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The keys of reformation

31st October 2013
CM through Eve

movie “LUTHER”, important statement around 1.12

Eve, this is CM. I heard you pondering about this reformation day and I thought to tell you that it’s not just down on the planet we celebrate this day but we do celebrate it, too, in the entire local universe. Honouring your reformer Luther as well as you, a handfull of extraordinary pioneers – we will have an official act of celebration on Salvington, when Lucifer will be officially confirmed again to be the administrative force of Satania. A long list of names will be read of universal personalities to be spoken free from guilt, whoever can will attend, except for a few who have not been found again after they disappeared. I won’t challenge the admin of Urantia though, as it’s important to have Machiventa remaining at his position. Of course, dear ones, your team will attend, too, you may receive flashlights, so you can sort them in. So, it’s literally reformation time and nothing remains hidden.

CM, I just got an idea that I should perhaps call you „Martin“? You think I’m some kind of reformer not only of the local universe?

Exactly, CM, you are the one putting new theses at the gates of the Great Universe, to remind creature living there that the will of the Father is superior over all.

And indiscussable. People need again to involve in studies, to tap into the question: WHAT IS THE WILL OF THE ETERNAL FATHER?

How can you examine that?

In everything you do and say you must look for the pillar virtues he defined as the foundation of the entire creation. You must look for it without using the tricks of a lawyer, fully by heart.

What are the pillar virtues?

Well, it’s mainly the content of the new theses Peter wrote down, dominated by LOVE, TRUTH and HUMILITY. If you loose humility, your game is already lost. Humility and warriorship do not exclude each other, to answer your thoughts. The true warrior of Papa Source is a master of humility, but he will not hesitate to administrate the goals of the Eternal Father with a strict hand, when he sees parts of creation in danger to fall apart. Nebadon was paralysed by preventing the strict hand of tough love to keep creation according to the will of Papa Source. And not only Nebadon. There’s more local universes where Michael sons – not being sovereign yet – as well as universes of Michael sons who ARE sovereign yet – were literally tied to the audience room of their own place – forced to watch everything being infiltrated by parasites. Simplified: „a housekeeper is being hindered to keep his house clean, to mow the lawn, to fix the roof, to have a proper yard“ …. he is forced to watch destructive forces moving in and to let them treat his creation of love as a cosmic takeaway.

I needed to collect own experiences on that, to be enabled to make my comments based on facts of own experience. Yes, I don’t revoke. Perhaps I am going to be the reformer of the Great Universe, but I have to start with my own local universe. Perhaps it seems like David against Goliath, but once you have recognized a problem, ignoring it would turn to be a sin. There’s no way back, Eve, just moving forward.


I know, you expected some nice and easy chat with Adama or Esu, but I had to take the chance to some in and occupy the time you set free for a chat.

Go back 7 years in your history, Eve. What do you find?

It was 2006 and I was about to activate my life plan… – I had just discovered Adama exactly, 1st Nov. 2005 and was doing translations in 2006.

Do you see that you have now completed a cycle? When did your Lemuria Website go online?

I think it was reformation day 2007.

If you take this 31st Oct. 2007 / 1st Nov. 2007 as some kind of goal day, you have completed a 7 year cycle starting on the day Adama returned into your mind and you actively started to work for him in 2006, by translating the Telos books. Spotting the public stage by your Lemuria Webpage, the cycle started in 2007 and will be completed by Nov. 2014. No accident, right. If you take the first year /2006/2007 plus the last year 2013/1014 as interrim periods, you still see a very effective core time. The core of this time is reformation.

Generally speaking, reformation comprises:

  1. Putting things into question
  2. Research
  3. Conclude & prove
  4. Devlop solutions
  5. Manifest reformation

Point 1 and 2 are the ones needing most time, because you first have to take heart to do that. No. 3 is being prolongued by overcoming individual disbelief and doubts, until facts are becoming undermined. Point 4 depends on the pool of creativity and menpower you can sip from and No. 5 can be rather quick (not necessarily), depending on the preparations, genious and number of assisting helpers.

To comment on where we stand: I should say, between 4 & 5. But finally it’s still not possible to tell how long will be needed to complete. Urantia and Nebadon will be prior to the rest, most likely. But the job in the Great Universe is a giant enterprise.

