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CM through Eve, 5th December 2020

CM: Ah, there she is.

Eve: Hi CM, Yes, here I am for an interview.

CM: Who will interview whom?

Eve: You are the boss and potential news agent, so I suppose, I will just try to get some update comments.  I just remembered this radio interview from PJ 42, and I hope to make up a bit with not controlling my big chief’s speech.

CM: Sounds promising. So, what can be said and commented on the actual situation? If yo have followed the Q-drops, you should be pretty much up to date.

Eve: Perhaps you can highlight things of importance here in, like by a verbal text-marker or bold things, or give a bit of background information.

CM: As you please. So, the central event unfolding the final scene is inevitably the US election. Another strong line of action is the pandemia setting up. Now you see several strings merging into one big string, which will transform into the string rope to execute the deep state. You could also see it all as a global intelligence test. If you are about to keep buying into mainstream staff, as „good democrats“ and „good vaccines“ and „good sheeple“ you are queued in line to eradicate yourselves from the face of the earth.

Eve: I see. So, can you say a few words about the election fraud?

CM: It was a multiple level election fraud, based on several pillars

  • you (The Americans) had stolen mail ballots en masse
  • you had falsified ballots brought in (copied in China, with the watermark just printed upon)
  • you had Republicans getting hindered to vote, by lies that  they had already voted by mail
  • you had observers being hindered to do their job
  • you had betrayal in counting the votes
  • you had rotton and manipulated software turning votes around
  • you had weighting of Trump votes down to 70 % and Biden votes up to 130 %
  • you had hashtag Dominion and Scytl, servers with amazing interference abroad
  • you had 5 dead US soldiers in Frankfurt, Germany, when they were sent to take the servers
  • you had corrupt mayors and gouvernors
  • you had bought votes for the Democrats.
  • you had no control concerning the righteousness of voters
  • you had mentally handicapped people set up to vote for Biden
  • and besides, my favourite joke: Thousands of dead, pretty much dead, (including phantoms born on 1st 1900) voting for a literally braind dead person, and every time I realize this I get my „laughing zoomies“, I would comment, it can earnestly be called a „dead man’s vote in a deadly election.

Also amazing stuff, how the media is desperatey trying to keep the veil over all this fraud and announced Biden as president elect, without any official statement as a basis.

Of course, the divine presence and Donald Trump had successfully set up the trap before, well knowing the moves of the dark operators.  So, I hope you stocked up your popcorn. All over the world there is no escape left. They chose not to listen to me, so they will now have to experience. It does not make sense for anybody to leave his home country.  It’s the complete globe stuck in the end game and you can just see for not getting under the wheels of the garbage truck collecting all the body- and child snatchers, who are on board of the „electoral Q-snatch“ mission.

Eve:  Q-snatch was the title of the voter fraud software operation, right?

CM: Yup, these guys like titles. They had titled the reset plans of the NWO „operation dark winter“.  Actually, it will be a VERY DARK WINTER. For themselves. As I told you, God, too, has a reset plan. And it’s GOD, who is about to win. Or better – who HAS ALREADY WON.

Eve: Now, CM, will you get into detail of who is Q?

CM: Ah, I made a complete piece on that. Wasn’t this enough? [Admin: Here ist the “complete piece on that”]

Eve: Recently we are hearing more and more definition about JFK Jr being Q and even about Lady Di or JFK senior still being alive, and about JFK Jr and Trump playing Q.

CM: Ok, as we are so close to the end I will comment on this, caps lock, for storage in your minds. Q is the divine presence behind the biggest white hats operation the globe has ever seen. All the special people you named were chosen  ones for a special mission. They were loved and adored by masses of the population, beyond all borders they were icons of the heart, they were held high by citizens, as model roles of good. They were charismatic expressions of the divine and so to be remembered in the hearts of the people. Beyond of all they represented, beyond all of their smartness and intelligence they could never have been able to orchestrate the plan on their own. So Q, the Q-Maras and the galactic fleet/cosmic intel have been representing Q, ahead and undercover, with Esu Immanuel in front and me, but as long as „Jesus Christ“ is still being ridiculed by most „rational people“, there will have to be road preparers like we had in „John the Baptist“ in former times, which is a job Donald Trump now does and what reappearing icons will do, like JFK Jr or Lady Di. Remember, Donald Trump is – among all leaders of the world – the only one who adresses CHRIST really often.

Soon, JFK Jr. will return to the public …

Eve: CM, you have covered the assassination of  JFK in the PJ’s, several times even. Can you comment for our readers how it would be possible to make an assassinated and obviously dead person reappear in flesh?

CM: Actually, we have covered this long ago already, but for our new readers: It’s no big deal – with our technology –  to reproduce a body out of the original DNA. So, having the DNA of JFK, we were enabled to grow a new body and transfer his soul into it. This must be enough for now, so that you can ponder about it.  Just remember that our technology cannot be compared with yours in any way.

Eve: How about Jupiter and the „Event“?

CM: Jupiter, our second sun, has grown and developed over the recent years. From time to time we let him reach out a bit from his retreat behind your main sun –  on a „longer leash“, and as we now enter into the New Era it’s likely that we will let him openly appear as what he now is – the  second sun. The timeframe is though optional and will be decided upon accordingly.

Eve: How about the cosmic particle wave to come?

CM: You are being showered in increasing cosmic particles already, which result from the dive of your complete solar system into the photon belt. This works out as a preconditioning. What you also see is anomalies of the „Schumann frequency“. It’s all there an measurable and increasing and without doubt it leads into a big cleansing victory of the light, assured, with best out come for all planetary residents. The best outcome per my definition might not match with your perception of it. You simply need to be aware  that God has the better overview.  The Q-snatchers wanted to boil and take out the frog (symbol for Q) and now they will harvest their bad instant karma, which is the result one gets by putting the fingers on a hot stove.

