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Talk around the announcement for Germany
by William Toel

4th January 2023 – from Eve

Dear readers,

I’m pretty much aware that the last update was done for quite some time ago. I’m not teasing CM/Esu for updates and I know that most of all has been said already, so last year was going by and all of us were seeking just to keep going somehow.

Apart from making my livelyhood by my fulltime job I have mainly been doing what I call „Backoffice work“ for my celestial bosses in several Telegram chats, trying to pick up people when I thought the occasion was worth a try. All in all I have not been very successful and I’m sorry to say that I have not found one single channel „clean“. By clean I mean: free from BS talk and misleading disinformation and most of all not applying  censorship of of correction up to being fired.

My talks to CM/Esu have just been of private nature. So, Christmas was coming and going, and so it was with New Years Eve, when things started to get a little bit more interesting with the old Pope now officially declared „dead“ on the day named Sylvester after one former pope. So I thought, it was an amazing performance to die on such a meaningful day, or should I better say: To go to hell.

On 2nd January things got even more interesting, not to say shocking, which would describe my personal experience.

William Toel

Not all of you will know about an elderly American named William Toel.  He has been travelling Germany together with his wife Lisa for more than 2 years already, doing his utmost best to bring back selfworth to German citizens. As most of us might know, right after WWII there was a mental  program rolled out in Germany, which was to implement some kind of psychic Morgenthau Plan to make sure the Germans would never more  regain their strengh, or come again in spiritual contact with their forefathers and former heritage. So, dark forces still active among our nation have certainly been not amused about William speaking „pro Germans“ and have unleashed various forces, also among the world of Telegram, to denounce Williams efforts  as scheduled psyop and hidden agenda pro implementation of a „New World Order“, model Rockefeller/Rothschild/Schwab.

William openly admitted that he was well informed about „Bletchley Park“ but states to love the Germans.  Now, very interesting is that he wrote a book named „Constanzes Child“ and every purchaser gets it for free, the reader will be electrified and learn about who William is and this explains his connection to the Germans.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to openly talk about it, without having to fear personal difficulties arising.

Anyway, William runs a Telegram channel and on this meaningful day he posted a new video with a date/prophecy.

It informed the watcher about a 40 days period
due to begin on Friday, 13th January 2023
and ending on Wednesday, 22nd February 2023, midnight.

Concerned nation was named to be Germany and he described it as a time of freeing and cleaning up Germany, which would not go without hardships we had to bear. All in all it was fine, except for the fact he was talking about extreme cold temperatures and water freezing inside the pipes. And yes, he said this information came from „God“.

This was the point when my adrenaline was hitting the red alert range. It led to me shouting and raging, adressing my bosses.

(All we had to bear during the last years of the „plandemic“ errupted right away, from splitting the nation, inhuman rules rolled out, lockdowns, all that crazy testing stuff with toxic material and at least blackmailng people into taking the poisonous genocide „shot“ they named „vaccine“)


„CM, Esu, „White hats“ et al, WE GOTTA TALK!

Is there anything you wish to reveal in respect of „Soon to come“, „never ending story“, „chewing gum sessions“, „White Hats allow“, or „40 days of shock freezing“? I have been keeping my feet tranquil and my mouth shut for nearly ¾ year, just doing backoffice work for you in Telgram chats, letting you agitate at your place, just to now hear William Toel warn that there is a shock-freezing event imminent on schedule, just to put more hardships and torture to the German nation?!  How much do you think we should still have to take? For what sake? For waking up more people? Oh REALLY?!  You know what?  In my opinion the collateral damage has long been way beyond of any form of „acceptable“ and still your stake holders are the idiots of mankind! How far still?!

Do not dare to tell me that clean up could not be done without „freezing up“ Europe/Germany, just for being able to make quick moves without obstacles on frozen ground?  You guys involved are having round vessels to fly, so no need for tanks and old outmoded stuff?

Who would I be if not making a plea now for our population who has been under attack for decades – isn’t two World Wars enough?! I have been sitting on the banks of the Rhine in September with a friend, in contemplation about all the tortured Germans in the Rheinwiesenlagern,  and I have been lighting a candle for all the women and children who were fried in Dresden and other German cities in Feb. 1945.  Germany was frozen in 1945 and burned down , and now you want to freeze our water in the pipes while we might hear sirens again? NO! NO! NO!

