Introducing Christ Michael to new readers

CM through Eve

13th July 2011

Greetings, dear ones, readers of this page and citizens of this planet, which you call earth, Shan or Gaia, and which is registered as URANTIA in the universe. I AM the one you refer to as CHRIST, who promised to return – and the good news is that I AM BACK now, and my location is much more near than many of you assume or unfortunately fear.

I know most of you just have a vague image of what it’s all about Christ, so let me introduce myself – as the time requires again.

My name is CHRIST MICHAEL OF NEBADON and I AM the creator of this universe you live in, but I am not the Eternal Father in person. I AM one of his direct sons which are called the Creator sons, the “Michaels”and who are the creators of the so called local universes. Don’t mix that up with Archangel Michael. The Eternal Father dwells in Paradise, which is the center core of what we call the GREAT UNIVERSE. Nebadon is the local universe I created, and it’s just one of many many others, which were created by my brothers. A certain number of local universes form a super universe, and 7 super universes dwell around the central universe of Havona, which surrounds Paradise.

My universe is named after my spiritual consort, NEBADONIA, who is the mother spirit of this universe, holding the female energy.

You can find more details when you read the URANTIA book (

I was here, incarnate on this planet, 2000 years ago and you refer to me as Jesus the Christ. I was here in assistance of my beloved master Esu Immanuel Kumara, who is known by his title SANANDA, his soul was in the same body as my presence, the body of the person you call Jesus, but who was called IMMANUEL back then.

The heritage I left you – my teachings of love and universal wisdom – have been intentionally distorted during the dark ages which were to follow after I left my incarnation. This planet has been facing immense problems of all sorts during the millenea of the past, as it is a planet which fell due to the fact that it’s spiritual leader joined the rebellion led by one of my direct sons, Lucifer. We had to put it under quarantine.

Now I have returned to take this planet back into the light, and I’m calling you for cooperation and assistance. Join hands and hearts, beloveds. Your idea about my return might be totally different than the real deal of the Second Coming. No rapture, and you will not see a softy wrapped in a white robe. My return is a modern return, as I will take advantage of your present tools and habits – and to you I will more look like a space ship commander. In fact, I have been here for decades already, together with my crew, observing and checking out several ways to handle this assignment.

I am not incarnate by birth, I’m using a different human body, of a very tall shape. I’m well aware that quite a few fake CMs showed up on your plane, gathering an audience and confusing people. Some of these fakes claim to be ME incarnate by birth, and I told you, this is not so – not THIS time.

The still to be dark forces are pulling all possible strings to discredit my plan and my identity, but I’m still the creator of this universe, and the Eternal Father is well involved in this mission, too, …so finally even the most promising effort of distraction will be transformed.

Dear ones, don’t fear Nibiru, black holes, brown dwarfs, false flag attacks or earth changes. We are caring for you, in myriad ways you can neither imagine yet, nor understand. You’d be aware that my Second Coming will also be the Second Coming of other masters, like Mohammed for example. As this planet is due to join the divine unity, it’s civilization must also learn not to be separated any more, be it due to religious or political differences.

We have come to speak straight to you. Many times have we spoken straight before, many time we were not heard. This time we will. Much you hear will not be amusing, which does not mean that we do not love you, but you must learn to be grown up, to become spiritual universal adults, Higher Universal Men. You must quit your sandbox and look at the facts. We will name the truth, we will expose what kept intentionally hidden – and you will be shocked. Many of the news are not nice. Many of you will find out that they spent the biggest part of their life glued to a matrix which was everything else than divine. How do you say: Truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off? So be it. Be prepared.

A lot of preparing information was revealed in the so called “Phoenix Journals”. These are mainly my works, and Esu’s, which we transmitted to a scribe, still in the last century. In these journals I sign as Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, commander of the space ship Phoenix, as also the journals are called “Phoenix Journals”. I revealed my identity only at the beginning of the new milleneum.

The big New Age playground hinders you more than it serves. There is a lot of work to do – real work of support for all kinds of matter, and this will not be settled by sitting around and singing spiritual songs. You may well sing them, but make sure that you are getting your hands on the Todo’s.

The conditions on this planet are even worse than bad… equal what these many infiltrated New Age messages tell you. There was a “complot in heaven” around my beloved son Lucifer, similar to a mirror event taking place on your planet in the previous century, which was the main reason why things of change have been failing to manifest over so many years. For details, pls. refer to BEYOND on this website.  Beauty and the Good is still around, but greed and evil has nearly killed my beloved seed planet which I designed to carry so many life forms. This is no game and this stage is not for playing roles.

These are the times of great change, dear ones, do not fear, but do your best to contribute and to serve others in their development and evolution.

Blessed are the ones who search, for they will find.

Blessed are the ones who yearn for their divine origin, for they will be home.

Blessed are the ones who choose to turn away from the dark intention and to join the light

You have a certain idea about my presence, but I will mostly be different. I do not wish that you roll in the dust at my feet to express your awe, I did not come that you should adore me. You may call me your creator, but I Am your friend even more, …when I now walk this planet again, I heartfelt hope to be the divine sunrise in your hearts.

May I ask you to get all this old and outworn stuff over board, outmoded ideas, dogma, and else… to get a clean and refreshed space which can be refilled with the glory of the days to come.

2000 years you put me upon your cross, but hey, I survived. I am still your sovereign and creator, and I still love you, with divine empathy and humour and parental enthusiasm – and I am paving to you the Road to Home.