage, which allow hidden support – and it establishes fear and suppression all over creation. An advantage owned by this new instrument is being impersonal – which makes it perfectly suited for backstage pulling of strings.

Should it turn out that the rebellion of Lucifer was set up as a hoax or false flag enterprise – then evidence was gained for criminal use of this tool – being applied to match certain goals and ideas.

What does this do with you:…..

Here comes a transmission of sorts –
take this opportunity to spotlight it from all possible directions – in order to really and thoroughly understand what it’s about in the words of this text.

SIRAYA is the master spirit of Superuniverse No. 7, Orvonton, of which our local universe of Nebadon is a part.

(remark by Eve: now, this piece was dated December 2011. Meanwhile we are in June 2013. The end is come? Good joke, Siraya. I had the doubtable joy of doing the German translation for this piece and I can tell you, when I came to the point when Siraya talked about inventing the washing machine, my bullshit-detector went into red alert about the ironical sound between the lines, which might have been ignored by so many, just because they were programmed by the fact that this super high super master spirit signed as the originator of the piece. )


The End is Come

Man did not Unify in Brotherhood
December 8, 2011

Beloveds, it is with sadness but also a sense of joy that we are closing this chapter of your Earth History. The decision comes from the highest councils of the Creation, of whom I am representative of, over Orvonton. Candace may if she wish explain or provide UB material at the end.

I AM Siraya. I am Master Spirit # 7, and I reside on Paradise. I am representative of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit. I personify those beings to you of the ascending mortals. I AM in fact, not only my personality, but I am also, all of you, being the source of Evolutionary Mind over Orvonton.

Now, it is not usual for one such as me to become involved in the distant evolutionary worlds, but on this world I took a personal interest and for a variety of reasons. First many of you on this planet in the teaching mission are from Paradise and Havona in one role or another. You are in training or in observation of one of the worse rebellions under my Vast domain.

Of course you know this as the Lucifer Rebellion. Lucifer, in your expression, “took the cake” in terms of those who seceded from the union. In all that has ever happened in Orvonton, nobody of angelic character actually decided to become God of a large region. And also took so many with him. This is the source of much of the so called galactic waring in your region. It was terrible. Lucifer had a full compliment of weaponry and he used it to extreme. Although your Urantia Book lays quiet on this one, this was in fact WAR in HEAVEN. And it was with weaponry.

We were aghast. But we let Lucifer and his various gangs of supporters, work it out for themselves for a very long time. This started sometime before your given records, quietly building over the eons until it erupted fully. The decision was made to let it collapse on its own weight and this did occur.

When the Master (Christ Michael) was upon your plane, Lucifer was not, he had already been removed from power. His challenge to the God’s did not become a reality in the long run. He could never create. By create we mean new beings, either angelic or human. It has taken great effort behind the scenes to keep your sector of Nebadon even alive while this worked out. Never before had we experiences with this level of rebellion and never again will this even come close to being allowed. We have had quite a setback, but at the same time, the necessary learning curve.

You ones accept that God creates with his famous magic wand, as Candace likes to refer to it, and we get much laughter over this. For the whole creation has been created by the ones who reside in it, and not by a single entity.

But lets move on. Lets get to the closing chapter here. 200,000 years ago those of that great rebellion were given a fair chance to repent. Many refused and went to uncreation, long before your planet was ever populated with your “fallen angels.” There were 10 billion various ones, angel and human, that decided to earn their way back into respectability.

They were placed on this planet you call Earth in English, and Urantia in the Heavenly records. At that time your Planetary Supreme, whom is also called Urantia was not yet “supreme.” She was truly not able to participate in the decision to place these ones here. She had not formed herself. But oh has she now grown into her own conscious divinity, and you ones imprisoned here can no longer inhabit her surface.

You were given 200,000 years dear ones, to grow up, prove yourselves, understand from the very inside view what you have created, for it was your creation to join in this and become gods. Or so you thought you had been promised by Lucifer. Sadly 8 billion of you did not get the message, and are still trying to become God’s on your own and you fight even amongst yourselves still who will have dominion of the planet. Well, you had your chance. YOU BLEW IT. You have all been through your karma. You have been the warriors and you have been the victims. And even experiencing as the victim, you did not learn what human experiences are, on the other side of the coin. You go right back into being warriors.

You thought you could keep Earth? You would destroy her, if you could NOT UNIFY into brotherhood, that chore which all ascending humans on the evolutionary worlds must accomplish. You did not learn you are not separate from the planetary mind. You had opportunity of greatness that was given to you, because simply, you did not know of what you did, when you entered the rebellion. You were forgiven, but only on condition you take a journey similar to what human must make, to become a unit of divinity.




2 BILLION OF YOU PASSED, REASONABLY SO. Many of these did return to their former estates. Actually 1 billion of you are back in the realms of glory with a wondrous new understanding, and of this we are of course in joy, because never again will these ones fail. They are strong now, and will be even wiser for this, having done “the been there and done that,” another term, Candace loves to use. Unto you who fled from glory, unto glory you have returned and then some, and in that regard for these ones, the experiment of repentance under the mercy and grace of God was successful. We hoped for more though. We did not expect 100%, but we hoped for more.

8 billion of you cannot become gods. You were not created as creators and you will no more muck up this glorious planet, this planetary supreme who found herself, out of the muck. She eventualized. What happened to YOU?

Well, some of you are facing the grand courts, of Orvonton. It does not look pretty for you. Others who possess some hope, will get another chance in the DISTANT FUTURE for you ones will never be placed but a few at a time on distant worlds, for you are without trust at this point. We cannot place you in numbers anywhere. You will wait for what may seem like eons in a state of complete sleep, ignorant of your existence, until that day down the road.

You had such opportunity. Such grace was offered. We hoped that the offer would produce true grandeur in terms of your future works. You and you alone are held accountable for your choices and actions.

We are giving out at lot of grace, because you created slave beings to the robotoids who had little chance. But surprise, some of them found the Father, a thing even you could not do. And the ones who really didn’t find the Father, but are sweet kind folks, will also get a stupendous chance to become truly human. They go to other worlds, young worlds, to being an incarnational journey in hopes they will find themselves, meaning truly individuate. The Father has such great mercy.

I had such great mercy on you. For it was I who approved the Mercy for you, overriding the Ancients of Days of Orvonton. For 200,000 years I have hoped, and hoped, and hoped. Slowly some of you came around, those 20%. Well 1/2 of those will endure further trials, as these ones have covered 51% or more of their karma. They will get additional chance. But they will submit to the leadership of Michael on this world. They will not have hundreds of thousands of years to finish up.

All those born of human in these ages upon this world since the return of Michael, are cared for. They are young. They will be cleansed of your filth and given fresh opportunity on the younger worlds.

The astral realms of this world will be dismantled. They were of course full of those humans over a time that you did not allow to progress, and who had been trapped here.
They are released to move forward. Even though Michael released them to journey as necessary forward, so many were too immature to move much in each life. We will be gradually resurrecting all these ones, even though they are not ready, to the mansion worlds. That is the purpose here now in part of AA Michael’s team. He is the angel of the resurrection.

The robotoids having potential cannot go there yet, they must have opportunity to earn their thought adjusters. Opportunity will be given as above. They will not experience the destruction you planned to invest even upon them, who you called useless eaters.

You 8 billion ones, who did not cut the mustard, will be contained in holodeks, until you can be processed. You are done on this world. Those 1 billion who get one more chance to make the grade, will have mercy of exactly two lifetimes to establish the BrotherHood of Man on this planet. This will be accomplished by each of you, or not, and as a group. This will be your task. This time, it will be done under the normal Nebadon oversight of this world. You will do it, or you will not. Its that simple.

The planet will be cleansed of your filth. All of it. The animals evolutionary patterns will be restored to normal by seasoned beings here for that purpose, under the direction of the great geneticist Skekhmet. This is not a thing the Life Carriers can do.

You were given the care of this seed planet, you were so sure you could do that but you set into the infighting and instead nearly destroyed it.

Gaia will make her Ascension shortly. Normally this is done in concert with the sons and daughters coming into Godness with her. She adopted you ones, although she did not fully understand what she had done and look what you brought upon her and all her life.

5 times this planet has tossed you down. This is number 6. Not much of a tract record is it? And you proved what? Beloveds, WHY? For so long all will be asking that question that have been concerned with this arena. But dear brothers in God, you are finished and remember, you are not more powerful than those above you and you did not prevail.

Now, lets get on with some good news, for those of you who came to help the depraved ones. Some many of you have suffered at their hands, even unto the Creator Son, who has given so much grace to those of his and Nebadonia’s creation. You volunteered in the millions to lift up this world. To bring it music, theater, films, television, and the greet achievement of the internet. Your gifts have been substantial, worthy and brought comfort to the lesser ones of this world.

You taught animal husbandry and you took so many animals into your arms, that something wondrous happened also not expected on this world. The higher animals are becoming human before they journey in a human body. How glorious is that! This is rare on normal planets beloveds. You have given them such dignity, they wanted to become like you. And they are and we of the hierarchy actually have to change a few things, under the direction of Shehkmet on that one. This is a stupendous accomplishment.

Your brought love to those in need. You helped the poor. You brought and demonstrated goodness where there was none and showed another and better way. You gave hope. The disabled have wheelchairs, they have medical care now in much of the world. They have love and they have hope.

You have graced this world with nearly celestial level music, particularly this last 50 years, music even beyond the times of the Renaissance. You have perfected the art of acting on this world, even under the pressure of ones who did not want the light in the films. You demonstrated through film proper family life. That is until recently when you have been siderailed hugely by money and power.

You have developed technologies where those who preceded you, like the great Tesla could not. You could not bring in what is labeled free energy, but you did well otherwise and the world is a glow in light even if its methods are not what would have been the best. You got it lighted by whatever means you were able to do so.

You brought transportation to the common man. First the railroads, then the auto. You brought housing to the common man. You brought technology to make life easier to the common man. Examples such as washing machines, heat and related necessities.

And most importantly once more, the Internet. You developed your best programming. You have prevented the dark by that programming, from shutting it all down. You made it impervious to them. Try as they might, and they have, it stays running. That is an incredible accomplishment.

The dark were given some carrots initially but when they realized the potential of enlightenment through the Internet, they put on some brakes, but you were not squashed. You listened to the Father Within who gave you programming skills you could only dream of, and so it stands.

So many of you who are “star seed” have been here so long. You are tired, all of you, we find no star seed over 20 years of age in this life time who is not already tired. It is not due to the food and pesticides, but due to being tired of the effort it takes to accomplish something, but yet you have. Even those who have forgotten who they are over the long duration of time. Some of you have been here since the repopulation of Earth after the last trip thru the photon belt.

YOU HAVE ENDURED and your rewards in heaven shall be great. While these dark ones failed, you so shined that your light cannot be covered. You have won. And we are supporting that. There are over 100 million of you who have endured here anywhere from 11,000 years to the last several hundred. You have endured the inquisitions and so many other roundups. You have endured in Mother Russia, who has once again STOOD IN THIS WORLD in LIGHT. At all costs. She survived the great destruction of over 100 years ago now.

While we hoped the United States would rise to shine the greatest light ever on this world, that did not happen. But nevertheless you ones within that country did well. You should not feel rejected and lost and so many of you do feel that way, at this time of great repression on you.

YOU HAVE LIVED and SHOWN the WAY and by your efforts did this planetary mother awaken to her own being. That again IS the biggest surprise of all. Now rest in your glories dear ones, for the GOOD NEWS is far GRANDER than the SAD NEWS.

You ones have so grown in stature, and you will go rise up to further glory. You have survived the greatest of rebellions in Orvonton and well more than survived, you have a created a new way and that is NOT going unnoticed. You will serve well in your future journeys. You have so glorified the Father. IN YOU HE IS WELL PLEASED. You have saved a whole area of the Creation from extinction. You have the expertise now to deal with other dark beings who will manifest, that is the nature of free will.

