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„They panicked when they saw the future“

Transscript by a member of CM Support Team
of the following Interview with MILITARY INSIDER Bill Wood (NAVY Seal)


Transcript of the excerpt

This was recorded over a decade ago and makes it even more incredible as we see the events described unfold on the planet today. ▹ Watch the full interview here ?￰゚マᄑ
(Also this is just a „mirror-link“, as the original was meanwhile removed by YT)

Bill Wood:

One of the caveats that I do have some personal information,  that I did get personally involved in, was some information that had to do with the Stargates and Looking Glass – and more specifically the 2012 problem with those projects – the popular opinion of what’s out there right now is, that the project was shut down, because there is a problem when we approach 2012.

I’ve heard it described a number of ways, but to my knowledge the problem is that the timelines converge on that point in time, and when you know enough about the Stargate Projects and the Looking Glass Project to know how string theory works and how the possibility of possibility works and how making one choice over here doesn’t necessarily mean that the other choice couldn’t exist at the same time – but once you get your brain wrapped around this subject, you find out that at the end of 2012 – in an easy way to put it – the choices that we make become less and less consequential to the future – and eventually we’re pushed into this bottleneck of time, no matter which choice we make – and that’s important to the people that all had access to Looking Glass, because they would use Looking Glass knowing the choices that they would make and the future would pop up, the big mistake was coming up with the possibility of future, and when we started using a computer to say – well, if we make this choice, it’s 79% that this scenario happens and 23% that this scenario would happen, the understanding at the time was, that was realistic, however, if you go down the road further and free will continues to excercise itself on this game that 79% sometimes changes very, very fast; but if you look at the situation in a  point of time, it seems very realistic that that’s the greatest possibility.

What happened was people – very smart people – began to figure out that something big was coming up, something that made it, so all the possibilities of all the future scenarios of any choice, any possibility, that was fed in and observed through the looking glass, inherently ended up in the same future – and no decision, no possibility changed past a certain point – THAT’S THE BIG SECRET,  all possible time lines lead to the same basic set of history in the future – that is what sends everybody that has all of the  information, that knows everything, into a blind panic, the people that know everything about looking glass, that have gotten all the reports and all the information – the elites of the world – probably figured out that that was THE END OF THE GAME. Nothing could be manipulated beyond that point.

When I was in the military – that would have been before 97, when I got in trouble – one of my particular areas that I was amazingly intuitive about – is problem solving/ mission planning – or more specifically taking a bad mission and fixing it, certainly knowing how string theory and possible futures works makes it, so you can work your mind very quickly to see the reality of what’s happening and decide what decisions need to be made to change it for a particular outcome.

At a certain point after they’re done hearing the computer tell them this is what’s going to happen, over and over and over and over again, all they become focused on is „how do we fix it“?

What I do know is that I was called in and asked to solve this problem, this timeline contraction problem and I eventually did my due diligence and did all the investigating and basically only had one piece of information – that was reinforcement, the computer is right. The timelines will contract down to some inevitable thing, there is an inevitable event, it’s been forecast, it’s been predicted, it`s been fed to us in a slop trough of what they want us to believe will happen, they don’t actually have control over what happens, they only have control over the reaction, and it seems, no matter what they try to do to cause their desired reaction it’s going to have an opposite effect.

It’s time Mr. President!

It’s much, much easier for me to explain today what this process is, as opposed back then, if I had to give it a name I would say it’s THE AWAKENING PROCESS, that’s an evolution of consciousness that cannot, will not and no matter what decisions and possibilities are injected in the equation, eventually it all resolves down to us all, learining the truth and becoming aware of this massive dam of lies that has been built, that keeps us from knowing massive volumes of information that we should otherwise possess.

Essentially what happened with Looking Glass – not only did they not want people to use it, anymore, because they knew it was just gonna burp out the same thing, but at the same time they didn’t want anybody else to know what it was saying, I’m sure, because  that information was of a monmental concern, when I was in the military, about how to prevent this inevitability.

Now, at first I thought it was the end of the world; now I see end of the world is end of THEIR world.

The biggest cherry on top of all this conversation would be a synopsis to say that if I could convince everybody out there that for all intents and purposes what we believe to be true eventually becomes true if somebody convinces us that a major disaster’s gonna happen in the very near future, a major disaster happens in the very near future. If we don’t buy into that fear and accept that there’s really nothing that we „know“ know is gonna happen and accept of whatever happens that makes the convergence of the time lines happen as naturally as possible, any attempts to try to go away from this one inevitable conclusion, I again, see as a new beginning, an end of this reality, the beginning of something that we can’t even possibly understand based on the level of our beliefs currently, but when all that information comes flooding out there’s going to be no denying what’s true and what’s a lie or what’s illusion.

