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Comments after finishing the translation of PJ 31
from English to German

Eve Kumara, January 8th 2024

CM had a pretty weired last chapter. In affect I asked him, if he really believed, anybody would buy another book after reading it and what he had smoked. I was beckoning at him  at my seat in front of my notebook, and shouting „Look, I’m moving, I’m alive!“

Truely, I was pretty pissed off. I mean, if your creator is telling you, the whole universe is empty and just mirror-reflecting stuff from your thoughts  and that emotion is invalid, you can right away kick Christ awareness into the next cosmic bin.  Furthermore, a whole fleet having come here, including the creator in person, just to take us home is pretty much effort for such a construct. CM pushing Dharma to her limits  (and not only her!), what for, dictating this large number of Pjs, just to tell us  it’s all an illusion?! And then finishing the book while readers are standing in the rain, so to say, oh, sorry, illusional rain, my my.

We are living upon one of the most fertile planets, a paradise, and a lot of „illusionary efforts“  are taken to prevent humanity from destroying it.

What would he have to say, but: Just go on reading?  Maybe all of this is way too complicated for the ordinary brains of mankind.  Statements like that  would leave all in a status of anti-christed playground, ethics and moral following the law of creation would be completely unnecessary, and how can one talk about love, when telling at the same time that emotions are invalid?  Everybody would be a Mr. Spock where lifting an eyebrow is equal to an erruption of feelings.

Eve: CM, where was your „Grandezza of Q“, your CM spirit, when you dictated this last chapter?  Were you depressed, or just in a bad mood?

CM: Hi Eve, this is CM. It saddens me to hear about the devastating effect this chapter has had upon you. It has been clear to me that this topic will most certainly not be able to be fully understood and perhaps I just did not manage to choose my words the best way I could have.  As you have a strong connection to songs, there is one called „Dreams are my reality“. The universe is my dream and my reality.  It’s much like your online games, just with the difference that you are amidst it and it’s real for you, as there’s matter and things like the law of creation, and – to make it more interesting – emotion, and other attributes. The original throught is good-minded, or better to say: God-minded, so what we call love is not just an emotion, but the main rule, the headline, it is – Christ-awareness itself, which is the eternal headline of all playing out in this dreamed reality, and in the longview evil is to be doomed by itself. The offspring of love is empathy, an important factor.  The acting out of both and making both present in your life decides whether you will have high vibrating, lovely dreams, or a nightmare.

Eve: CM, as you mention empathy – being an empath „down here“ has become an instrument of torture. So, what this is teaching us in order to survive is, that we’d better shut down empathy and close our eyes just because we cannot stand it anymore, while your legendary White Hats go on postponing the „take-over“ of light for all to seem. enlarging cruel actions and destructions with every day passing.

One must be pretty cold and tough hearted to decide for a prolongation of several years, just for the sake of waking up some more „idiots“, who have been successfully resistant until now, against anything leading them upon the right path. And perhaps, your last chapter of PJ31  is the only thing the WH remember and I assume the reason they got rid of all empathy (if they ever had it) and just put their seal and signatures under Eisenhower-like orders to doom wide parts of the planet including „vegetables“, – or should I say: useless eaters, mirroring the sick mind of a Schwab/Gates etc, and be it even by actors wearing latex masks to fool people.  I think, it’s still your main problem that you have just little experience about how this „dreamed reality“ FEELS when you are stuck in this „dream“ and cannot seem to find the exit.

CM: I see your point. I also see how difficult it is in this position to see the higher view.  You are missing all the background info we have, you are missing to see the full plan and it’s enfolding.

Eve: And we are missing the coming true of your announcements. This makes them more and more hard to believe.  On earth we say, someone not keeping promises is of bad character.  I don’t like to go that far to indict you of having one ….

CM: Thank you!

Eve: … but it definitely makes you loose ground on this planet, loosing ground crew, while the rest of your crew is struggeling and while trying to hold on is taking the hardest exam ever, while still being branded as fools.

Yesterday I was asking myself whether you had – from all the trouble with your overlords you tried so hard to get rid of – a post traumatic stress disorder – leading to chronical procrastination.

CM: (tries to suppress a grin) That’s a pretty material view. I would suppose, if this was so, I would have trapped myself in my own creation. And I suppose you just want to give me another side-kick out of frustration.

Eve: Maybe so. We feel to be „at the limit“ and I wish you to realize that  and finally stop putting more weight upon us.

CM: I whish to state that the WH are not „my“ WH. They are merely a group which has offered to change things and groups have tendencies to form own dynamics. There is this very small group of Q+++ directly under my command (Q), but the larger group has always had to fight with infiltration. So, we tried to get rid of that as throroughly as possible, but at a certain point this will be of no more concern.

Eve: I feel, this point is already in the past. Time exists down here, you know.  We have no more time.

CM: I have heard about it, yes. I know, you are pissed by writing 2024 already.

Eve: Trump is just talking about the stolen election. I know this is a key segment, but why does he not lose any word about the global genocide through poisonous shots? Forced upon the people, and spreading even to unvaxxed ones?

CM: His role does not foresee it. There are others having their part in this topic.

Eve: Hard to accept, but ok. So I still don’t get your strange way of allowing BS to go on happening here, and I’d say you are moving upon thin ice.

CM: I just read you, you want me to snip it all even by my legendary Q-finger snip and a lightning?

Eve: YES! Exactly so.

CM: At a certain point it will seem to be this way.

Eve. Please don’t keep us waiting any longer. It’s too late already, time is out. Second coming officially is due!

CM: You will love it.

OK, CM, for marketing reasons, we will publish this on our website, perhaps people will go on reading.

Lyrics of „Dreams are my reaity“

Met you by surprise
I didn’t realize
That my life would change for ever
Saw you standing there
I didn’t know I’d care
There was something special in the air

Dreams are my reality
The only kind of real fantasy
Illusions are a common thing
I try to live in dreams
It seems as if it’s meant to be

Dreams are my reality
A different kind of reality
I dream of loving in the night

And loving seems all right
Although it’s only fantasy

Dreams are my reality
A wondrous world where I like to be
I dream of holding you all night

The song performed by Richard Sanderson:

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