There will be conclaves on conclaves on conclaves in the future. Whole “universities” will arise to discover what you have done and many of you will be the best of “professors.” These celestial universities will be in Nebadon, Orvonton, and indeed even in Havona. For unto you, the whole of the future creations look BRIGHT. The end of the long age of Evil has come. Never will it rise to this extent again. EVER,for YOUR SUCCESSES WILL NOT ALLOW OF IT. I SIRAYA, Master Spirit of Orvonton, STAND SO PROUD OF YOU. You are our most cherished of folks. I AM SIRAYA.

This piece is under copyright protection of It may be placed anywhere on the web as long as it is not changed in any way and a link placed back to this site. It is preferred you place the entire piece, and if not possible to do so, you must note that the rest of it can be found at the link. Thankyou, Candace.


Finished reading?

Really read in detail?

And also „GOT IT“ what this being is aiming at?


Thou shall receive all washing machines of the universe if you surrender …..xxxxxxxx

A full analysis would blow every thinkable frame. Let’s keep hoping that the last two paragraphs might contain some self-fulfilling prophecy.


Up there in universe things are going on which are in neither way better than what’s going on down here, on our level. AS ABOVE SO BELOW!

After all, it may well happen that this insight might be disillusioning to you somehow. Yes, ouch. But we have to face it.

The amazing thing in all of this is, that we – as AGONDONTERS – are able to gain this insight. If it is possible – down here, in separation of matter – to unveil this countering against the will of the Eternal Father, then we have reached a very important and mighty goal while being on the road into light and life as a part of the outer worlds.

If you consider this as breathtaking as well, then please start to calm down again. This is nothing but a part of truth. Not more, not less. Forget about all the flower-talking to make you believe certain things to glue you into a construct which does not originate in paradise. Forget about your fear – which thing or whom it may ever concern.

All that counts is the holy will of the Father and deeds matching the highest good and benefit for all – nothing else.

Should anybody – for various reasons – still feel a need to finger-point to the authors of this documentation – for daemonizing them into the same pot as it was done with others before, this is merely a hint to the fact that this person is far away from understanding at all and intentionally choses to come down on the wrong site of the fence.

Who choses to blame guilt to the mirror in front of him, reflecting back his own face, who choses to shatter this mirror in believing to shatter the problem out of the world – this person has truely not understood and embraced some very important things.


Michael Ephra


Eve’s contribution

To add my personal share I’m now going to reveal excerpts of my journey through the recent time, from my very private journals. It’s totally „Eve“ in alignment with the ones I was talking to…. nothing could be more authentic than this. Every contribution is dated accordingly.

While I still was a Regional Director of AbundantHope I have been desperately seeking opportunities to pave a way which would open hearts and horizons of the mind which would allow feeding some of this material. But I found just „walls“ and „closed doors“ which did not allow anything of this to be told. This would have started at Candaces place, for sure, as she is the president of AbundantHope. But it seems, Siraya had done a good job on her already, assisted by the Melchisedeks of the team who were upon her permanently by phone calls etc. .

I once asked Candace what prevented her to get the new body Christ Michael had offered to her, as she had a hard time with her old one. She told me, Siraya (!!!) – of whom she seemed to be absolutely „taken“ – had suggested to keep her old body for another while, to bail out this experience to the fullest. Of course, she insisted on that being her own and free decision, finally, so CM could not „force the new body upon her“.

It had been Christ Michaels plan to grant her the new body and let her work from aboard ship to bring her ease, she would have certainly deserved this, as we remember, even S333 David Righter was brought aboard ship with his wife and child, for security reasons.

And, as this was Christ Michaels plan, it was Sirayas goal to counter it, and it seems he was successful in that. And I’m afraid to say, I believe, this was a part of his plan, to encourage Candace getting at the edge of a burnout, so that AH would be more easily taken over by forces comfortable to him and his agenda.

These universal super-heads have tried to take over everybody down here who seemed to be fully aligned with Christ Michael, and in some cases the brainwashing effect worked. They have even supported the New Age „goo“.

I don’t care how some of my former colleagues will call me now.

I can tell you – I had a hard time finding out myself.

I just don’t have another choice than to „let the cat out of the bag now“, as it is the wish of Papa Source and CM, of Esu, of Sanat Kumara, of Monjoronson, even of Machiventa Melchisedek and Adama.

I pray this will change something to the better, so that this world and this local universe may finally be cleared from evil, to make the good old „crap sandwiches“ stuff for historical journeys in universal museums.


I am that I am






By the end of 2011 the „cyborg army“ hat been the latest topic of bullshit discussion on the platform of AH. Many announcements had been made before, of good and workable plans, all not manifesting, which kept people riding in an energetic and emotional kind of roller-coaster, asking the big WHY NOT without receiving reasonable answers. The answers we were presented as „answers“ turned out to be ridiculous …. like S333 David Righter still wanting to tickle the Internet cables to influence the stock exchanges. The „Cyborgs“ made me finally speak strong to CM….


offering a frying pan gongitation after revealing of the cyborg army facts

29th November 2011

CM, I just invented another form of gongitation… by a frying pan! Good morning, Eve, so you have this tool still with you, I see? You seemed to have sensed that, as you have prepared yourself by showing up wearing a baseball helmet – king size edition! Well, I thought I’d better pay attention … this world still needs the creator son… for some smaller affairs – like evacuation… stasis, etc… The world might have been in need of exactly this activity already a few years earlier … how come that we – down here – have always been sensing that all these delays to try this and that were hopeless cases.. dead ends in planetary traffic … – and we could have spared mother earth from the GOM-desaster, and … how many tons of chemtrail chemistry sprayed during the last two years worldwide? I’m no maths genious, but it might be quite a bit! Hm, Eve, you somehow sound a bit pissed off? I’ll tell you what brought me up! It was Esu, sounding so damn surprised in the piece via Jess, when he said:… Oh,… we have been trying this and that during the last few years… but somehow it just got worse…! What else can I say than: Good MORNING, Esu!
So you recommend to pass my baseball helmet on to him? No, as you have the command, and Esu is committed to your decision, so who knows if he is not just holding your stakes. You know, CM, after having slept two nights „over“ this cyborg army story by Thoth and Leonette, I still feel a mighty need to spell the beans with the two of you! The revealing about a planned activation of this cyborg army makes everything look totally different! You don’t tell me that you seriously believed we/you of the light had any chance to educate or actively transform an army of robotics under heavy mass mind control successfully, that are about to be activated to destroy the soul carriers still in service and remaining as a last outpost on the surface on your behalf? I’m surprised that none else except for me (again me…ughh) has screwed up on this topic, telling you – or recommending you – to „dress up warm“ before you get us aboard! „Lord of the Rings“ was just a story to speak metaphorically about a hidden real deal, but the fight, the final battle in this story – or would you call it Armageddon – was still carried out by conventional powers, while the NWO bullshit agenda foresees a mind control power of which the majority of soul carriers has not even heard about or does not want to hear about, as they feel it just was too much for them. So you were „chewing-gumming“ affairs on this planet for such a long time,… yet KNOWING about the planned final armageddon by cyborg forces! HOW COULD YOU JUST DO THAT!??? Eve, you are putting me pretty much with my back against the wall. In your view you are completely right, and how can I just explain the complicated stories and decisions – which led to our manifested outcome. It’s nothing which could be explained between uns in a few minutes of time, I can just say that there were reasons making the whole thing look somehow promising, still, but I’m of course very sorry that finally nothing worked out to be really effective into the deepness needed. I’m not the one putting enthusiasm about experiments over the love and empathy for my creation, for example, we had somehow hoped that a rise of vibes would deactivate or at least seriously affect the working ability of the cyborgs. This failed en gros, and we added something to our lessons, some more evidence that this kind of artificial intelligence can really be a pest, a resistant plague, even more than this and that it will have to be countered effectively much earlier in other cases. This experience might lead to more strict measures in other places of this universe profiting from what you have been through, as it is likely that the only way to let things correct themselves by laissez-faire attitude will lead via destruction of divine creation…. which is always connected with regret and not really welcome. I’m grateful still that you have the heart to tell me how you feel, I wasn’t defending the facts just because it was my decision as a creator son. I always told you guys that we are not perfect, that all of us are still learning, and as you are still standing in for me now and have done so reliably in the difficult times of the past – I’m gifted even more, seeing how valuable and loyal you still are, even if you think I might have gone nuts. I’m taking my helmet off now, (grinning) – giving you a big hug, taking every risk of meeting your frying pan gongitation… still hoping you won’t use it any more. Come on, beloved, my wild lady warrior, I’m proud to have you here in my arms and I promise that I will take time later on, while you are on board, to give you detailed insight in everything which led to what we decided. Yours heartfelt… Big Cheese. Thank you, CM… so at least I’m hoping that we have spared similar experiences to be made in other parts of this universe. PS… oh, Eve, I wanted to address once more my gratitude to you, as I have become witness of the various ways you are standing in for me, in pretty much the same intensity as you have shown it to me today…. with sparkling eyes and 100% being yourself. Just wanted to comment that these ways of service do neither go unspoken for, nor unseen by me, you are a Kumara with all your being… deepest gratitude for your loyalty and in the same way your truth of which you have committed yourself to tell me about! In a row of hundred you might be one of the very few who do not rightaway adapt their opinion to mine, who have courage and strength to spell the beans to me if you think I’m not quite up to date in my views. This is of great value to me, not to hear you saying „CM, your will be mine“… you can spare this to the Eternal Father. (grinning) I really appreciate to stand amidst the storm of your verbal articulations – when the moment is due to make them happen. .. and like me many others do appreciate to hear your opinion, when you are called to present it… here and there, aboard, while you are working „on the other side“ during the night time. Your loyalty in combination with the way you are makes you an incredible jewel in service, … you are literally a warm smile in my heart! Stay as you are, beloved, I’m blessed to have you in my universe! Ok… so even the intention of a frying pan gongitation can have a wonderful result… I’m a little bit ashame now that I presented myself to CM in that way, but then again I think, I’m a part of him and he is a part of me, so I might have been an interesting mirror to him…while getting this kind of evidence that a real good friendship can really stand this kind of exchanging personal truth. Then I had a further exchange with CM mid of December 2011, after everything seemed to be remaining in a sort of silence not hinting to big events.



17th Dec. 2011

Hi CM! Hi Eve… how lovely that you check by… I thought to share my mood a bit with you, if you are interested. Certainly, Eve. Is there any load that I can ease for you? Hm. I did not think about asking you to ease my load… Now, that’s extraordinary… most do… what are you pondering about? I’m pondering about compromise and consequence…. just thoughts, you know. And you made any relation to anything? Yes, well, CM…it’s that we have the 17th Dec. 2011 and we are still here… down… amidst the NWO chaos… I thought about what to do if nothing happens once again… like all the years before when you said „you will not see the new year“… you know, CM, I’d be very sad about, but I’d go on doing my service until I end this incarnation by natural or NWO circumstances… and then, when I’m back on the other side… I might need a long therapy… I’m not certain about what to do then, but I might ask you to allow me to quit. To QUIT? To quit, maybe the Kumara troop or Nebadon even… maybe I’d apply for a designer job at Kibo’s future cartooniverse. Eve … are you serious? Yes, I’m afraid, yes, in this very moment I’m serious. Maybe it’s just out of my wearyness and lonelyness… and I’ll not break my contract… I’ll be standing in for you and the Eternal Father wherever I will be… perhaps I’ll be moving to the planet of the non-movers… Eve, you sound as if you had a deep depression! Maybe I have… but actually, I’m not unhappy… I’m quite fine, I have a good life… but I’m seriously pondering the „what if“. Oh … you shake me! It seems I must really question myself … all seems to have gone too far… Eve, I won’t let you go… we must work that out! From my current situation I cannot imagine that I’ll ever again set my feet into such an order! We will have other jobs for you… but you won’t need them, as all is for real this time and you bring tears into my eyes when you now state that you might want to quit working for me! It hurts me to realize that I have disappointed you so much that you now speak like this! CM, maybe this is just a phase… but I’m committed to truth… I simply have to lay that open with you! Actually, I don’t make any decision… I’m just pondering. Maybe all will change if it just happens this time… Now, Eve… contracts can just be solved up here, on soul level… I won’t release you from that right now. I’m just deeply empathic with you and also a bit under shock myself… to see and realize how much I have brought you down and depleted your forces… CM, I don’t intend to blame you for anything. I don’t doubt that everything you did or did not was fully justified… I just doubt that my forces under the circumstances of the now can really match your requirement… ! I’d do anything to make you feel my love, Eve! I know how sickening all of that is… believe me, I don’t mess around with you…forgive me, Eve, for demanding that much from you… there are not too many still standing… and the ribbons of victory are already „printed“… also with your name on it! Dabi needs to create his own sons and planets ,.. … I see, Eve, your loyalty is unbroken, you are still anchored and standing firm by heart…… and please rest assured that you don’t need to worry… I’m going to keep my promise! Let me hug you, please… and thank you for your commitment! See you very soon… hugs, CM.

