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Arrival of Lohengrin (Son of Parzifal) with the white Swan
Arrival of Lohengrin (Son of Parzifal) with the white Swan

snapshot with prospects

the long-doomsday variant

Sept. 11th 2021

Eve: Now, CM, if ou ask me, it is time for an update, after we have arrived on the 20th anniversary of 911. Would it be too much to ask for a snapshot with prospects on the actual situation? I mean, you are the boss, the master mind; we experienced fly high in July, at least those who could and had it on the screen, and we are heading for fall after a chaotic sumer, sensed more than 50% of humanity took their death jab and all of us fellows are under fire of frequency and the still-to-be hellhound media are preachuring their agenda of the deep state.  Life becomes harder, especially if you have kids, ground gets hot, your stew is brewing.  Is this your „long-doomsday“-variant?

CM has patiently listened. By the way, he showed up looking as Q, after I had asked him to do so, the last time we spoke, out of a funny mood.

CM: Good morning Eve, challenging opening, as always. (He smiles) Don’t mind,  I’m used to it. Not sure if your paper-blank journal will have enough empty pages (This moment the neighbor turned on satanic music, so I had to get up and close the window).

Well, earth press will have a solution for that. (By earth press he meant me)


So, beloveds, you remember September 2001, 20 years ago. Everybody will exactly know what she/he did or where she/he was when the news came out. You might even remember how Bush held the book upside down, from which he pretended to read a story to the children in the Kindergarten he visited. Many just concluded from that that he was just too silly to read, but the correct conclusion would be that this event of 911 was an upside-down event of the Satanists, who have the cross upside-down as well.   The blow up of the NY twin towers was a shock&awe event to the world, to justify control tools all over the world, pretty easy to see through by awake ones (by the way, Donald Trump, back then) and mind-blowing to the rest. Yes, it was an inside job. No planes involved. All victims just regarded as „collateral damage“ to the super lodges of the Elites, including the follow-up victims eliminated because they had seen or known or concluded too much.

Let’s say, this was the introduction of the last era of anti-christed rulership. We had expected this rulership to end earlier, around the change of the millenneum, but there’s always optional time windows and new perspectives, going hand in hand with new chances and development, and analysis of the situation clearly said that you as humanity had not had it hard enough yet to open your eyes; I clearly want to state that it was in neither way any „let it go on and review it again in 5 or 10 years“. It was a steadily orchestrated ongoing with permanent decisions of allowing and No-No’s, which has now led us to this day of 20 years after 911. Previous events of similar power after WWII were Tschernobyl in 1986 and the  beginning of the Gulf war extending into the IRAK invasion, 1990.  The readers of the PJ’s will still remember how we explained the background. The war in Vietnam was also such a kind of event, but for the western world it seemed too far away to be concerned about it.


The reason why humanity needed reminders from time to time is the generation problem. There are always those too young to remember or not born yet at the time of the previous event and those who cannot go on any longer as their life plan forsees passing over. The  rate of events has shown a massive crescendo now, and indeed more people are waking up because nastyness enters their personal comfort zone. It’s – alas – so, that mankind learns best from unpleasant situations. As I have – or Q – said unto you many times, you are watching a movie.  It’s a movie, because there is a „regisseur“ and a script (variable in little ranges). All is rolling out like a higher dimensional game of chess, but more even like an online game.


You will remember that already in the first decade of the new millenneum we discussed about the decision making about who is mature enough to join the new paradigm and who will have to be re- placed to another location. The numbers of stay-behinds able to build up the new society have always  tended to be low, very low, and almost too low for the requirements of Esu, the planetary prince.  So, finally, now, you see the final scenario unfolding about decision making and it’s about taking the jab. This is a physical decision at crossroads, you take, literally, one way or the other. The other road, off from this sphere, will again split for those who just decided on behalf of  their own person, remaining tolerant to their fellows, and those, who pulled others down with them, i.e. their children, family members, friends, or these doctors and medical personal putting pressure upon people – employers included – and  pushing the needle into so many every day. And there will be a special road for those who put their grip upon the pregnant ones to kill or damage the unborn babies and for the women who allowed this for themselves.  Even, if parents took the jab, this is irresponsible either, as they left their kids intentionally to insecurity. Every participant setting  the signature upon a paper documentation prooved to take part into an „experiment“, giving all rights away, making him/herself a property of Big Pharma and the deep state.