Basically, what we’re experiencing right now is two master chess players sitting at the board and one of them looks down on the board and sees that he’s in checkmate in 7 moves – and he looks across at his opponent and he knows that his opponent sees it, too, so there’s no getting out of it – so, at this point, the looser can only prolong the game. Both players know the game is over, it’s only a matter of time before he does this, and then you’re forced to do this and eventually CHECKMATE.

We as a race, if we could understand that the game is over, that based on the rules of the game the bad guys have already lost, the good guys have alrady won, – yes, there is moves left on the table, but those moves are being forced by the player that is going to win. The only way the checkmate can’t happen is if the player that’s winning makes a mistake, but from all the information that I’ve gathered, all of the information that has been given, all the information that’s been vetted to me, it seems pretty obvious that the good guy player on the side of the chessboard knows exactly what has to be done to win the game, and so at this point any mistake would be all but impossible. But again, you really have to understand the game to know that the guy that’s losing has lost and I’m sure most people sitting watching the chess match between two advanced chess players know the game’s over long after long after the two players know it’s over, because they can’t see the board and see that there’s only 7 moves left.

Song from Don McLean, which fits to this content:


There is nothing on my mind
nothing to remember
nothing to forget
and there’s nothing to regret
but I’m all tired upon the inside
and noone knows quite what I’ve got
and I know that on the outside
what I’ve used to be
I’m not

Can you remember who I was
can you still feel it
can you find my pain
and can you heal it?
Then lay your hands upon me now
‚cause all roads lead to where we stand
and I believe we’ll walk them all
no matter what we may have planned.

They underestimate us


The elite already knew about quantum leap so they released that thing.
It is not in their interest that we be free and they cannot avoid it.

We are powerful in love and underestimate us, that’s why they are in a hurry to officially launch a new world order that will be on 05/14/2020.


The dark elites are very scared, they knew that the human collective was reaching a very high vibration but they were not aware of to what extent nor of the number of awakened souls that there are now.

They are no longer hidden, their attacks are direct and frontal, there are still those who are not able to see it but that does not mean that it is not real.
The attacks are going to increase, they are going to try by all means that people do not wake up, that the awake cannot communicate so as not to wake others and that the advanced are seen as crazy or criminals.

Whatever they do, it does not matter, the quantum leap has already occurred, it is unstoppable, humanity already sees animals as alike, already respects Mother Earth, already understands that there is no separation.

The souls who incarnate already come as teachers, not to experiment, they incarnate for love.
We may or may not witness total change, the transition may take a week or 300 years but it is unstoppable.

Whatever happens during the transition, remember that you offered to be here and now, you are the drivers of change, whatever happens, whatever you see, you have a responsibility.
You are asked only one thing, only one, do not be food.
It is the only thing you should do, it is that simple, do not be food.

The human being among other things, is one of the most powerful generators that exist, we are vortices, depending on the polarity in which you align yourself, create one frequency or another.
These entities feed on the negative frequency, we have been feeding them for millennia.

The awakening of humanity tilted the collective vortex towards the positive pole, hence they are attacking with such fierceness, they are starving.
Surely you already knew it or perhaps it is the first time that this message reaches you, it does not matter, ask yourself if it resonates, do not believe anything.
Connect with your soul and see, if your soul tells you it’s true, don’t waste another second of your existence serving food.

Eliminate the low passions of your life, hatred, rancor, envy, fear, vices, food that comes from the suffering of another being, lies, ambition, selfishness, sadness, mistrust, all this generates dense energy, food for the dark.

Be aware of your emotions and if you ever feel this way, change your energy ipso facto, put on music that will lift you up and sing, dance, breathe, light an incense, hug your cats, your dog or your familiar animal Go for a walk in nature or in the park, meditate, exercise, do what is necessary but immediately change that energy because you are serving as food.
Always be aware, it is the only thing that is asked of you, do not feed the dark hordes.

Feed your soul with everything that helps you rise, if you get used to living in the frequency of love, your reality will change your will effortlessly, you are unstoppable, you are a powerful being.
Do not fear, free your mind from the matrix, focus your attention on what you want but above all, enjoy, be happy, smile, sing, dance, love.


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