I had another talk with Esu later on the same topic, he came in after CM had told him about my „plans“ and he seemed to be shocked as well. Then, just a few days later, on 22nd December 2011 there was a download to me quite sudden. I hurried up to talk that over with CM.



22nd Dec. 2011 Now,

CM, it’s urgent… are you there? Yes, Eve… I’m near you. I want to apolgize – deep from my heart, CM. I’ll never leave you, never ever. I’m ashame I could even think about it… I want to tell you how much I love you… just this afternoon I got a fully aware of the whole picture. CM, CM, feel my love! I had a flash this afternoon, about how you were „torn apart“ between these Orvonton councils and your plans which could have settled everything long before already… you were standing in for us so hard… but you could not tell us about the councils needy to experiment more…. the years went by and many things did not happen as announced… and we were bashing you and Esu for that… but we should have bashed these councils.. these cosmic PWC’s and E&Y’s or should I better say „Standard & Poors“? They have never set any foot on a material world…. by incarnation…in this density… in rebellion…but yet they force YOU to take their super-advice from super-universe level – after having lifted their butts to the first row in Nebadon – Siraya could not even let YOU do the final piece…We have had 5 years delay at least – just for the Big Wigs being enthusiastic to screw a bit themselves on this experimental lab… and at the same time your ground crew… what must you have felt… you could not tell us about that in this Universe a sovereign is not really sovereign… CM, let me hug you tight! (later) We don’t need a master spirit of universe No. 7 , telling us how fine it was that some of us invented the washing machine … I wanted to hear YOU, CM, with a final message – and I was disappointed to my bones hearing a big wig from Orvonton speak, taking the microphone out of your hands… We need to hear YOUR voice, dearly beloved CM, as YOU are the creator of this universe, the couraged one, who had the heart to make a bit different frame conditions to his universe. I got a glimpse of your emotional challenge of obeying the cosmic Knigge- the codex of behavior – and hierarchy – rescuing your seed planet. I got aware that since the rows of audience are booked out for your show, everybody among the Big Wigs wants to play showmaster a little bit, and there are now so many cooks around, calling themselves „star cooks“ – putting your sovereignity in question for the sake of their bureaucracy and politics…. the are about to let your soufflé burn in the oven…. and you could could not even stand in and say „sorry, folks, Siraya just blew it big time – anothertime“ The being keen on further experiments and maybe a diminished understanding about time on a material planet created an incredible add-on regarding the planetary suffering, including the depleting of star seed forces feeling forsaken by their creator … in spite you have never ever forsaken us, it’s the big masters with their lack of understanding THIS material world… which added and played into the hands of the NWO thugs… (don’t need these guys around any more… I’m going to show up there and throw in the rags to speak straight to them – I’ll recommend them to go back to their government seats and eat their cookies there, so that they cannot furthermore hinder you, CM making his plan manifest and the planet safe!)

Oh, EVE! You touch me to tears… you seem to have realized my dilemma, by raising the question „how sovereign is a sovereign“ …
it’s true, in their eyes I’m sovereign since yesterday only, and although they have always honoured my act of self bestowal they are still of the opinion that I’m lacking experience, that I should have my „sovereignity driving permission“ in a test period for proving myself… that I still need to be guarded, closely watched … and finally, they have tasted a bit the adventure and wanted to have their share. I can hardly describe the feeling of having to match the rules of hierarchy, having to allow that my well worked out plans were crossed either by the dark or by the spiritual hierarchy, who has no idea about how long years can become on Urantia, when you are standing with your back against a wall.. How could I ever have told you about the councils and their many different opinions… another conclave and still and again another one… yes, they were hearing Dabi and Candace, and Jess, but it was always just questions dealing with pro and contra of single theory’s… the reaction on a „time out, life is depleted“ – as mostly a „time is eternal and life, too“. The so called „higher view“ was – in my opinion – not suitable in many ways… because I saw my beloved planet and ground crew in hands of the thugs at the edge of their power… I’ve been having a hard time… not because we would not have had working solutions, but because of the lack of understanding to act. Yes, there were some mighty politics of Orvonton changed already…but it’s true that it’s hard to understand how it feels to be caught in service on a world of rebellion… in density… you give my heart ease, Eve, as you put the bits and pieces together, as well as others in your core team.. this is an incredible relief.

The worst thing of all was that you guys believed I had left and forsaken you … while I truely did anything I could to get my plans accepted and into manifestation … It was mostly me and Esu countering a complete tribunal…with even the suggestion among to create a new seed planet and allow the old one to be destroyed… How can I ever thank you, Eve, for your insight and standing in! Do whatever you think is right to do in this respect… Oh, I will, CM. I painfully realize how they are adding damage and destruction to your project, still putting up halos in a vertical row above their heads (up) one upon another… Please forgive me that I ever showed up with a frying pan… with you… I might need it acutally for Siraya! I’m going to staple a few chairs and get upon this tower, to look im into his eyes… Let me give you a hug back… beloved ….. thanks for helping me to carry that!

(Then, I was showing up energetically „up“at the councils,
while Michael was doing the same – independantly from me. When we discussed that later,
it turned out we had seen the same scenario. )



Ok, now, listen, councils from Orvonton and Siraya. I Am that I Am Eve Kumara, and I speak out of authorization of my divine I AM presence, I’m speaking on behalf of all soul carriers incarnate on Urantia, and also on behalf of Gaia, the planetary soul. I count on that this will be documented in the Akashic records…. and I declare that I’m speaking out of the deepest empathy of my heart – empathy with Christ Michael of Nebadon, whom you are ruling by what you call experience. This planet is – though – special, and I guess none of you has ever been incarnate on it before, since it unfortunately fell into the state of rebellion, quarantine and prison. You came here and you suppressed CM by the rules of a cosmic hierarchy, you started more experiments just to prove yourselves, your superiority, your wisdom and knowhow… all at the expense of CM, the planet and the groundcrew….. and what you call experiments has resulted to be nothing else than messing around with hopeless conditions, conditions which have developed already into a state of demanding celestial help, should the planet and it’s humanity not be subject to destruction. Eons have passed since this planet fell into rebellion, and CM was not sovereign yet by this time. I assume you were not interested in this special case very much… this is just a small planet in the peripherals of space. How many of you advised CM to let it go? CM did not give up though, and finally he convinced you to allow him to try. You became witnesses of his self bestowal, of him gaining sovereignity. He developed some extraordinary plans, and you started to taste the adventure. Finally you are interested and here, but you just cannot watch without interfering.

You interfere with more experiments, you mess around with our time, with suffering, we lost many people with high potential… you screw the plans of CM…and by all of this you are playing into the hands of the dark thugs. A delay of 5 years means an incredible further amount of poison spread on the planet and it’s atmosphere, people of light murdered, attacked, driven into desconsolation, just come down and live ONE DAY in a body of a man in Palestine or Syria, or Libya, or be Candace for just one day, walk in her shoes when she gets attacked, verbally or physically…. see the chaos all around, just BE INTO IT down here for one single day… and you would bitterly regret every single delay you ever caused to CM. These delays ridiculed us down here, ridiculed CM’s trustworthyness down here, and now it seems hard to find further explanations and backdoors to justify why still nothing happened…. How should he ever have told us that it was YOU folks causing the delays , you and your bureaucracy… he had to cover it, to match the rules of cosmic politeness. I really doubt that you are able to realize the quality of love CM has for this planet and his ground crew.

This planet is a battlefield and all of us are fried. There is no possibility any more to settle it without divine help. Most channels are corrupted, the lightworkers split in fragment groups.

I ask you now, officially, to take a leave and go back to your government seats, and give CM full authorization to decide whatever he thinks is adequate. Stop messing around with the plans concerning this sphere and allow CM to finally get it done!

I might need a staple of chairs to stand upon, for being able to look into your eyes, but with all due respect for the Eternal Father… I will NOT fall down on my knees, I’m one of the ground crew members being stuck in the planetary mud, trying to explain to my fellows why almost nothing of what was announced succeeded to work… I was not told, I have found that out by myself. I will never more bash CM, I’m sorry that I ever did… and I wish I had realized earlier. Should you really blow it big time now, causing loss of the planet and humanity, … I’ll be back on the other side – on YOURS – one day, and then I will officially indict you for having denied real support and for having hindered CM to give us the adequate divine support, as this could be well interpreted as a joint-venture with the dark.

Siraya, I may not have invented a washing machine, but I have learned to count two plus two. This is CM’s show, NOT YOURS. So, please, quit and leave the stage for CM and TELL HIM THAT HE DOES NOT HAVE TO ASK FOR ALLOWANCE OF ANYTHING ANY MORE! THAT HE IS FREE DO DECIDE AND ACT IN HIS UNIVERSE WHATEVER HE WISHES FOR!



Then I decided to confront the Big Boss of the Superuniverse personally.


27th December 2011

Siraya, are you prepared to talk to me? Hello Eve! I see, I talk to the lady of sunglasses and frying pans? If you like to call me this way, yes, so it is. I want to find out who you truely are… and if you have made up your mind since my speech last week! I thought – maybe you are lacking contact to CMs ground crew… or is it too low for you to talk with ordinary universal citizens? Eve, you call yourself an ordinary universal citizen, but this is not what you are. Many of you down there have just little idea about who they truely are, and although there is hierarchy in universe, we don’t consider people incarnate as too low to talk to… even if they have placed sunglasses upon the face of their creator son. So to speak, Eve, your speech was quite impressive, and truely, I was missing the words rightaway. You brought up a new perspective and view of a „shocking“ character. Shocking, because when a person always wants the best outcome for all, it’s not considered that there is an interpretative factor in it which could be used for a possible indiction! Your bullets were weighing heavy… I must say. You truely stood there in front of our big council and threatened the master spirit of the 7th Superunivers by a possible indiction! I cannot remember any similar case before! Certainly the most extraordinary cases come from Urantia.
Then, Siraya, tell me: How sovereign is a sovereign in your view, how sovereign do YOU let CM be? And: How valuable and needed is the opinion of a being who has never set a foot on a material planet in rebellion? Reading records is one side of the coin, but that does not automatically give you any clue about the real deal, the touchable state of being into it, in a dense zone of non-remembering your origin. Can you gain insight, perhaps, that it was NOT YOU incarnate on this planet, but CM?
True, I was never incarnate on this planet, Eve, but still, Michael is the sovereign, and he could in fact just decide and do! I don’t believe that, Siraya, CM would have long liked to finish the scenario… but he wanted to stay polite, while you maneuvered him by your words, together with your councils. There are several issues which may prove that it was irresponsible by you to cause any single delay! Who will transform the energy of suffering? Who will transform the unnecessary deaths and poisoning of the planet? Who signed the ok for all the additional tons of chemistry blown by the chemtrail aircrafts, for the oil polluting the GOM! For the many animals dying, for good ones killed, was it you? And don’t start telling me about eternal life! I’m talking about down here! Siraya, your cooking certification does not match the needs of Nebadon and especially not of Urantia! If you are insightful, cooperative, then let CM be sovereign as he has to be, to solve these problems finally!

Eve, I think I have understood your message. It’s clear and straight and we might try to be just watchers… do you think we should forbid Michael to ask us? (MY, HE SOUNDED IRONICAL) This would be a brilliant idea! You may discuss these issues later, in the universities of Nebadon, if you need to, but it’s important to leave CM free hand with his decisions! Never forget how destruction was caused by your delays! This is NOT the will of the Eternal Father …. anti-authority style on the dark brothers has not done well in any test … he wants to love and protect, and not necessarily destroy! Every day of waiting also destroys CM’s reputation … which is not of any advantage for this world.