Whom will you blame for this? God? Come on, come on.


On your Harry Potter movie, the „whizzard ministry“ sent these legendary owls as carriers of a message. You have been sent a black swan of immense size.  Truely, a whole swarm of black swans, to cause what we would describe as a near death experience to civilization.

This is in no way an uncontrolled event. White hats are in control and will transform the black swan into a white swan, for all to see, but not for all to understand. The scene on the stage will change from Swan Lake to „Lohengrin“.  (Eve: Please look up the legend of Lohengrin in the net. Lohengrin was the son of Parzival, who was one of the knights of the holy grail of King Artus of Brittany, member of the round table knights. He received divine order to save Elsa from Brabant and he travelled there upon a boat pulled by a white swan. There is a nice painting, which we try to insert here, showing the arrival of Lohengrin and the swan, and interestingly, Lohengrin looks a lot like Esu)

Those of high vibration and awake will be safe and needed as „Rocks of God“, while others who do not understand the picture will face problems due to „Rods of God“.

I beg you again to remember the tale of the „little red riding hood“. She was in the stomach of the wulf, who was dressed up as her Grandma. She did not see, as she had not yet learned to look behind the front cover. Her Grandma had not learned about that either, she had been swallowed by the wulf even earlier. And both  had to be swallowed first, before that legendary hunter came by to cut the wulf’s belly open. (CM changes his outfit into that of a hunter, wearing a green hat and jacket)


I want to give you some hints on frequency. There is a lot waling about humans being taken over by frequency. This is certainly right, possible and being done alrady. But remember, this is no one-way street. What works in one direction, also works in another direction. So, if the White Hats might be in control of the frequency, they might cause as well a reset. Just think that over, beloveds. Is God allowed to work with tricks? Again, yes, he certainly is.

Now, Eve, you will have to find a new journal first, before we go on writing.

(Eve: This has never before happened to me. I ordered 4 new ones, „Paper Blanks“, these are the ones I always use, as they are very beautiful, which is a must have to me, when I’m taking scripts of CM/Esu/Adama into wording. I have filled a countless number of these with tons of conversations. The 4 new ones had a price of 80,80 Euros, which seemed to me like a divine approval. For writing down more in the moment I found another one which I had started on another content not needed any more, I cut out the written pages, so I gained an oversized, but still nice new blank journal to go on.)


Ok, CM, here I am with a new journal. Do you have time to go on scribing?

CM shows up, looking at my new oversized journal, grinning.

Now there’s plenty of room for conversations. Am I about to see you more often now, or is this about to last for the next 20 years?

I’m rolling my eyes: I ordered some of a normal size, but they still need to be delivered, and yes, I strongly hope to make more room for more conversations with you celestial VIP’s, for the sake of the reduction of distance.  This journal may be oversized, but even if it’s oversized for me, it might still be too tight for your great universal mind.

CM: Thanks for the flowers, Eve. I’m going to conserve them, so that I can ease my mind the next time you are in to give my our frying pan gongitation.

Eve: Truely, CM,  it’s been long since I did that the last time and I’m not going to behave like this again. So, if I remember it correctly, we were just discussing that frequency thing.


CM: Ah, yes, finally, it’s all about frequency and energy. The swamp scientists have a long history of research on these topics, and unfortunately the results were turned against humanity and the planet. You were swallowed in one piece, so to say.  But as I mentionned, nothing ever is a one way street. The rising ground frequency does it’s part, the particles from universe coming in, and finally it’s always mind over matter. I admit, the anti-Christed plan seemed to be quite waterproof – but just quite. God always finds a gap to get his foot into the dooropening.


The anti-Christed swamp creatures have had their time. And now comes the time of paying the bill.Pay-Day, May-Day, so to say.  What is still ongoing in the decisionmaking of the individuum is the „Planetary A-levels“.  You needed to have something of this sort.  I know you absolutely do not like the word „testing“, but being part of the new world has to be earned. This has nothing to do with being unmercyful, as the souls lacking maturity will go on somewhere else until they are ready to pass their exams.  The new world with high technology has no room for another optional misuse due to immaturity.