Eve: How about all the sightings and strange phenomenon of light we can see in our skies?

CM: Well, I told you already in my last transmission to look at the skies. Sometimes they are colorful, sometimes there are ships up and sometimes you see clouds in certain shapes and twinkeling stars. There are further phenomena resulting from the destruction of satellites which have been launched and placed in the orbit for bad purposes.  Freeing humanity is in full process. The founding of the Space Force by Donald Trump is one first step of partial disclosure for making known the technology to the public. Of course, this technology has been there for quite some time already, but the majority of people  – even scientists included – has no idea about it. Brainwashing has been strong.

Watch out to the signs on the sky …

Eve: CM, you said, Christmas would come earlier this year. What does it mean?

CM: You have all information. You have the knowledge. You know the potentials.  What does Christmas mean to you?

Eve: CM, you are really sweet. Cute.  Can’t you just give us a bit more of a hint? A clue?

CM: There is nothing sweet about me.  And I’m not cute, but Q-ed, and so are you, I hope. What does it take to be worthy of the gift of freedom? Some dark days without social media, or even power? Days in which your beacons of light sent out from you as my team members will shine brighter than what you are used to? Christms on this planet has been reduced to be a material show in favor of the Antichrist, so it would be high time to get back to the roots. As I cannot tell you more (as per my show instructions) I tell you this: It’s about the gift of freedom for the whole planet, with all living divine creatures.  It’s the best gift I have to offer to you and I offer it with all my love.  Millions of cosmic staff are working in your best interest and this is really a big deal.  As we are speaking of being involved  I want to thank my little team for steady and committed service and for taking the slaps by people whom they have tried to pick up to the truth. You are blessed beyond measure. My team on the planet, besides, does not receive cosmic paycheques. They are fully committed to themselves to make their livelyhood on their own, so that they can perform their service. By this they take training in the cosmic law of attraction. If you do not get what I mean, please educate yourselves. This is important for every single person.

Eve: CM, so we can expect power outage, sky events, turn off of social media/internet?

CM: There are many places on earth and what occurs may differ  according to the location.

Eve: Ok. I observe the increase of New Age pieces, naming the 21st of December as some potential for an „Event“

CM: The toxic sweetness of these pieces will cause nothing but expectations followed by frustration, if they are not met. Stay away from this tavistock stuff and turn to me directly, in meditation of prayer.  Aligned with me there is nothing to fear. Make your choices wisely.

Eve: When can we expect to have our freedom back?

CM: Ah, Eve.  No dates. But you are in the peak of  the process and you will whitness justice returning. There will be no forced vaccines. There will be no vaccines at all any more. You will be free on all levels, free to travel, free to choose the service of the hearts, free financially. You will not need these many hospitals any more. In terms of medicine, too, you are entering a complete new dimension. This is what you came for to see and to experience. A golden dawn over a silent sea of high vibration.  Kissed awake.

Eve: CM, that’s beautiful. Now, how about the tests which implant stuff into people?

CM: The new technology will offer methods to eliminate this stuff. So, people who were forced into tests will have their opportunities. When it turns to the light what your „panedmia“ was all about,  – a psyop of the deep state – many people will mentally reach their limits.

Eve: How about the wandering Monoliths of metal?

CM: Stuff carrying it’s own message: Heads up!

Eve: Who’s behind that?

CM: The last battallion.

One of the mysterious monoliths. This one is in Germany, near the famous castle Neuschwanstein.

Eve: Uh, interesting. Now, do you have some strong recommendations for us?

CM: No fast food. Clean eating. Clean thinking. Get rid of toxines. Explore the beauty of nature. Have some storage of important things. Esu’s tool box to explore the quantum field. Protect your children! Visualize the new cleansed world, free from evil.

Eve: CM, can you shortly explain your definition of matrix?

CM: Matrix is a program which is – in your world – set up by evil and held by the mainstream media plus satanists.  It covers all important ranges – education, science, medicine, food, culture, habits, religion, finance. So, if the matrix goes down, there is no range left without change. There will come a time of reprogramming your minds and teaching you to regain your connection to the divine. There is no greater gift than this step out of slavery and  into the awareness of divinity. This is true freedom.

So, I recommend to all of you to be brave and courageous and to stand in for your rights as children of God.  No human being can ever take this right away from you.  You need inner strength to cope with the revealing of the truth, which is to come soon. In all of this be aware that justice will reign again. Creatures of the dark will reap what they deserve from the seed they planted. We are here with millions of ships and far more assistants. The nightmare is about to end, soon. And we then need „all hands on deck“ to redo the planet and to support construction of the new. While you are remembering the birth of a baby called Immanuel he chooses to remind you of his return, and he does not care if you personally limit him by suggesting he might not be able to return as a cosmic project leader, space ship commander or else. You should not expect him to return dressed somehow old fashined, as you might imagine.

Eve: Thank you so much, CM. So, we are here at the brink of the new dawn…. this is almost a holy moment. Almost as holy as when I was realizing that the product number of the  coffee machine in my new job, out of which I’m now allowed to get my „galactic cappuccino“, starts with CM. So to say, you are the coffee machine who makes my day, and not only this, you make my life.

CM: (laughing) I have been called all sorts of things so far, but never before „a coffee machine“. I suggest, I am the cosmic barista behind your coffee machine, telling you that for the time being it was a wise decision to manifest this job for yourself. If you are done with your questions, let’s now go back to further vital things. Keep up your strength on behalf of God. Be blessed.

Salu, CM

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