As soon as you don’t confirm me in writing that you let CM be 100% sovereign I will hold you responsible for everything destroyed by the so called decision of higher order! Ok, Eve, I have heard that. I tell you, we have already started to change ways of handling. We hope to match your goal and CM’s success. Siraya, I will stand in for CM with all my divine presence! If somebody tries to hinder his success, he will have to deal with me! And if I have to lend me the sword of light from AA Michael.

You won’t need it, Eve. We will set up a document, a contract, with CM, which confirms that he is no more being advised and recommended to hear the councils, and of course, he will have to sign that, too. I hope he will! This will make all even more interesting! (Again he sounded ironical) CM is a genious! You should really ponder about a test incarnation on a material world of Nebadon! Certainly, I’m not too keen on that… I might prefer just to watch. Is there no work left for you in Orvonton in your ruler job? There always is, but there are others working at my office! Ok, then, I think all was said and done. I wish you a happy getting out of CM’s way.
A typical Eve phrase, right?

Good bye Siraya… Good bye, Eve.



31st Dec. 2011

Still here. CM asked me to check by, already the day before yesterday. Now, CM, you wanted to see me? Dear Eve, yes, indeed. Just shortly and Esu & Adama joining me.
I just wanted to tell you how utmost grateful and also proud we are in regard of what you did! This has never happened before… in this couraged and extraordinary way… all orders were placed meanwhile and to express it in your words: I have pressed the button. I see you still questioning this, as so many years of hoping in vain somehow disabled your imagination, that it does really happen now…
Siraya has placed himself back in the rows of watchers, indeed, he was heavily impressed about the brilliance of my trinitized ascending sons! He said, literally: „Compared with other local universes in Orvonton which deliver a steady average number of beautiful and committed souls to serve in the domain of the Eternal Father, Nebadon just might deliver less, but having a closer look at the „quality“, the Nebadon souls come up to be the most unique and shining diamonds which have never before be seen allover the universe.“ And he bowed his head, smiling, which means a lot with him! So, CM, it seems you received a big compliment by a Big Wig?!“ One may well call it so, Eve.. I’m not sure about if you even KNOW how much you moved within these last 1,5 weeks, but we are really stunned about! This story will be told all along the universes and I personally won’t have any problem to describe how one of my ground crew members showed up here in front of the councils, with sparkling eyes and in full divine presence… it was just… WOW! I’m even more touched about yor intention to keep all inside the inner circle, which undermines your humility! Now, Eve, I will have to go on surveying the „button process“, even if you might once call me „Jim“ or „Christ Button“. I love the comparison, actually, as Jim Button finally made „Jimballa“ or „Jamballah“ or „Shamballah/Lemuria“ rise again, after having arranged the demise of the dark lands.. the ground crew members have taken big risks, you even moved into the eye of the storm to help, making the NWO cultures sink. Be blessed, my wonderful troop, warriors of the light&Christ, who will never forget what you have done for me! I’m passing on to Esu. Eve, this is Esu… I was holding myself quietly in the background, but I’m overwhelmed! I cannot say more right now.. I’m still amazed and stunned, while I’m holding my supervision over the activities resulting from CM’s orders. Esu Evy, sweety, this is Adama! My beloved daughter, have a wonderful journey to back where you belong, I can’t wait to have you in my arms… I won’t make further words…as all has been said now! We are awaiting the moment of your turn to come here, yours… Adama!



3rd Jan. 2012

They blew it again big time. Last minute break off. All of us nailed to the cross down here, sucking up to vomiting. Siraya – popping up as the first one with a new message – urgently prepared with washing his cloths brilliant white… through Jess, Rubens, Hazel…. CM delivering blabla-messages, (Which I doubted to really be from him) as if Siraya was standing behind him, dictating the words. Candace suggested all the announcements were intentional fakes. I’m really really nauseated. I don’t wish to take intentional fake messages. Bullshit is hitting the fan.

Let me insert a text here, which was worked out by Shellee Kim Gold together with the Hathors, and who nearly was fired from the forum by Candace after having posted this contribution on 4th January. Candace was nearly screaming in rage about it, shouting THIS IS NOT TRUE. I had an exchange with Shellee Kim by private email and we found out that we were pretty much aligned in our research. Unfortunately Shellee Kim – alias EsKay – has now decided to stay in her position at AH and to turn away from this kind of „insight“. She recently asked me to delete all her mail, which I did. This channelling which Candace chose to put under censorship was not part of the email. I saved it from the forum. Of course, everybody was looking for an explanation why things did again not happen as announced, and the initial sentence was too near to the truth for letting it stand there uncommented.


The Hathors through SK 4th January 2012

Here’s some itty bitty excerpts from chats I had with the Celestials last night, followed by my take on what’s currently going down. But just including the Hathors and a CM comment here, as the rest was practically all personal.

There is some conflict at the higher levels above CM (SK: councils? other?) about the best way to produce the ‘trump card’ here on this world.
Others from elsewhere are not necessarily happy with CM’s choice for the final moment of manifestation here. They believe there is more to be gained in allowing earth humans to have more experience than the intervention of stasis at this time/moment. It is believed that allowing things to drag on that bit longer before stasis, will allow more of a ‘wake up’ amongst more of the still ‘sleeping’.

Now is also the time of the final sorting. Deciding where you want to be next is very much your choice. And then, to make that stand (SK: probably referring to my mental obsession currently with the Stephen King movie The Stand, who’s theme is ours at the moment I believe).
Many are watching and waiting for all to make their final moves in this choice. It is truly a testing time. See it as such.
This time is about standing fully and tall in your own authentic shoes right now, about expressing your own authentic (inner) truths. From the inside out. Not about swaying or taking on the truths of another who ‘knows better’. It is a time for each one to individuate themselves in their entirety. This is what is required to express as a master does, to go forward in service as a leader; an example in and of the new world.

SK/HS:We are being asked to step up our trust and commitment to the next level…another test, another initiation, that can lead to our respective ‘next rank up’ in our future service, I understand.
We can run with it or allow our disappointments and anger in further external non-happenings (or happenings, for that matter) to dictate to us, shutting us off from ourselves instead of opening us further?

We are being asked again where we would like to stand in the immediate future.

Losing the grip on your devotion and commitment to your mission is another choice, too. And here I keep getting the images from one of my favorite childrens parables.

A simple man was a metal/copper worker. His life circumstances meant he had to weather numerous storms. But, with difficulty, he got through them all. At the end, just like the perfectly-worked pieces he produced, God pointed out that the metal worker’s own life was just such an example of being worked into that selfsame perfect shape, through his own trials and tribulations.

The fact that so many feathers have been ruffled on AH tells me we are in a serious testing time again.
Personally, I keep saying I haven’t gone through years of my own trials, tribulations and way less-direct than desired service to throw all that potential future away now. We’ve come too far for that.

The highest possible outcome can and will still unfold if we allow it, if we choose it. Yet choosing it requires of us to stay strong, hold fast, be in trust, live in truth and be self-aware enough to recognize what’s happening and why. To be able to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off when we hit those internal boulders. There will always be boulders in our path and it is how we choose to deal with them that counts. You can go around them or over them, but slamming yourself head-on into them is going to result in much pain and be pretty self-defeating. Just like playing the blame game.

For a very long time now, I’ve felt CM’s learning; his lessons at work at many stages and in many moments. Not that we who live here on the planet are inconsequential-far from it, but it would be broadening our perspective to our great advantage to see this planet’s unfoldment as his learning process also.

CM: You would be right beloved. The whole of this part of creation is my testing ground. And you ones are all along for the ride.
I also heard him say he is busy ‘wading his way through it all’, whatever that might refer to.

AH is an organization that is to lead the way in the future world. It therefore makes total sense that to be a part of it as members means also to be tested to the core. To maybe see what our level of readiness is and what positions/roles we are capable of succeeding in, so we can be placed accordingly. Will we answer the call, unshaken and unwavering?

Now I have the image of Dorothy (from the movie The Wizard of Oz) in mind, clicking the heels of her magical shoes, saying ‘There’s no place like home’.
Home, in this instance, being the coming home to our true nature, our God/Christ conscious state.
So here’s to us choosing to fly home in our own magical shoes!



Of course I asked CM about the reason. He told me, but I was not allowed to speak about it, NOT EVEN TO WRITE IT DOWN. I got the permission to talk about it with close friends only more than half a year later. THE CHAIN OF ORDERS HAD BEEN INTERRUPTED BY SOMEBODY UNKNOWN. At first they thought the Dark Brothers had succeeded to hack into the fleet network. Finally it turned out that the interruption had been effected by a MOLE from the own rows.


The US forum was an energetic mess. Everybody wanting to ask the big question, not really having the heart to ask. I agreed with Esu and CM to „stir the pot“ a bit in the right direction, as Candace did not seem to be informed. All I was allowed to ask questions…. to make suggestions…. which was promptly countered by a direct offensive from the rows of Melchisedeks incarnate – asking me – in the sweetest words – if I knew how to „boil a frog“. The result from all was a temporary close up of the forum and Candace spelling the beans to me, although she stated that Esu had contacted her at least twice confirming that I was aligned with them, she did not seem to believe it.



16th Jan. 2012

CM, I’m in trouble, as you might know. H&L have articulated a vote of mistrust against me, and obviously brought up Candace, too (I know there were phone calls) and it seems it has not helped anything that Esu said to C. He supported my work. Seems I’m pretty much and still nailed to the cross by the sweetest and most innocent words of H. (who as I sense never liked me at all) – and she pulls L. her way, and what’s utmost shocking to me they want to „boil the frog and they enjoy it“ L.started the attack 3 times and H. put the portion of cream on it and I still have to hesitate to react at all, after having found out how much Candace shares their opinion. But by the way, CM, thanks for letting me have that lucide dream regarding the progressing of your project. Now, would you mind commenting?

Eve, my beloved, I have regretted already that I allowed you to interfere, I thought more people down there would make up their mind, but instead, they went going against you after some team members aggressively „tried to save the day“.

This is still very much the way how a herd reacts, and I’m very sorry, your team members are much more in understanding the situation and I’m especially concerned about the mean way the arguments against you were shot from direct nearness, by your team colleagues. This has nothing to do with wisdom, or love, and even lesser with mercy, which I would like to have seen to be applied, as I myself would never ever have reacted that way, not even if I had really believed in you failure. By now they should know your personal note, by your way of speaking straight none of us has any problems, even Siraya was more amused than pissed, and your way to give people a heads up to make them think was indeed most appreciated. Now you are being blamed for supporting me, as nobody has a clue that this was in agreement with me. You did not put our conversation out as we agreed not to do so, maybe this was a really good idea not to do it, as nobody would believe you now, especially as Candace is not prepared to make room for this perspective. You and me knew this was an „undercover job“ and to just ask the questions you asked in the forum in your provocative way made move a lot. You have your reputation anyway, and most forum members might be shocked if they just knew how you are now being treated and bashed. For me it’s a bit as if you were put to the cross for doing my work, and this nearly breaks my heart, it’s as harming as back then when I saw arguments among my disciples, which proved to me how little was even understood at all.

To conclude not being aligned with Siraya was not being aligned with me and therefore not 100% is pretty much a trick of a lawyer. If this was always 100% alignment in all there would never be different opinions, conclaves, discussions, about how divinity can be expressed best. Without different opinions the Great Universe would be some mausoleum, of beauty, perhaps, but without moving or progress… I will tell everybody that you are 100% aligned with me and it’s not a crime to ask questions to bring in new impulses. Our goal is not to have following sheep, but intelligent co-workers who are ready to take responsibility.

You are a most welcome team member and neither H. nor L. will change this. Now, I hope, things will move to the better… It might not go without your clear words to stop this topic, and to confirm my alignment! I certainly will, Eve. Be in peace about that concern… you are loved and appreciated, censorship in general is another concern by me and I think C went too far in all of this. Now all is going to end, you could not have proved your loyalty with me in any better way! Big hugs by your Big Cheese!