I just remember, CM, in our first official channelling I asked you, if Papa Source had designed you to be a pioneer. And you answered „I was created with the potential to be one.“

(This channelling is part of „BEYOND“)

So, I’d like to go a bit further and suggest that you may have been created with the potential to be a „Martin Luther“ or reformer of the universe, the Great Universe?

Ok. Now we have come that far: Yes. When I was created Papa Source was not amused about the way things went to develop, so he decided to add a „reformer factor“ to the Michaels to come into being, which has obviously worked fine in some cases.

(Pls. Educate yourselves here:

(235.3) 21:1.4 I do not know the exact number of Creator Sons in existence, but I have good reasons for believing that there are more than seven hundred thousand. Now, we know that there are exactly seven hundred thousand Unions of Days and no more are being created. We also observe that the ordained plans of the present universe age seem to indicate that one Union of Days is to be stationed in each local universe as the counseling ambassador of the Trinity. We note further that the constantly increasing number of Creator Sons already exceeds the stationary number of the Unions of Days. But concerning the destiny of the Michaels beyond seven hundred thousand, we have never been informed.

Explanation by E.: The number of Michaels beyond the 700.000 is the Michael sons who were gifted with the „pioneer potential“ as standard. One could say, Christ Michael, No. 611,121, who is still an earlier creation, was their „proto-type“, a very promising one, seemingly working extremely well in the eyes of Papa Source, who decided then that more numbers of these special sons were needed as reformer sons.

See here

1. Michael of Nebadon

(366.2) 33:1.1 Our Creator Son is the personification of the 611,121st original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son. The Michael of Nebadon is the “only-begotten Son” personalizing this 611,121st universal concept of divinity and infinity. His headquarters is in the threefold mansion of light on Salvington. And this dwelling is so ordered because Michael has experienced the living of all three phases of intelligent creature existence: spiritual, morontial, and material. Because of the name associated with his seventh and final bestowal on Urantia, he is sometimes spoken of as Christ Michael.)

And the being who came here as „Luther“?

He was one of my Michael brothers of the younger generation. And he did a fine job.

So, after all, one can say Papa Source himself originated the reformation of the Grand Universe and he started by „adding factor X“ to all younger Michael sons?

This is pretty exact.

How about the architects of the universe? As I sense they play a key role regarding the mess.

Being a cosmic master mind architect is a taking job. It can literally take you to spheres where you cannot differ where the limits of your own personality are, where you cross the border and think you are personally „God“. It’s like a drug to some. Architects having lost humility are a key role to the entry of darkness. They build everything …. even artificial light. Creator / Michael sons are somehow in a state of depending from interaction with the architects, and somehow they are being „sold“ something which is not suitable to the concept they have. „Class conceit“, you would say, is a real big problem. They are often so fascinated by expression and finding out about possibilities that they grow somehow insane and sell themselves as the „creator of all that is“. We have found out that the process of creating more of them ( The number of 28.011 is not too much for the GREAT UNIVERSE, I should say. .. E.) was intentionally blocked by backstage forces, intentionally, I repeat, because if something is just available in a small quantity it can be sold more expensively, priced of higher value, plus group internal control will be easier. They delivered an explanation of why no further architects could be created – making it look like a natural law (if – then) – and everybody seemed to be content, without putting it in question. Well, at least, I did. And Papa Source knew better, of course.

Ok Eve, I gotta let you go now, to fulfill your daily work. If you can, publish that, you may insert further explanations (now THANKS, CM, for the homework. Please educate yourselves here:

9. Architects of the Master Universe

(351.2) 31:9.1 The Architects of the Master Universe are the governing corps of the Paradise Transcendentalers. This governing corps numbers 28,011 personalities possessing master minds, superb spirits, and supernal absonites. The presiding officer of this magnificent group, the senior Master Architect, is the co-ordinating head of all Paradise intelligences below the level of Deity.