I, Eve Kumara, stand in your way and I tell you:

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! No more step further against the German nation and all other global population! We have been hanging upon the Deep State Cross for too long!

You can end it in a human way, as it was originally planned, just go after the example of  3 M 8, day X! I will not agree to this freeze up, NO WAY!

Fried, intoxinated, frozen, WHAT ELSE!? Is this your form of mercy?  There is one black swan already sailing the globe, it’s Millions having taken the poisonous ant killer genocide shot and realizing of having signed ones own death sentence is a way bigger black swan than any WWIII scenario with tanks and so on.

Aren’t you able to just take the criminals out?  The final stage of gas-lighting has continued into unbearable stages! If you cannot manage to settle this situation out of control for all to see, then let 3 M 8 take over! People are  literally OUT OF THEIR MIND! Flat earthers, Q haters, „We are all going to die from NWO claimers“, followers of people like Tavistock tears or that guy calling himself „healer Sananda“, who is especially enjoying Toel-bashing, finger pointers and brainwashed ones, and you celestial guys are still  restricted from the living rooms of the people! If you return without further notice,  you are going to become stoned! The only way is a shock scenario which does not threaten the individual by private existencial aspects, like infrastructure damage in appartments or houses by frozen pipes. Do not even dare to unpack your freeze-up! If nobody else speaks for the German nation and all threatened ground crew globally,  I DO!  And I don’t mind if I’m the only one!

I’m now going to take a break and calm down, and you may hopefully think about what to answer.

4th January 2023

So, now, Esu & CM, can we put the spotlight on the topic of Toels message?!  And perhaps on that EBS-Asteroid warning stuff which popped out of the blue as supposedly fake news, but might have a connection to a black swan event with departed a bit too early by error?

CM and Esu appear on my „mind movie screen“, we are at a round table  as many times before.

CM opens the talk. „My ears are still ringing from what you blasted out to us on 2nd January“ and he dramatically  pretends his ears to be aching.

„Eve is still alive and kicking“, Esu puts a grin on. „You have been so disciplined in doing your back office work, that we hardly expected such a kind of come back, and so sudden.“

Eve: „I fear all my backoffice work in Telegram Chats has led to nothing more than flight hours due to being kicked out for telling people that the earth is not flat, I’m in contact with my creator, recommending the PJ’s, that God in person is behind Q and the last channel I’m in signalized they wished no discussion of Toels new video, because this was   the good vibes and they prefer talking about where’s the next party location.  I have never seen so much bashing against each other than among all these so called „awakened“ people. There is no single channel(chat on TG which I could truely approve and recommend.  Truely, I do not have much hope left for the people. The damage done to the people by frequency brain fogging is immense. And it will not help to freeze the water in our pipes!“

CM: „Ah, yes, back to topic.  At first, we truely appreciated your work on trying to pick up  single ones by participating in chats. You did your best as always, the seed you put out may still slumber for a while but one or the other may remember it when the time is right for them.“

Esu: „You know, Eve, we are used to not being allowed into people’s living rooms, or even just houses, we are the shepherd watch dogs waiting silently in the front yards.“

Eve: „So you have heard my comment that in this society God is viewed like a dog that might poop in your lounge and spread uncomfortable smell among the VIP guests.“

Esu laughs: „Pretty much so, you are always good for a nice comparison“.

Eve: „If you appeared to walk among the people again, you would likely end up like William Toel, denounced and bashed.  The situation is pretty decouraging in my opinion, his presence turns out the worst comments to the surface of everybody having triggered his spiritual ego by an own TG channel.

CM: „We have been walking among the people of this planet for far more than you might think.