Good morning Eve, Esu here. I want to hold you tight to my heart for a while and to speak to you words of trust and confidence, and tell you, the seed you put into the ground will carry the most wonderful fruit. Esu, in the forum there’s a thread where members can tell what they have learned during the closure of the forum …. Eve, I would not recommend to comment now there. You can tell me instead. Ok, Esu.


I have learned that it’s no more welcome to express the own opinion freely and that censorship is gaining ground. I have learned that once again the hardest harming and shooting comes from the own rows, and I have learned how cruel even the seemingly most spiritual members of the team can be, as they are placing their shots decorated with halos and the masked sweetness of a singing bird praising the own alignment while causing an inquisition to their sister. I have learned that all the good I’m doing is not being seen or honoured, and there is no stock of good deeds which might be used to make a balance when something occurs which is being booked to a negative scale. I have learned how many tears can flow when one feels to be foresaken, I have learned that Siraya showed considerably more grandezza than the ones down here who claim to be so lovingly aligned with him. And I have learned how little support is to be expected by others who simply keep their mouth shut for the sake of saying nothing which could be interpreted as wrong by certain ones. I have learned that obviously my value to AH is just little in the eyes of some. I have learned that all I built up and all the bloody noses I had to cure on myself for standing in, do count nothing in the eyes of some which seem to have gained the right to come down like the hawk of God to attack the ones occupied in dedicated work for him.

Eve, I have heard and embraced what you said… It’s really shaking. But rest assured that I’m behind your back and CM is, too, … we’ll do something on that. Many greetings at least, also on behalf of Siraya who tells me that he’d very much wish to intensify contact with you, he worships you much, and he says he can fully understand everything you did and said. He says, you helped him to gain a broader perspective on the things going on Urantia, and he appreciates your straightness and courage, there is not many ones alike. Oh, and he also tells that you are wearing the title of a „mighty messenger“ fully justified. And a PS: He asks if you minded him postponing his paperwork in his Orvonton office to stay here for another little while, he bows his head to honour you. Now, Esu, you make my face flushing red. Tell him my best regards in return, I really appreciate this. I’m glad that it seems that we finally can make an arrangement.



Ok, then, Siraya, I feel very gifted and honoured. It seems we are now going to have a new basis for cooperation? Eve, this is Siraya speaking. I’d very much ask for this, grin, I simply cannot afford of having you against me… that was a joke, of course, I thought you’d like it. I have been thinking and pondering on what you said, and I have also watched the things resulting from this and the behavior of others. I have made my conclusion that the status I have does not leave much room for discussions, as most do not have the heart to be of a different opinion. You have stirred the pot, Eve, and you know what… you were right to do so. I may be the master spirit, but there’s certainly more need for contact with the basics on the material worlds. I’m not used to being doubted, but that’s only fair to do. I cannot undermine my status by the haze of my rulership while nobody comes even near to make another point in discussions. It bothers me, really, that there are ones in fear to have another opinion, and even ones bashing their colleagues for confronting me. You have truely brought a new perspective to me. And I want to express to you my utmost gratefulness, Eve, do you think you and me could become true and close friends? Siraya, I’m missing the words… truely, right now, I don’t see anything hindering this… you could not have proved more grandezza than by those words. So may I now call you my trustee? A trustee with full authority to discuss anything? Under these circumstances, Siraya, yes you may… and I hope I’ll get my „lobby“ back. Be faithful in that, Eve, and allow me to give you a hug! My gratitude, Siraya, and thank you for the flowers! The scheduled „Spelling the beans to me“ by Candace vanished. We had nothing more than a nice conversation and that was all … although she had announced to check every single one of my forum comments in detail. Esu invited me to visit Adama aboard ship and he seemed to be properly informed about all. 17th Jan. 2012 Now, thank you all for your support, it seems things have cooled down to normal working temperature…! Eve, this is Esu. I’m pleased to hear that (smile) Now you’d need a quiet place to recollect your forces, hm? Pretty much so. Should we visit Adama aboard ship? Cool idea! Within a second we find ourselves in a big lounge, looking like a hotel lounge a bit, but hyper-phantastic modern – with much more phantasy in decoration, many plants and indirect illumination. Floor is some kind of soft grasslike „carpet“ which seems to be alive. Esu is calling Adama telepathically and after a little while Adama appears coming through one of the entrances opening in complete silence. He’s dressed casually, a loose shirt and comfortable trousers, and he’s smiling all over the face. Esu is smiling, too, opening his arms for a welcome and we hug all at once. I feel really small amidst these two tall figures. „Eve,“ Adama grins. „So good to see you!“ I just nod. „We just came here to have a small break and to relax a bit,“ Esu states. „It seems, Eve and me were having a hard time!“ „I have heard something about it,“ Adama comments and twinkles to me. „Eve has had a few battles about being innovative versus politically correct.“ „But,“ Esu comments in return, „impressingly she received a flower bouquet finally, which might have disappointed certain parties which preferred to see her as a boiled frog.“




Around 24th of January I was upset again about the topic Thetha Healing, as it was offered to a forum member and official and well-respected channel by another forum member. The member offering it seemed to be pretty much concerned about her own ascension, although she was advised by Candace personally there was no need to worry about that,…. and interestingly, it was the same member who wanted to see me as a boiled frog. This member is also doing „angelic Reiki“, and meanwhile – after our splitting off from AH – we have been contacted by people with whom she worked and they reported to have lost contact with CM after having been the focus of her work. This seems quite alerting to me. I feel the need to document this, as I’m still pondering about the pivot point when a move on a downward spiral set in.

At the beginning of February a further packy opened up, when I became more aware about details of the fact that I had been incarnate as a direct daughter of Adam and Eve. The triggers were the OMEGA Ring which I still could remember. The symbol had been transmitted to me in a meditation at the beginning of the new millenea and back then Adama told me it was a symbol for melding Alpha with Omega.


9th Feb. 2012

Esu, every day of delay is a waste. Indeed every minute, every second is. This interpol and paper signing stuff published is nothing else but ridiculous. Who do you think we are, that you guys are trying to keep us occupied by putting out all sorts of carrots in front of our noses, unreachable but always near enough to keep us going… I don’t give a dime on verbal wallpapers or birdy-sweety universal wisdom from the download archives of the Melchisedeks .. we are talking about a ring and about announcements… since when, exactly? Nothing more to add. I have nothing to counter, Eve, – Esu replies. I cannot say more and not do more than…….to recite Adama. Never give up for you are the forces of the light! We are the forces of the light!

Yes, Esu, I have heard something about it. But you know, Esu, things become difficult when I get a sensation of being the goal of tactical or strategical encouragement without background information. It was nice hearing you telling the thank you message, but we are still on the roller-coaster without detailed knowledge about what’s going on. We had to dim AH-Austria due to black ops attacks, then, this ACTA thing is going on! The NWO is tightening the net. You state you are still facing problems… There will always be problems.

Someday you either gotta do your thing or keep meeting until everything will have vanished. We have to deal with the people’s frustration, but there is still our own frustration we have to deal with. Whoever it is up there among your rows who is still carrying out more time-consuming plans – tell him my best regards and that this world is in need of results.

Our forces are depleted, in general … nobody can have a 7 year long ride on a roller coaster and get out being in 100% of control of his body and forces. Don’t force me to count the last message to „…“ pieces we had over the years… We need a break, Esu, a real break. This is simply so. He looks somehow desconsolated. „It’s not all completely in my hands, Eve“, he points out. „I’m well aware of your arguments and I’m also aware about the hardships to keep us going. We must not loose the goal from our mind.


Then, on mid of February
I had a dream which I also shared with Candace. 24th Feb. 2012 Esu, I had this dream about visiting Candace and her asking me about being her backup for a while. I told her about as I think her shoes are too big for me to walk in and she just drily answered I’d be walking pretty well in her shoes. Now, Eve, you remember what we once discussed. (He referred to back in 2010 when it was discussed that Candace might get aboard ship and Esu had asked me for being her substitute in case of emergency an I had raised hands and feet in rejecting it ) Yes, I do. You are Candaces counterpart on the other side of the globe. So what?! We celebrate your day of waking up to the bigger plan, and you are absolutely capable of doing Candaces job.


Furthermore CM was offering a piece on the



CM: Many of you have followed my model role, by offering self-bestowals, to „a few“ up to „many“ and even „not so nice endings“ were not able to prevent you from doing it again and again. Many were really astonished about finding out about the immense degree of density and amnesia, and some even struggled a bit. But all in all, without this incredible support and service, the torch would not have been carried on. I wish you to remember that, when you seem to break down crying the next time. – well, not very much longer! I wish you to remember that your true wealth is not material on this world and that your true home is in the kingdom of heaven. You came into your incarnations as my ambassadors, as the celestial troops to demand and claim the earthly battlefields back on my behalf. All of this is pretty much a question of how you place your personal view. You can regard the famous glass half empty or half full. You can complain about loosing wealth, but you can also perceive that your weight of dealing with wealth was eased. The conditions of the surface of Urantia offer an immense potential for developing creativity, not only to you, also to us as conductors of this project-… all in all this project would not have been possible without these many volunteers, who followed me in regard of my self-bestowal. …. You did not simply become incarnate, you bestowed yourselves. It was hard to find suitable possibilities for being born and many of you even took the hardships of a terrible family, just for the sake of getting a body and knowing you would have to lift yourselves out of the mud later and come into power. Many embryos which would not have been suited for carrying your big souls had to be adapted and modified aboard ship, so that to more universal beings could be offered a possibility for bestowing themselves to the planet and humanity. This project has always been a joint venture between you and me, even if you have not been able to see it so clearly as I had wished so far. To many of you it’s not important to find out about their cosmic identity- you are simply there in service, contributing in highest possible ways, while you are enlarging your storehouses of experience to make even more valuable service and contributions – wherever you may go and serve in the future. Your self-bestowals are granting you highest honour in the eyes of the administrative higher ranks, as it is always the greatest gift that can ever be given… to bestowe yourself for the sake of the Father’s will to be done, and for the implementation of the Greatest Good of all. Remember – nobody forced you to come here… every self-bestowal was in agreement and a volunteer act. CM, will you allow me a question? Certainly, Eve. How does it come that I feel you somehow tried to „convince“ me to come back here another time? (laughing) I did not try to convince you, I just suggested another go-round in relation to many benefits which could then arise for you after the big finale… understand… as a win-win-situation… the offer was simply attractive enough to make you sign… That sounds pretty much like the common habits in economy. You were clearly able to see the benefits which would arise for you, my dear, and even more you were able to see the benefit for the development of this planet. If you need someone to blame for making you become incarnate another time, you may bash me of course, but if you are honest with yourself you will admit that you have already graduated much more than you thought you’d ever do, up to simply leaving some „footprints“ in the hearts of some of your co-travelers. Just love can propel that, love combined with dedication. All of you should daily ponder about how you can make these last days of your self-bestowal most efficient. I’m with you and I’ll always be, I wrap you in my arms while you go on shining through these final days.

Always yours,
Big Cheese, Christ Michael of Nebadon.


I spent the coming time mainly with keeping my mouth shut, publishing just little pieces – like the „Introducing CM to newcomers“ etc. In April, questions popped up again in a discussion with Adama and I was starting to loose my drive to discuss the topic with CM.



Piece with Adama I’m still of the opinion that every day of not actively interfering is useless…

Now, Eve… you know well that it is not the case… there IS interfering but of a different kind than you expect! You see more and heavier quakes and there is a lot of prevention work done by the fleet, in respect of political worldwide issues.

But, Adama, this is everything else than obvious as people do not realize that something happens if „nothing happens“ .. They don’t wake up in the morning and realize …WELL, if the war against Iran has not yet started … that must be a mighty interference! Perhaps you/CM should put out a list of prevented things every day?

And you think, people would believe that better than before? You know pretty well that they’d say: Oh, well… these „prevented“ things could also just be constructs of the mind. Then the circle closes again… We must have the Big Rip now! Maybe you should discuss with CM?

No. Every discussion earlier has not led to anything else but further delays and I don’t intend to further contribute to this chewing gum structure project. What you could tell me is how you make it that you never seem to be frustrated with the process… I mean, the Inner Earth population has been settled to craft for quite some time now, and still we have not reached the point of reuniting family by the earth changes.