(351.3) 31:9.2 The sixteenth proscription of the mandate authorizing these narratives says: “If deemed wise, the existence of the Architects of the Master Universe and their associates may be disclosed, but their origin, nature, and destiny may not be fully revealed.” We may, however, inform you that these Master Architects exist in seven levels of the absonite. These seven groups are classified as follows:

(351.4) 31:9.3 1. The Paradise Level.
Only the senior or first-eventuated Architect functions on this highest level of the absonite. This ultimate personality — neither Creator nor creature — eventuated in the dawn of eternity and now functions as the exquisite co-ordinator of Paradise and its twenty-one worlds of associated activities.

(351.5) 31:9.4 2. The Havona Level.
The second Architect eventuation yielded three master planners and absonite administrators, and they have always been devoted to the co-ordination of the one billion perfect spheres of the central universe. Paradise tradition asserts that these three Architects, with the counsel of the pre-eventuated senior Architect, contributed to the planning of Havona, but we really do not know.

(351.6) 31:9.5 3. The Superuniverse Level.
The third absonite level embraces the seven Master Architects of the seven superuniverses, who now, as a group, spend about equal time in the company of the Seven Master Spirits on Paradise and with the Seven Supreme Executives on the seven special worlds of the Infinite Spirit. They are the superco-ordinators of the grand universe.

(351.7) 31:9.6 4. The Primary Space Level.
This group numbers seventy Architects, and we conjecture that they are concerned with the ultimate plans for the first universe of outer space, now mobilizing beyond the borders of the present seven superuniverses.

(351.8) 31:9.7 5. The Secondary Space Level.
This fifth corps of Architects numbers 490, and again we conjecture that they must be concerned with the second universe of outer space, where already our physicists have detected definite energy mobilizations.

(352.1) 31:9.8 6. The Tertiary Space Level.
This sixth group of Master Architects numbers 3,430, and we likewise infer that they may be occupied with the gigantic plans for the third universe of outer space.

(352.2) 31:9.9 7. The Quartan Space Level.
This, the final and largest corps, consists of 24,010 Master Architects, and if our former conjectures are valid, it must be related to the fourth and last of the ever-increasing-sized universes of outer space.

(352.3) 31:9.10 These seven groups of Master Architects total 28,011 universe planners. On Paradise there is a tradition that far back in eternity there was attempted the eventuation of the 28,012th Master Architect, but that this being failed to absonitize, experiencing personality seizure by the Universal Absolute. It is possible that the ascending series of the Master Architects attained the limit of absonity in the 28,011th Architect, and that the 28,012th attempt encountered the mathematical level of the presence of the Absolute. In other words, at the 28,012th eventuation level the quality of absonity equivalated to the level of the Universal and attained the value of the Absolute.

(but they don’t know exactly, ugghhh… E.)

(352.4) 31:9.11 In their functional organization the three supervising Architects of Havona act as associate assistants to the solitary Paradise Architect. The seven Architects of the superuniverses act as co-ordinates of the three supervisors of Havona. The seventy planners of the universes of the primary outer space level are at present serving as associate assistants to the seven Architects of the seven superuniverses.

(352.5) 31:9.12 The Architects of the Master Universe have at their disposal numerous groups of assistants and helpers, including two vast orders of force organizers, the primary eventuated and the associate transcendental. These Master Force Organizers are not to be confused with the power directors, who are germane to the grand universe.

(352.6) 31:9.13 All beings produced by the union of the children of time and eternity, such as the trinitized offspring of the finaliters and the Paradise Citizens, become wards of the Master Architects. But of all other creatures or entities revealed as functioning in the present organized universes, only Solitary Messengers and Inspired Trinity Spirits maintain any organic association with the Transcendentalers and the Architects of the Master Universe.

(352.7) 31:9.14 The Master Architects contribute technical approval of the assignment of the Creator Sons to their space sites for the organization of the local universes. There is a very close association between the Master Architects and the Paradise Creator Sons, and while this relationship is unrevealed, you have been informed of the association of the Architects and the grand universe Supreme Creators in the relationship of the first experiential Trinity. These two groups, together with the evolving and experiential Supreme Being, constitute the Trinity Ultimate of transcendental values and master universe meanings. ).

Fine, CM. Or should I call you „Martin“, now?

Then I’m goint to recite Adama and ask you if you were the „Eve of all Hallows“.

Ok, then, happy reformation, still, you pioneer and reformer son.

Same to you, Eve, tell everybody to remember me!

Salu, this is your Big Cheese!