And we know that there is a great canyon between what people think the return of „Jesus“ might look, compared to what we are capable of and are planning for.  And it’s saddening  to see our ground crew being bashed for offering wayshowers to single ones.“

Eve: „I’m still pleaing for not freezing up our pipes. I was so terribly sorry for all the innocent people in Canada/USA who were litereally already frozen up.  I do not think it is right to continue pulling their „White Hat agenda“ through upon the backs of the normal people.  There is much better ways than hardening the fate of the common citizen.  You know very well that many are in a process of „die slowly“ because of the poison shots covered by the word „vaccine“and not only are they dying slowly, but all the process of cleaning things up is hurtfully much too slow. I am among the people, as a messenger of the creator, and don’t you tell me, „Immanuel“ would not also have plead for mercy on behalf of the population, when seeing it bruised and beaten and dehumanized without the possibility of undoing. And don’t you tell me you are going to let mercy fail when it comes to ones who have ended as bottom dwellers. You simply cannot tell me that a big cleaning in Germany would need or depend on frozen pipes? Just think of all the farm animals, should we have to watch how they die because there is no water available on a possible blackout with no heating and energy grid working? I admit, it’s also that I’m located here and I have already experienced frozen pipes and I know what I’m talking about.  I have not fled my country for Southern America or Asia, because I know my place to be is in my home country to be here for my people.  German faith, you understand?! But I also told you a brownout combined with deep frost will create massacres all over Germany and Germany has had ENOUGH! We need a peaceful and harmless transition, and I’m pretty sure 3M8 could brillantly manifest their day X scenario on schedule.  Game over is imminent and we do not need any more damage for the ego-push of any still derailed Melchisedeks who might still have something to say.“

CM lifts his finger like in elementary school, signalizing he had „something to say“.  I silence and look at him.

CM: „Thank you, Eve. This was really impressing. I have been missing my governess over the last months. If you allowed I might add some statements, even if I repeat myself.

War now is actually a media event. You cannot believe or take anything for real. How many times have your truthers revealed old photo stock, the media „sold“ you as brandnew?  Or crisis actors on multiple events? Existing brain fog prevents ordinary people from realizing that.  YOU know about 5D chess and that you were told many times „You are watching a movie“.  You are literally living in some kind of hologram cage fusing reality with fiction. And as there are so many facets, it’s nearly impossible for you ones to keep the survey. On one hand it’s true that weather control/manipulation is capable to be used as a weapon. But there are still factors mankind is not able to influence.  There are two main factors, and we, the federation, are in control of both.  One is the SECOND SUN of your system, Jupiter, which has grown pretty nicely and which can be unleashed intentionally from the cover of the main sun. The other item is the steadily ongoing process of erecting the axis of you planet. There is even a third process, it’s the electromagnetic pole reversal (not pole flip!!) with it ‘s connected issues of the earth magnetic field. This includes the factor earth herself, Gaia,  and we can just give support where possible. Stasis is still an option to protect life upon the surface, another option would be evacuation by shuttle ships. All these items have long before been revealed and discussed, so you can search for them and educate yourselves if you are new readers.  You cannot honestly believe to tease you homeplanet over decades without consequences. Much of your weather chaos  is actually not Geoengineering  but part of a natural process, but „they“ want to make you believe they were omnipotent.  In fact they are good at putting labels with their seals upon patterns way too big for them to change.

The stew has been in the oven for a long time now and is now ready to be served. Nothing new indeed. As you are familiar with out handling instructions we are always a step ahead.  Many times before we have crossed their disgusting plans of extinction to vanish into the big No-No. Shortly there occurred a leak of a pre-scheduled EBS, which went off staple way too early, pretending an asteroid of 396 km length (please note, the „Tesla“ nunbers) was due to hit earth, one part in the GOM and one part in the Pacific ocean, and likely with the potential to wipe out life on earth, with debris darkening the atmosphere, leading to permanent winter, blocking out the sun, etc. (now, that would be fun, with all your photovoltaic panels and electric cars). As you realized, that „asteroid propaganda“ has been ongoing over all 2022 increasingly, by prominent names like NASA etc. Maths homework easy to solve. For a long time there have been plans to use so called „Tsunami weapons“, underwater bombs, and in every single try they ended up „handicapped“ and disabled, so they were not able to finish their „act“. And when such things are being leaked before, they become „obsolete“. Counting and adding up 2 plus 2d ends up in a combination of a black swan event and a 40 day war in Europe. (Ukraine, etc.) Ending 22nd February, which is, by the way, the end of German carneval, or „End of the Masquerade“.  Originally, these were greetngs from your „masonic brewery“,  which have been transformed.

Now, here comes William Toel, a messenger and kind of „time traveller“ on a mission to „weigh history against truth“ and you guys are about to shoot the messenger for the message.