Evy, sweety, I think a considerable factor is our environment, as I mentioned before already. We are aboard ATLAS surrounded by ones who are in the knowing, while you have isolated positions out on the battlefields and are surrounded by sleepers, criticizers, attackers and professional criminals, and even lucky to find a few colleagues and real friends in between…. That’s the point. You are keeping yourselves upright under difficult circumstances – that costs much of your force.. You know, Daddy, the real frustrating thing is to find old messages, e.g. CM through Kibo, dated 2010 – titled „it is time“ …

What comes ad hoc to my mind reading this (and to many other minds probably) is: You fool us“ This is reasonable of course, days and nights are always getting long when you’re under attack, on a battlefield. Well, Adama, beyond all the being upset about delays I still ask myself: Who did allow that the robotics would reproduce up to the crazy and considerable amount of 3,5 billions on this planet? I mean, this is like allowing intentional suicide for a civilization – this intelligent robotic life – this artificial intelligence, has screwed the milieu of their host to make a comfortable growth and dwelling at cost of the soul carriers. And the Big Rip trick is that most of the other half of world population does not even have the slightest clue about the fact that the half of the world population is immune against ethic and moral evolution, cannot be reached by any celestial message as it’s just under mind control matrix programs. All this stuff, all this New Age talk of fake AA Michaels about reading the „critical mass“ is nothing but leading hope into the void, as the so called critical mass always can refer to 3,5 billion soul carriers only and the remaining 3,5 billion robotics go unspoken and untouched, for the great joy of the NWO criminals. This civilization has a big „missing link“ and WHO allowed that?

Eve, even this situation regarding the robotics is part of the experimental factor. I think we have discussed that before even, that the plan scheduled was eliminating a great part – if not all of them – in a natural way, by the rise of the vibes on the planet due to the earth changes. Finally everything has turned out to be much more complicated than assumed according to the schedule. And I should say, the situation escalated considerably as there were harmful losses of manpower regarding commitment and to the real deal AH spreads, as of course our word/CM’s word is being weighed and measured subject to the tools of transmissions and written statements. I know that CM does not make himself dependant from earlier potentials outed, but it’s still a factor down here, demoralizing everybody who is not yet fully anchored in his universal awareness.

Well said, Eve. Many don’t pass this exam, a few rech their A-levels, reach a graduation. So be it.

The VIPs did a piece on the KOL NIDRE which was never published, Candace said, for security reasons. Beginning of May the US-Forum plus the backup was attacked and eliminated.



22nd May 2012

Esu, can’t you/fleet finally DO something on the permanent server attacks? Candace & Mark are running riots and it’s NO good for the image of AH. And if you can’t do anything … the question arises: Why the heck does CM still hesitate with „closing the bag?“ Good morning, Eve, thanks for coming in for an update. If it was so easy to „do something“ about it by fleet we’d have long done it. We need to trace back and spot up the responsible people, but as you know, potentially 3,5 billion of robotics are about to be used as slaves of the dark, even if it’s just a smaller percentage of them capable to do these things, it’s still not easy. There’s the dept for cyber war of the CIA, but this is just the top of the iceberg. If they were responsible for doing it all, this would simply be too easy. They have their undercover forces faked to be private people and that ‘s the tricky thing. Of course, any of these further actions will unease their processes at the courts, later, at least if they are dark soul carriers. We see from our place, that there’s just little time left, or better that the big events are due to start any time, so your concerns are mainly about having to go on somehow, while of course a more glorious finish for AH was desired. We have taken out many already, who serve the dark, but the dark in general still succeed to recruit and motivate creatures who have just money as their „horizon“ and power, of course. Presently we have a maximum of protection on your German platform – to keep you up. You must understand, Eve, however, that these cyber attacks do in neither way mean that the dark are superior or successful in general.

Compared with what’s going on apart from that, this is just peanuts and their matrix is crumbling. And with every further cyber attack spotted, our forces are acting in a more radical way. That’s fine to know, Esu. But I still think it would have been wise to close the bag earlier and to spare Candace and Mark from these hardships. None of us is keen on being nailed to a cyber cross. We are not putting you up to chance lightheartedly, we are just seeing that you are standing tall and that none of the ones with responsibility upon the shoulders is in danger to break down! Therefore, it’s all right. Now, Esu. No darkened sun so far. Ah. I knew you would not spare me. May I remind you that this event was about to match the eclipse. Pentecost? Why not. Any time. But of course, pouring the spirit of truth via darkening the sun is a considerable thought. It’s not very productive to keep it all in the thought stage as long as the attacks on our people are continuing. Now we are moving in circles again. Would save time if we did not. Esu. This morning you seem to be…. hm… uneasy, somehow. I’m overworked, Eve.

A „cherry“ on a portion of cream was furthermore the statement, the 3 dark days had again been postponed, as S333 aka David Righter would be granted opportunity to „tickle internet cables“ to take influence on destabilizing the stock exchanges. I wrote something adressed to S333, but did not publish it in the German forum, as I already KNEW there was a mole inside who might run to Candace blaming me of a lack of respect concerning certain VIPS.



TO S333


inspired by PINK – Dear Mr. President


And in the end,
dear Mr. S333
we will weigh all the tears
all pain, people killed,
people suffering,
suicides, chemtrails and toxines to earth

we will weigh against
you bargains from a period you call
And you will find
it wasn’t worth
being done so.

Evil goes on
while you tickle the internet connections
You will never be able to say
because at least I told you before.

While you keep experimenting with skipping
the internet connections to the bankers
Children in India keep working their 24 hours shifts
others are still killed for having diseases
which do not exist

I was born here
I have bestowaled myself
in service to CM
I will always speak
on behalf of the poor and weak
and the ones who are suffering.

What you call
has been lasting much too long already
your suggestion is

I don’t care whether you come from a super high place
what counts is that you hold it all up
You sit aboard with your wife and child
while down here innocents are being mistreated in jails
while children starve or sell their body to survive.

Are you proud to have mercy for the bankers
while so many others go unspoken for?
You are about to say that this will become a planet of glory
but right now
you just prolongue
the planet of tears.




By the end of June

27th June 2012

Yesterday evening I was sitting on the roof terrace, first time since long. On a new bench for two, sunset was over, twilight fading, moon coming up. Birds had stopped their evening songs and there was absolute silence. No sound at all – none of humans or animals, no motor sounds – just silence, … I realized how extraordinary that was. Then just sat there, doing nothing, just being there. Eating some chocolates between, which my daughter had given to me. Enjoying the silence.


Then I felt CM’s presence approaching and he said softly:

Can I sit a while with you?

I stopped chewing for a moment as I was surprised. Then replied: Sure. Just take a seat.

So he joined me at my left side and I scanned his presence in front of my spiritual eyes: So incredibly shining, soft and mercyful, with eyes of wonder, having all colors all at once. (While I’m writing this, sitting in my car and looking at the car clock, it shows 3.33 pm… funny, but it was CM and not S333)

I have not come to talk much or make many words, he started. But please, Eve, do not think a single moment – not even for a second – that I would not care about my creation, about all of this suffering down here.

He paused. There was an incredible wave of emotion coming over which washed tears into my eyes spontaneously. Containing all of his worries, all his love he had sent out and received back unanswered, in a „return to sender“ modus…. it was sucked with regret about the many who failed, with empathy for those already on their knees but still holding the stakes down here, with awareness about loosing some of his children, in spite of all efforts to bring them back home… with pain about seeing dedicated onse go over board, not being strong enough to stand the hardships.

Having CM sitting next to me I felt like being in a shift beyond the normal dimension. .. although I had offered him my last chocolate before he started speaking an he had asked to eat it on his behalf. You may call it ridiculous to offer chocolates to our creator son, but why should I not share them with him in a way I share all other things with him, too.

You have been doing a hard job, he went on speaking. … a tough one an a good one, Eve. Please, feel my gratitude to you. It has been nearly 1 year ago since I invited you for that candle light dinner at the Taj, … there was hardly a chance to give you another reward, so I just thought I’d come and sit a while with you here.

He paused another time, smiling, then went back to be serious.

It saddens me if you ones feel forsaken by your creator, and I heartfelt apologize for the many hardships and load I managed to put upon your heart and on your shoulders. I just hope you are going to understand, folks. You have suffered all kind of mental crucifixions – even by your loved ones, near ones, your earthly family members. You have been blamed for being the faithful ones who bestowaled themselves to help clearing the mess, … in a way of some kind of longterm crucifixion. You may feel forsaken, but you are not. I wish all of you to know that you who help to carry my load shall be the first ones. You helped me make it through the night of rebellion, and now, another kind of night will fall to raise the new dawn and to proclaim the return to home. Now, let’s sit in silence for a while.

So we did.

This package was beyond words, wrapped in unity, alignment, dedication and love, it’s not only that we were dedicated to CM, but it’s also him who is dedicated to us…. I will never ever be able to understand how even one of his sons can move so far away from his father that this great love is not able to reach him any more….and so I share his grief about loosing those who chose to be lost.

After a while CM closed: Now, Eve, please let me hug you once more as we did 2000 years ago. We stood up and embraced each other. When we separated again he said: Oh, Eve, what would I just do without you… . ! And he smiled the broad way.

You will keep being wrapped in my presence, don’t forget, beloved.

And with these words, he was gone.





Things started to get „hot“ again at the beginning of September 2012 with the topic of KESHE comic up on the front page as well as on the forum. Somehow sharing the arguments against Keshe in the US forum by the German team was called „attacking Keshe“ and L made a big show out of it, resulting in a big bashing on the German team with all sorts of energetic spankings. It seemed this was the start of further efforts aiming at me being fired from AH. ANOTHER VOTE OF MISTRUST WAS CREATED AGAINST ME AND THE GERMAN TEAM, while forces from our own rows had already started to work against us backstage, which we were not aware of.


5th Sept. 2012

Eve, good morning, this is CM! Well, I’m tired, too, not physically, but you know what I mean. Tired of watching all this bullshit.

Have you turned your slow-motion modus on? It seems, you need quite long to manifest the 3dds.

I have well heard your guinness book joke, Eve. I knew you’d say something like this.

I have been quite silent, recently, mainly due to the fact that I absolutely don’t know what else I should discuss with you, you are doing your thing, we hold the stakes. That’s all. Whom am I telling that the colors of life start to fade, discernment seems to get worse, instead of better – or tell me: Is Keshe a fleet job?

No, definitely NOT. Fleet has nothing to do with Keshe. It’s pretty well like you discovered. Keshe is about politics and domination and science and power. It was set up to present IRAN as a blackmailer to all the world – to a certain level it fits into the nasty politics around Ahmadinejad, this is why the majority believes into the good nature. (E: Keshe, from Iran – though not living there – but had used some radical phrases in introducing his „foundation“)

Having a look into the AH forum it’s not much different there. Naiveness hits the fan, although Candace put out a „heads up“. CM, this road is leading to a nowhere-land. You have needed too long already for getting the sun to darken.

So, you don’t seem to be convinced of me?

Truely, not now. From my row, you are so inconsequent. I know, my tolerance is voiding in the same manner my hardships rise. I have stopped fighting, CM. I’ve given up the idea that anything I tell would truely inspire you. It’s 2012, we’re still here with no breaking changes for all the world to see. And don’t tell me experiences x & y were worth it. Lucky others who are soooo … such happy campers. I’m not any more.

My forces are voiding, which makes it more and more difficult to keep the match going. The dark and cold season is about to come and again our readers had nothing else to see but words. There are those happy to occupy themselves with 33 spins. The time I did that is over. I’m not going to join the pride of dogs. Sniffing here for a taste or peeing there to set a marking. Just for using up my day time. You know pretty well that it’s a singing heart keeping me going, and there’s nothing like this around. My smile is lost somewhere in deep sea, now, CM, go ahead and do what you think you have to do, at least, concerning my euphoria, I’m far away from sighting it at the horizon.