Besides, quite a few have confronted me with how we could speak about popcorn and enjoing the show. Dear ones, nobody expects you to enjoy a show of crimes. The enjoyable part is the locking away of the deep state criminals, and the turning of the tide. It’s the knowledge about the victory of the light and about every individuum having met their own personal need. When you will be looking back at these times of challenge from a date in your future, after having „made it“, you will mostly agree with me.


What’s in you personal experience is mostly a reflection of what you have created and decided. It mirrors if you decided to live in a friendly or hostile universe. It’s the ability to handle the news without allowing your decrease of vibration. High vibrations are the best protection against trouble you can ever have. You are universal beings!  You came as hands of the cosmic crew to help. Most of you were blessed with a perfect body. Contamination of toxic jabbing is no option for ones in the knowing.


Eve: How about the options for those who took the jab and now repent it?

CM: When you are having a test at school and you handed it over to the teacher already, what will then happen if you go to the teacher in the next lesson to ask if he returned the test to you for you now wanted to write down the correct answer, before he wrote the result upon it?

They – the repenting ones – have to become aware that they might have better  informed themselves before taking it. They have to deal with the consequences. Finally, mind is always over matter, but some decisions are hardly reversable, if the status of the personal development still was below „mind over matter“. The exam remains failed.

There is a lot they could still do, as long as they are able to, especially warning others and becoming aware that they were turned into living bio-weapons against their sisters and brothers who are „unvaccinated“.  I would personally recommend daily detox for all, vaxxed or unvaxxed, by CDS, Chlorella and other various supplements which are being discussed on your health channels.


Certainly it is no good idea to visit any social events and restaurants.

Food prepared by contaminated people  will have no good impact upon your health. Build personal networks among aware people.

For single ones: Do not seek to find a new partner by all means, for some will not tell you that they took the jab. It might ruin you completely.

For spouses of jabbed partners, living in a marriage/relationsship: Make up your mind about the meaning of that. We do not need more martyrs. I would not recommend anyone to share  your bed with one giving you the full blow of spike proteins, over several hours close to you, plus via the exchange of body fluids.  Do you think it’s a proof of love to remain at the side of a person who maybe took the jab without even telling you, or in spite of your concerns? This sort of betrayal would well be regarded as valid reason for an energetic divorce, it comes up to cheating, and there is certainly the factor of putting at risk health and life of the spouse and children. And of course, self-protection and the protection of your – hopefully unvaccinated kids – always comes on first priority. It is not a sign of heroship to allow the ruin of yourself, just because a given promise between two, which was not kept by your spouse.

To those who think that in such a situation God would come and save you from the spikes of your spouse: God gave you a discerning mind, and this is the tool by which you can save yourself.

Please read the „Pfizer protocol“, just in case that you have not yet done so. It’s originating straight from hell. Not everybody could be so lucky to receive one of the 30% placebos. These have been given to selected people, selected by the deep state remnants.

There is a story spreading, telling that the jabs were actually good stuff, likely to eradicate „unwanted reptiloid DNA“ This is real bullshit.  It’s just one more story of driving you the sheep to the slaugherhouse. What could you want more than facing your death, saying, actually, it is ok for me to be taken out, as I if I die I do have a sort of repto-DNA?!

So I’m about to „die happily“. FOLKS! Come to your mind!

If there is „Unwanted DNA“ to be taken out, per decision of the jab makers of the deep state, then it’s the Christed DNA of soul carrier bodies.

In the result it all comes down on the things written upon the Georgia Guide Stones. By the way, these were built in the 1980’s and they were – among other reasons – one main reason to start the Phoenix-Journals.


Do you need it more clearly right now?  The „jab“ is a genocide jab. They set it up in a way, allowing a time window before jabbed ones get terribly bad and die. They want the jabbed ones to convince many others to take the jab, too, before they are going down the drain. The jab blows your complete immune system and the self reproducing spikes cause severe damage to your blood vessels, blood clods, strokes, inflammation of the heart muscles, heart attacks, lungue emboly etc. Did you actually know that anybody dying within 2 weeks after taking the jab will not be counted as a victim of the vaccination, but as a victim of Covid?