At this point my lips have to be sealed furthermore, as there are  things which must not yet be revealed, under no circumstances. But Eve, allow me one question. You are in the northern hemisphere. What month?“

Eve: „January“.

CM: „So, if William Toel had not made that video, and temperatures were likely to be icy, wouldn’t you have said: Well, that’s winter?“

Eve: „Supposedly, yes, but knowing about weather control and intentional blackouts/brownouts used by top criminals against their citizens, the whole story gets way more serious.“

CM: „Did William Toel not tell you that you are protected?“

Eve: „Yes, he did. But I do not like water pipes in Germany frozen up anyway.“

Esu: „Under what circumstances would you approve the process and place your altruistic seal on it?“ (Tries to look innocent)

Eve: „Energy grid working, heating working, and a reset to energy/gas prices for the benefit of the people.  Are you in for a deal?“

Esu: „If you call it a deal, then what are you going to pay for spring temperatures?“

Eve: „Going back to backoffice and leaving you unbothered at work.“

CM: „Well, interesting offer.  Parameters have been set, though, unfortunately I have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with myself, so you have to wait and see what’s in your surprise package.  I’ll put this conversation into your personal human resources file.“

Eve: „I don’t care, if this is going to be used as a reason for something nasty. I’m just Eve, doing my best.“

Esu: „Oh YES, you DO care!  You would not be Eve, if you did not!

Eve: „My working temperature is 22 to 25 degree Celsius. All beyond puts me into the state of hibernating.

CM: „I’ve heard about it. Esu and me might have taken our daily check on you and commenting: Look, Eve was forced to have a marathon meditation. (Running gag from the piece „All about meditation“)

Eve: „While my energetic bodies would already be standing behind you, asking for another material reserve body.“

CM: (With a strict look over the edge of his sunglasses) „Just to return after the critical period and write a book titled „The day CM put a freeze-up upon Germany?“

Eve: (Rolling my eyes) Good idea.  I can already see the cover: Eve in a spring field holding up both hands to stop CM driving a snow&ice machine.“

Esu: „Subtitle: From altruism to antagonism: Tianmen Eve. (He giggles) Seems we have had our overdue dose of humor.“

Eve: „I’m bloody serious.  If you remember me, think about the „girl with April in her eyes“. And one last comment, Wake me up when it’s all over with best regards to Avicii.

Esu: „Eve, tell me, do you believe in  the resurrection of the dead? There’s a new meaning to it right around the corner. If you can, seek to prevent your falling into hibernating“.

Eve: This might be some meat in this message for our readers, as I just remembered Avicii.  I suppose, I could also have remembered Lady Di,  John Denver, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and a bunch of others?“

CM: (jumps verbally in between) „Esu has signed an NDA on the topic“.

Eve: „Also with himself?“

CM: „No, with me.  Eve, you guys are going to have an extraordinary spring.  Hold the vision high. Pray and watch out.“

Eve: „CM, for our readers, if there was one sentence as a message from you to them: What would it be like?“

CM: „Welcome to the new time“.

Eve: „Fine. I’m going to come back on that later, when we have had a taste of it. And just in case you freeze us up, I invite you wholeheartedly to beam down and have a little taste of test-freezing.  Tell my best regards also to the White Hats, they are welcome, too.“

CM: „Ok, Eve, who ever would hold back such a friendly invitation. We enbide you our blessings and best encouragement to our readers from our – as you said – climated ships – we will put up the red stroboscope lights on the Phoenix – besides a warm color – just to remind you that we are there watching over you and protecting you.

Esu: „I’d like to add a one sentence recommendation, too:  THOUGHTS CREATE REALITY“

Eve: „Thank you on behalf of our readers. Going back to backoffice now. Contemplating about if „Jesus“ went into the desert/aboard ship 40 days because there were cold temperatures announced.

CM: „My oh my.“

P.S.:  On this occasion I wish to honour the one single TG channel I found, which has been positive and serious on the announcement of William Toel. It’s the channel of Mr. Köstler, so heartfelt gratitude to him. My mother spent her life fighting to get back her lost home area in Silesia, she passed in 2014. May Germany be freed from slavery and mind control and may we take back what’s ours – our land and culture, and may it become holy to us once again in dignity. May Germany become a  blessing for the world.


And thank you, Mr. Toel.

Here the more detailed German version

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