It started in September already and it was the worst I had ever seen. Somehow I managed to manifest brillant results out of a really hopeless situation. CM gave me hints how to do it and I did. Others tried to tell me what I had to do, but I denied to accept it. I FOLLOWED MY HEART AND FINALLY THERE WAS SUCCESS…. Finally it turned out it was „passing my final A-levels“ for taking the next step.

Then, mid of December 2012, Kibo published a piece referring to the topic around Lucifer, which stated in essence that we should be „good sheep“ and follow the dictation from higher ranks, which would result in being rewarded.




Parallelly, a BIG intrigue was set up against our German Webmaster Michael and against me, using faked channels as „evidence“ which nobody seemed to put in question. Every try to sort things out and to discuss was undermined by incredible ignorance and simply repeating the phrases and statements of the indiction over and over, hoping that finally everybody would be so brainwashed to integrate them as a given fact.






15th Jan. 2013 CM, I’m really fed up with you guys not manifesting anything for all to see. You are exhausting your ground crew, you are playing poker and I doubt Sirayas role in all of this, so seemingly innocent. Just seemingly, you know. Anyway we have good reasons to be pissed. Our forces are depleted, AH split, part-wise disabled and not operable. And more questions are arising. How can it happen that Adam and Eve lost their sonship as descendants of you just because of that silly contract valid for a sphere of hardships under the doubtable management of Melchisedeks, while Lucifer was forgiven to come home and you acted out tons of mercy over the dark broods failing en masse? How can you ever look into the faces of Adam and Eve – or tell me: Who made this little arrangement?

Eve, I see your point. Without wanting to make this situation look faking better I just have to say: I had not yet gained sovereignity back then. This means that there was ruling advice by the Orvonton high lords who took advantage by the clan of my Melchisedek sons, who are the most conservative and strict parties, and often not content with my way to manage. When I’m now tapping back into the situation where the big M’s manifested mercyless consequences due to what was called a breaking of the contract I’m surrounded by a big wearyness. It was the least I could do to revitalize Adam and Eve right away and tell them heart to heart about decisions which were not up to me any more. This is the reason for another split, as the Melchisedeks have often been my counterplayers more than my supporters. Everything is a terrible mess. Even now – although I’m sovereign upon paper – so to say – this goes on – I suppose I’m not the only father who asks himself how to explain the behavior of some of his children, concerning a lack of loving mercy and goodness instead of harmful consequences. Machiventa has proved to be an exception, but he has to pay attention due to his clan trying to influence him. You are the first one down incarnate asking about this, of course you have known before, but you remember now. In spite of what all of you are being told officially there is still mighty influence by the Orvonton heads who are not mainly contributing into the „act now“ direction I’m aiming at. I’m not having a fine time, you know. Sometimes it seems I’m going against windmills.

I see. Is there no official way to act? Can’t you just compliment the Orvonton heads out of Nebadon, back to their desks?

I could, but this would mean more split. Even now they have a hidden need to see things go downhill, in order to prove to me that it was wrong to set wider frames for my universe. I don’t wish for it, but an upcoming mess elsewhere (not in Nebadon) would be what was needed to distract them and move their presence away from here.

Ok, this is pretty clear. Now, CM, allow me another question.

Go ahead, darling.

Back then in Getsehmane, who was it encouraging you to go through this terrible experience of becoming tortured and nailed to the cross to end your incarnation? It was the Eternal father telling me I did not have to do this, and the Orvonton heads confronting me politely with pride and model roles to experience even this scenario, they did not really name it cowardness not do to so, but they made a big point out of it, argumenting to benefit from my last self bestowal to the fullest. All in all this was the price I had to pay for my little trick of taking Esu with me and adding a share for a secret adamic project, leaving my own DNA, although I had been ordered by the Eternal Father not to do so.

So, are you saying, CM, they encouraged you to be crucified because of having had sex with Mary Magdalen and leaving her pregnant with Sarh? (My goodness – isn’t this somehow nearly similar to what Eve did with Cano and what Adam did with Laotta back then?)

That’s brutally frankly expressed, Eve. I bet they had not expected me to drink this cup, but I did, as I did not intend to owe anything to them. The monument they placed for me in Nebadon was an arrangement of the Orvonton folks, mainly Siraya.

One thing I promise to you: When all of this is over and Nebadon has become calm again and void of overcontrol, Adam and Eve will receive again their status as direct sons of mine, as they were before, and we will go on working to make Nebadon a place where mercy and love rule prior to „consequences“.

But the Melchisedeks will still be here! We’ll have to do something on them, to develop them in a more unconventional direction. There needs to be some change in their view of the „world“. Everything is just black and white for them. I regret this deeply. So, there need to be assessment centers for educating the order of your teacher sons? If you call it so, yes. Candace is personally not aware of all of this. Ok, CM. Thanks for your openness. Let’s see where we will finally land, but my recommendation is to show Siraya & Co where the door is. Tell them you make it a closed job, internal in Nebadon. Too many cooks spoil the meal. Thanks for advising me, Eve, seriously. Otherwise I’m going to show up there with my armor. How lucky I am to have Kumaras standing in for me! Smile.


Signed: Eve Kumara.



25th Jan. 2013

CM, can you tell me about the monument in Nebadon? Oh, Eve, well. I hope to have placed some monuments in the people’s hearts, by a share of myself. Finally, after I returned to Salvington – having passed the Worlds of Morontia, I found this monument waiting for me.

You know, my impressions from the way I went out of body were still very fresh and uploaded with emotion, and then I found this arranged „welcome back“ party with a monument reflecting the most painful instrument, bound into a circle around. It was like a bad joke and my feelings were similar like when I entered the room for the last supper and found the disciples arguing. This monument will not last, and I feel wearyness and disappointment when I look at it. Thanks CM!





Good morning, Eve, you have made some investigations into this topic, I see. Heard you shouting something like Nonononononooooo……. but you have also questioned for what purpose you now have found out. Did you seriously expect to find out – as the only few people on this planet – something like this… just for not doing anything with it? I have let you have some time to make up your mind and now we must take the next step. As Esu said: TRUTH IS AVAILABLE HERE. We must make this truth available to others, too. That’s just fair, isn’t it? Remember what I pointed out to be the 3 main virtues of Nebadon…. LOVE, TRUTH, FAITH.

Is it love to hide the truth? Some would say YES, but I tell you that love must match the needs of the situation. Sooner or later people of Nebadon – which includes this planet – must have a chance to be confronted with truth, some would call it a curse, but I’d call it tough love. Sleep and closed eyes cannot go on in all eternity. Truth was available to you as you were searching for it and now I decree that you should make it available to this planet.


Will we not encourage hopelessness by this? And anyway …. what can people do with this … down here… learning that the universe is not the super dooper place to be… that corruption has infiltrated all levels up to the master spirits? The souls might not wish to return, and you might loose seed!

I see your point, Eve. But the seed I want shall be resistant to weeds, it shall be resistant to be frozen up and it shall be resistant to draught. Plus, as I told you, truth cannot be compromised. To tidy up just this planet will just be a drop of rain in the desert. Nebadon cannot go on living with a fundamental lie.

Why do you think that quite so many of my direct brothers are now incarnate…. NOT just for observing and watching…. we wanted to increase to find out about what’s going on upon a large scale. Now you are lucky enough to have … your little team now representing the Phoenix coming out of the ashes alive.

Don’t expect too much of this, CM! If that story goes public, the storytellers will be daemonized all over this world, the dark will celebrate this suiting them fine…. and if you somehow don’t manage to turn off the light here, we could easily call that a suicide attempt in full knowing…

This is just one thing which can happen. It could also happen that some would listen up with a „cool story bro’ – tell it again!“ Ok, Eve, I’m agreeing with your suggestions of how to make this manifest.

Do you have BigS under control?

I’d say we have, but we are not relaxing in this issue. You know investigations are now triggered in the great universe and big discussions are going on everywhere. Ok, before I forget about…. you have heard that correctly: Pentecost is the perfect date to spread! Blessings to all of you and my special honoratio for your courage and support!

This is your CM, Big Cheese of Nebadon

(We did not make it until pentecost, but spreading this, another pentecost has come! E.)




1st February 2013

This is adressed to the highest source of the great universe, the Eternal Father, Papa Source, the divine trinity of paradise, to all of his faithful ones, the Ancients of the Days, to everybody dealing with Leadership and to everybody else whom it may concern.

This is from Eve Kumara, mighty messenger in an ascending sonship of Christ Michael of Nebadon, member or the order of Kumaras under Sanat Kumara, presently incarnate by birth on the planet of Urantia, seed planet of the sovereign of Nebadon, in direct cooperation with Christ Michael, Sananda Esu Immanuel Kumara and his inner core team, currently regional director for northern europe of the second coming organization of AbundantHope.

I point out that I’m taking own and full responsibility for this indiction, without any involvement of the AH worldwide presidentship.

Being incarnate by birth and working for the Second Coming of our Sovereign, CM of Nebadon and the spiritual hierarchy of this local universe, I cannot do otherwise than to document my perception of the situation.

It is the will of the Eternal Father that a creator son after his 7th self bestowal shall be sovereign.
Christ Michael still seems to be hindered in his sovereignity by the hierarchy ruling the superuniverse of Orvonton.

There are hints that the well-known “Lucifer-rebellion” was either set up as a hoax or otherwise triggered from backstage to gain proof that the expanded concept which Christ Michael has determined for his creation is not and will never be successful.

Incredible pain and suffering has been caused to the seed planet of Urantia plus her inhabitants, promises were broken which has caused a lack of trust to the people on the planet.

There are hints that a complete branch of CM sons – the teacher sons of the Melchisedeks – have been triggered from backstage forces to solidarize against their Father, commonly with the over ruler of this superuniverse of Orvonton, the master spirit Siraya.

There are hints that there is intentional long- and short-term sabotage to the plans by which Christ Michael intends to end the misery on Urantia,
there are hints that there is mind control to other Michael Sons via a monument placed on CMs main sphere of Salvington
there are hints that this Monument serves as a prison for an important witness whom I suppose to be Lucifer
there are hints about having tried to trigger the way how CMs last self bestowal on Urantia ended by the crucifixion,
there are hints about untruth being spread by the “book of Urantia” which was set up for the education of the Urantia inhabitants.

there was a stealing of the degree of descending sonship of the life bringer sons Adam and Eve involved in the race improvement program of Urantia
there was intentional non-reacting on various serious problems brought to the knowledge of the board of divine advisors while Christ Michael was not yet sovereign which has also caused immense suffering and loss of souls.
there are hints that planetary midwayers have been used and abused for projects which were against CMs concept and plans on this planet
there are hints on corruption and dictatorship and obviously an offer brought to CM while doing his 7th self bestowal, that he might keep the seed planet of Urantia should he be willing to give up the rest of his creation and surrender it to a “big Wig” called “Teufel” on Urantia. I conclude that this was neither the former planetary prince Caligastia, nor Satan, right hand of Lucifer, as both were servants
There are hints that CM was put under pressure by the headforce of Orvonton and forced to cooperate.
There are hints that further superuniverses are under rulership of a hirarchy following an own agenda rather than the concept of the Prime Creator Source.

If any of these hints can be undermined by proof after truthful and detailed research, evidently the will of the Eternal Father would not have been followed – which could be named an intentional rebellion.

I point out that to me it is currently impossible to collect suitable evidence – other than from talking to Christ Michael himself and counting two plus two.

The basis I’m speaking from is the one of an Agondonter.

I declare that the will of the Eternal Father and Prime Creator is superior priority to me in my service, and that I stand in for Christ Michael doing the same.
I declare that I have personally advised Siraya, master spirit of Orvonton, to leave Nebadon.

I ask, I suggest – I furthermore STRONGLY RECOMMEND detailed research to gain proof – and as a first step of immediate result order the Orvonton rulers out of Nebadon, so that Christ Michael will no more be hindered in his concept or decisions.
I call upon you and encourage you for the sake of the Great Universe to take a deep going into the matter of facts in order to make sure that the will of the Prime Creator is being followed.