The time window is about half a year for ones taking a double shot. Now, as time is running out for the deep state, they still want to send more into Nirvana, so they are offering shots No. 3 and 4.  Of course, the elderly, the handicapped are the first to get it. Does that remind you of any dark era, little ones?

You could bet they have the yellow stars printed yet. Concentration camps? Look at Australia, they have them yet. And how about the FEMA Camps in USA?


The jabs are furthermore set up to block your fertility, your reproductivity, to make you sick for a while before you pass, so that Big Pharma can still get hands on your money, and all these little nanobots, the Grapheneoxide etc. (by the way, contained in masks and in the tests) transform you into receivers of frequency orders broadcasted from various senders, 5 G etc. By aiming at a certain percentage of vaxxed people they expect to reach even those who resist, as this „vaccination“ was set up as „self-spreading“. THEY WILL NEVER EVER ADMIT IT WAS ALL SET UP. Instead they will use the complete greek alphabet for naming new variants and „waves“ of mutations.


By the way, – just saying, you know – have a look on what’s going on in Israel. There they are forcing people into a never ending repetition of taking jabs – and now go and find out, where these jabs come from and what nation will finally be blamed for the death of immense numbers of Israelis?

What did you say after WWII…. this must never happen again? Actually, – I’m sorry to say – it does happen right in front of your very eyes, just that it happens globally now.

It’s the same old game going on, just on another level, in a different colour. You guys should welcome any global black swan event putting a halt to the roundabout of the swamp.


What I forgot to remember: You little ones who have been on vacation –  Do you think this vacation will serve you in any way? 8 hours flight time in a crowded jet full of vaxxed people, 10 days in a hotel room, where vaxxed people lived before, where the cleaning team is vaxxed, the kitchen personal got the jab,  and then home again…. I bet you will bring home a lot of souveniers.

They get you that way.  Is your precious vacation worth that challenge or would you better love to retreat yourselves into nature somewhere near to where you live, or stay at home, align yourselves with the divine, in meditation and to enlarge your knowledge by valuable teachings?  We have advised Eve strongly to remain „under the radar screen“. And we recommend such thing to everybody.

20 years of AC rulership after 911 did a lot to you. Seek to remain where you are, nourish yourselves and do not allow too much bad news on your horizon. (Stock up food and livelyhood as long as you still are able to, we have told you before, uncountable times)


Most likely, there will take place a „black swan“ event, or even multiple ones, to arrange the final take down of the deep state structures. Your old world will perish and make room for the true return of a christed foundation.

GESARA? Yes. St. Germain thrust, all is prepared. Slaves no more. Dates? Set, but above top secret. Study the laws of creation, the laws of the universe. Will Trump be back? He never was away, actually. You just had a Biden cabaret.  They are playing a show to you in order to show you what was on the agenda of the deep state!

Is there hope or is there hope? There is certainty, beloveds. These are still the last days of eternity and going will become more tough when the jabbed ones find out about the nature of the toxic stuff they allowed to be injected into their divine bio-system.  And start to pass away in larger numbers.


Often I hear you ones saying: But my body belongs to me. –  Dear ones, this is not really so. Your body belongs to God and you got it from him to experience, to develop and to keep it as well as possible.  So, whatever you do to intentionally  damage  your body is vandalism to divine property, to state it in your expressions.  Any form of vaccination is damaging of divine property. But yes, you are living in a society where the Christed God has to stay out like a dog. Think about it. What do you expect from a society which has forgotten about their origin?


Anyway, I’m here for all of you. Remain strong during this ride through the dangerous waters and visualize the safe landing on the golden shores of the better world we are now creating all together.

Strong minds you have to keep, to remain uncompromised, ride high vibes, so that you are to live free.

I suggest you reread Esu’s piece „Be Islands of Lightand live to be exactly that.

Do not doubt us, as we are working without breaks behind the scenes. The longest part of the path is now behind you, so do not fall off during the last part, when victory of the light is yet in sight.

Blessings to my dear ground crew and everybody to stand upright amidst the storm, holding the steering wheel set into the light.

Signed, CM Aton of Nebadon,
aka Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn of Starship Phoenix.


September 12th, 2021

Eve: Esu, could we perhaps make an addendum on the changes of nature?

Esu shows up and agrees: Do you have any special questions?