I demand research on the monument placed on Salvington.
I demand that this monument shall be opened and carefully torn down, to gain evidence about it’s content.
It’s against universal law to bury living beings.
Shall it be evident that Lucifer was buried alive inside the monument the initiators must be held responsible.
I plead that his case shall be reopened at the courtyards of Orvonton and be researched on the basis of a new background.
I hint that Christ Michael of Nebadon wishes that justice shall reign according to the will of the Prime Creator Source and that it’s his wish to reintegrate his beloved son into the garments of love Nebadon is founded upon, and that truth about what really happened will reach every ear and heart prepared to listen.

Eve Kumara


Eve Kumara
Mighty Messenger and
Reducer of distance
serving to Christ Michael Aton
Super Universe of Orvonton
Local Universe of Nebadon
Seed Planet of Urantia
Continent of Europe
country of Germany.



by Peter upon the MAIN GATE

assignment to Peter, Immanuel Elohim Elias by Christ, Michael Aton

The 94 Theses:

What a journey.
It could be its own book one day, “Adventures in Heaven” or even “Mission (im)possible” if I ever bring it to paper. It definitely was one of the most intense times I ever lived through. Between daily multiple and long meditations and neck breaking maneuvers somewhere out in the vast deepness of the universe, we found something what can only be described as outrageous.

It all started, when I heard of the monument. The same night, CM took me on a trip to examine this questionable example of architecture and I immediately recognized, that this thing seemed to be alive. It felt, as if it had a soul of some kind inside, a soul which wasn’t there by its own decision. I’ve never felt more desperation, sorrow and pain saturating the air surrounding it, tears were flowing uncontrollable.
After this, I travelled there every night, intensifying my studies, searching for clues and answers. And answers I received, more than I wished for, answers which shook my whole view of life to the core, leaving me confused but driven to keep on digging.

All I encountered was so outrageous, never heard of and dangerously rebellious, while at the same time it felt real, absolutely possible and merciless true.

During this process, I was asked to study papers 53 and 54 of the Urantia Book which I admittedly never did before. I was to read it through the eyes of an innocent child, an Agondonter, leaving all my expected understanding behind.

What I was seeing, read like an official report covering up something so big, they did not even try to hide it. Vague language, assumptions and believe, warning words seasoned with moral hints. No proof, no quotes, no facts, just hearsay, slogans and empty allegations.

After digging further, parallels to a certain chapter of recent european history couldn’t be denied anymore: the whole rebellion was a hoax and a false flag operation, and the question wasn’t who copied whom, but the answer was to open my mind to the rather uncomfortable logic, that if the saying goes – as in heaven so on earth – it also must read – as on earth so in heaven.

This revelation made me angry. I felt betrayed, lied at and even more confused, and it was in this state of being that I was shown the gate. My brother had only opened it the very day before, and I was standing there in awe of his work, wondering what else was to be done.

Never wonder what else can be done, you might end up having to do something. So CM came up with the idea, that it would be a good thing to compose a set of theses and to nail them on the doors like Luther did, using the nails of His very crucifixion.

I began this commission like I always do, kicking the can painfully avoiding the task until it was finally flowing, and a couple of days later, these 94 theses manifested, were approved from above and signed.
They are now eternally engraved in the wings of the gate, for all to read who’s travels bring them to this place. Don’t ask me how they got there, it was beyond risky, a seeming one way ticket, but at that point it didn’t matter anymore.

Read them as you please, they were never intended to be read on a specific planet let alone by human beings, but they became an essential part of this whole endeavor, that’s why we decided to make them available through this report.

I Am
Peter, Immanuel Elohim Elias


  • 1. Respect of all life is the first will of God.
    2. As in heaven so on earth.
    3. What is above, is also below.
    4. What is not below, also cannot be above.
    Wanderer of Eternity, know this on your journey:
    5. You change your bodies, still your soul stays.
    6. As in heaven so on earth.
    7. As you walk through the valley of darkness, your soul is as bright as on the golden throne of divinity.
    8. As you walk through ambrosial gardens, your thoughts are as dark as on the deadly battlefield of horror.
    9. But as you fulfill the divine will in love, you fulfill it equally in the light as in the dark.
    10. The Kingdom of Heaven demands action.
    11. Always and everywhere.
    12. As above so below.
    13. Yours is the obligation to act and you alone bare the responsibility for your actions.
    14. Every action stands for itself and your action speaks for or against you.
    Wanderer of Eternity, forget this not on your journey:
    15. You change your names, but your name remains.
    16. Be your name highly praised in the kingdom of heaven, in glory and honour, your action stands for itself.
    17. Be your name entirely forgotten on earth, immersed in dishonour and disgrace, your action stands for itself.
    18. If your action is in God’s will, it has a positive effect on all that is.
    19. If your action neglects God’s will, it has a negative effect on all that is.
    20. As in heaven so on earth.
    21. Man alone wears his body.
    22. The body is his house.
    23. He who harms the body, harms God who resides in all life.
    24. He who allows or orders a body to be harmed, harms God.
    25. He who disdains a body, disdains God.
    26. He who creates a body to torment it, torments God.
    27. He who constrains a soul into a body against its will, constrains God into it as well.
    28. He who parades a body and flaunts it, parades God and flaunts Him.
    29. However, he who wounds a body to manipulate others, disgraces God and deprives Him of His will.
    30. The soul is immortal, but the body suffers pain.
    31. A being carrying a body is therefore not poorer of spiritual value and status, but richer in physical experience.
    32. Such a being may appear unimportant at the moment, however, he devoted himself to his God and to himself, as did you, Wanderer of Eternity, and there is nothing to be done higher than this.
    33. In heaven as on earth.
    34. There are many kinds of bodies and there are many kinds of pain.
    35. To an extent, physical pain is a benevolent messenger.
    36. In its manner, it is part of the divine biological nature.
    37. However, pain is not made for perpetuity, the flesh of the body becomes too easily a victim of it, when pain is only pain the physical experience loses its meaning.
    38. Then the pain transits into the soul.
    Forget this not, Wanderer of Eternity, when you come to earth:
    39. If you would come from highest birth descending, you still would be human.
    40. If you would ascend out of evolutionary sources, you still would be human.
    41. Mankind is the creation of God.
    Forget this not, Wanderer of Eternity:
    42. Mankind is no plaything of the Gods.
    43. Mankind is a free and independent expression of divine being.
    44. He who inflicts iniquity to it, inflicts iniquity to God who lives in all life.
    45. He who betrays it and disentitles it of its rights, betrays and bereaves God, he who deceives it, deceives God.
    46. He who assumes power over it or authorizes others to do so, assumes power over God the Almighty.
    47. There is no base for punishment.
    48. As in heaven so on earth.
    Know this, Wanderer of Eternity on your journey:
    49. What has never been, is over.
    50. It has been seen.
    51. On earth as in heaven.
    52. Nothing is as it was before, and before was nought.
    You read it here, Wanderer of Eternity:
    53. It came to pass.
    54. You are free from now on if you step through this gate and take off the coat of all lies, as truth is the garden of God where His will flourishes to preserve His creation.
    55. As in heaven so on earth.
    56. God resides in all life, also in the life of nature.
    57. God lives in the wind and the fire, in the water and the earth.
    58. God lives in the blue of the sky, the green of the plant kingdom and the grey and brown of the minerals and rocks.
    He lives in the light of the sun and in the shadow of the night, in the roaring rage of the sea and the tranquility of solitude.
    59. He who applies his hand to manipulate the elements of nature, applies his hand on God and manipulates Him.
    60. He who participates actively, permits or authorizes to cloud the sky, clouds God.
    61. He who suppresses or withholds relieving knowledge and technical solutions concerning the better handling of the elements of nature, suppresses God and withholds the perfection of His creation.
    62. He who disregards the elements of nature, who disrespectfully abuses or uses them for personal, political and economical enrichment or approves such, disregards God and names Him cheap.
    Know this, Wanderer of Eternity on your journey:
    63. You will encounter many masters and many will you serve, yet your higher service is for God alone.
    64. God is the calm in eternal movement.
    65. You are in movement, Wanderer of Eternity, while you did not return into His bosom forever.
    66. As in heaven so on earth.
    67. Everything that lives is in development and with that in movement.
    68. Nothing is forever but God alone.
    Know this, Wanderer of Eternity:
    69. You are like God, but you are not Him.
    70. And were you of the highest title by birth, there will always be One superior to you.
    71. And had you earned the highest title by ascension, there will always be One superior to you.
    72. And arrogate you the highest title forcibly and fraudulently, there will always be One superior to you.
    73. Find your place, Wanderer of Eternity, in the never ending river of eternal being.
    74. In heaven as on earth.
    75. Nothing old can last forever, nothing new can be prevented.
    76. The old and the new are mutually dependent in their contrariety. Old and new are one and the same and God lives in both.
    77. He who impedes, avoids or misrecognizes the new, impedes, avoids or misrecognizes God.
    78. He who plays the new against the old or the old against the new, plays God against God.
    79. The new does not disrespect the old, it rather builds upon its proud life.
    80. No more is the old unfavourable towards the new, as it sees its proud lifework honourably continued.
    81. The new alone can create the new, yet the new can only be created from the old.
    82. He who adheres to the old to create the new, inhibits the new from emerging and therefore remains with the old.
    Know, Wanderer of Eternity:
    83. This gate leads both ways. Wherever you come from is the old, but when you step beneath the arch you step into the unknown.
    84. God alone knows the unknown. You, Wanderer of Eternity, must yet experience it.
    85. Now that you step through this gate with an open heart, courage and knowledge about the grand work, you walk with God in the light.
    86. Now that you step through this gate with your heart closed, in fear and ignorance, you walk with God but you walk in darkness.
    87. God is always with you, wandering friend, but you alone decide the direction.
    88. He who is indifferent to such decision, is indifferent God.
    89. He who influences others to do this step one way or another, messes with the development of the soul and tries to influence God.
    Know this, Wanderer of Eternity on your journey:
    90. When you encounter a host of beings, you encounter God alone.
    91. As in heaven so on earth.
    92. In small as in large.
    93. It is finished.
    94. Journey well now in God’s name, God’s light of truth and of peace.



Further explanation by Eve:

These new theses were placed at the main „gateway“ of Nebadon, their creation was an assignment to Peter by CM as a „heart check“ of alignment with the WILL OF THE ETERNAL FATHER, in order to make sure that no more evil shall pass through the gate of Nebadon.

























June 8th, 2013

Eve:When I was about to close my laptop, deep in the night, a new energy was asking to be heard by me. The picture of my visual mind screen showed a very handsome male being with a real humble radiation of an individualist, the voice sounded soft and calm. I saw him at some kind of desk at work, and in his face the touch of a smile seemingly wanted to manifest, but he seemed to be a bit too shy to allow it.
































Son of Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon
order of the Lanonandeks.




Last week when I was driving I was listening to a Josh Groban CD,
the song „Remember when it rained“

And pictures came
Lucifer at the courts of Orvonton
speechless from all the injustice
and faked evidence
the last deep look between him and CM
him being entrapped and locked away inside of a cruel project
the lyrics went
Wash away the thoughts inside
That keep my mind away from you

No more love and no more pride

And thoughts are all I have to do
Ooo ooh, remember when it rained

I felt the ground and looked up high and called your name

Ooo ooh, remember when it rained

In the darkness I remain
Tears of hope run down my skin

Tears for you that will not dry

They magnify the one within

And let the outside slowly die
Ooo ooh, remember when it rained

I felt the ground and looked up high and called your name

ooh, remember when it rained In the water I remain

Now that I have set up this documentation

as recommended to me by Sanat Kumara

I understand that

all which kept his heart alive

was magnifying the one within,

his connection to the source,

love feeding hope

so that he finally went to see the light again

although he was never OF the dark

but just entrapped into something mean

being innocent

just speaking out his truth

and in this truth

he remains.

The phrase goes:

Truth will set you free

but first it will piss you off.

It pissed me off, too,

and how it did, but I’m over it now.

Now, this was my share I fulfilled,

to help spreading this

to correct history

for what must be done below,

must also be done above.

I ask you again to ponder carefully and to make your own contacts

don’t rely upon other forces in the net

coming over this script

tearing it apart like piranhas.





and you will be given

the answer you look for

with the help of your


and your

thought adjuster.

I keep committed in service to CM

by heart




And now scroll up again to the piece with PAPA SOURCE and read it again…