Eve: Esu, I’m quite depressed about so many trees dying. Not only furs, but also birches and many fruit trees. I sense it has to do with frequency and toxic stuff the spray via chemtrails. My tomatoes tended to remain green and hardly come to ripe and many apple and peer trees loose their leafs, even my red climbing rose seems to have had enough.

Esu nods understandingly:  You must always be aware, Eve, and all readers, that beyond all artificial manipulations you live in a time of transition. Transition is always about leaving behind the old, moving into new circumstances. Likewise with humanity, where every individual has to make a decision, it is in nature.  There are plants who have had too much, they chose to give up their old shape for another start under new circumstances. You actually see many new wallnut trees coming up where you live, as you know, the wall nut is a very healthy nourisher to the human body. Plants coming up now and doing find will be part of the new.

By this I do in no way ignore the man-made death project of 5G. Yes, people and animals and plants suffer tragically and die from it, but the masses have to experience things like dead birds falling from the sky „to get it“.  Eve, you remember when you personally confronted that Telekom-employee on the phone, and he had nothing else to say but making the board of directors responsible for it. Well, it’s still him selling his lifetime energy/work to this company, and you bet, he has any shaped argument stored in his mind to justify him working there.

Eve: But Esu, A lot of us do not WHISH bees and birds and trees to die from 5G.

Esu: God does either not WHISH his creation to suffer. All that allowing of 5 G stuff goes hand in hand with allowing evil governments or not caring about who sits in the cushed chairs on the top of the nation. What do they call the jab-damage of your C-vaxxes? Long-Covid?

The real long-Covid is the regime of a company you chose to vote again and again, even if ou did not vote for the party in power, you participated in a model labeled democracy, but containing dictatorship and betrayal of the voters in every single election, just like it happened in 2020 to Donald Trump and over 80 million American voters who voted for him.

Waking up from sleep is always hard, when you find out that you were heavily blue-pilled and seducted by a global media-network of lies.

It’s clean up time and you the people have to come into opening your eyes for the bigger picture, and every single dead tree, bee or bird, every neighbor dying from the jab will at least help you to realize that something is terribly wrong. They might blame the „climate change“ for that, but of course this is just another fat lie. Not, that the climate would not change, but it changes in a completely different way than they tell you, and it is not too much CO2 responsible for it.


 So, now you can say that all is horrible and a mess, but you can also make up your mind and be your own island of light, so that you will be – at least – no longer a bigger part of the problem. This is your time. Development has reached a point of selffulfilling course, perhaps you can still convince one or two fellows but not necessarily. The course is set and your ships sailing the river of life are heading for the rapids. Do not trust in „medicine mafia“. Take full responsibility for yourselves and trust in GOD and seek to keep your head over water. Some things you simply cannot take with you and some people neither. Allow them to be removed from your boat, do not mourn for the past but keep looking ahead, remaining in alignment with the divine.

We are with you, sending signals all the time, we have many options to make things more mercyful when it comes to regulate the collateral field, but you need to keep yourselves under control, individually, centered, in high vibration, and focussed/already living the certainty of success and celebration.

This is Esu, always there for you.
I sign as the planetary prince and chief of maintenance, project manager of restructuring.

Final notes of Eve.

What will we remember first, when on a later time we review the nower days?

  • The permanent sound of aircrafts over the clouds – mostly military transport machines, –
  • or military helicopters flying in formation?
  • The tanks placed near our highways in Germany, explained as „military exercise“?
  • The whistleblowers spreading information about a set-up scenario which will bring us a military interrims government in Europe, after the satanic regime was forcefully taken down?
  • Nuremberg 2.0?
  • The suicide rate of our kids, having climbed to a height never seen before?
  • Or will we perhaps remember, how we pulled ourselves out of the swamp by awarely moving into a golden future we just created out of the electrmagnetic joyful fusion of our minds and hearts?

Now it’s officially confirmed :
According to the Pfizer study document, side effects are possible in unvaccinated people after contact with corona-vaccinated people

Here CM’s statements about “shedding” are confirmed:
According to Pfizer’s own study document, even unvaccinated people can have side effects from the corona vaccine if they come into contact with vaccinated people – through breath and skin contact. This confirms the experience reports of unvaccinated people who fell ill after contact with vaccinated people.

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